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What’s the Music in the Verizon Commercial? (Answered 2024)

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What is the music in the Verizon commercialAre you curious about the music playing in the recent Verizon commercial? You’re not alone! Many people have been wondering what song is featured in this ad, who sings it, and where to find it. The answer lies with Ladyhawke’s hit single Blue Eyes. This upbeat track has become a mainstay of many commercials since its release and is now being used for Verizon’s latest campaign.

Ladyhawke, a talented artist known for her catchy tunes, performs the song Blue Eyes. With its infectious melody and energetic vibe, it’s no wonder why this song has caught the attention of advertisers.

If you’re looking to listen to Blue Eyes, you can find it online on various music platforms.

In addition to the catchy music, the Verizon commercial also features some familiar faces. While the specific celebrities may vary depending on the version of the ad, you can expect to see well-known personalities endorsing Verizon’s products and services.

So, if you’ve been wondering about the music in the Verizon commercial, now you know that it’s Ladyhawke’s Blue Eyes. Be sure to check it out and enjoy the catchy tune that has become a favorite among advertisers.

Key Takeaways

  • The songs Blue Eyes by Ladyhawke and Internacionales by Bomba Estéreo are featured in the Verizon commercial.
  • The energetic songs reflect Verizon’s connectivity and promote an atmosphere of cultural openness and positivity.
  • The actress Cristina Spruill portrays the character Sadie in the advertisement, embodying the carefree and empowered feeling enabled by 5G data.
  • The commercial promotes Verizon’s new unlimited data plans while depicting joyful families, crowds, and scenic beaches.

What Song is in the Latest Verizon Commercial?

What Song is in the Latest Verizon Commercial
You’re wondering if that catchy tune in the new Verizon ad with Sadie could transport you to a carefree summer state of mind like Ted Lasso, aren’t you? Well, let me fill you in on the details.

The music featured in the latest Verizon commercial is an upbeat and lively track called Internacionales by Bomba Estéreo. This energetic song perfectly complements the vibrant visuals of dogs playing and people enjoying their unlimited plans starting at $25 per line for 4 lines.

Actress Cristina Spruell brings her charm to portray Sadie, capturing our attention as she showcases how Verizon’s myPlan can enhance our lives. With its infectious rhythm and joyful vibe, this promotional song adds an extra layer of excitement to the ad while leaving us humming along even after it ends.

So go ahead, turn up that jingle and let yourself be carried away by this uplifting soundtrack from Verizon’s latest commercial.

Who is the Singer of the Song in the Verizon Commercial?

Who is the Singer of the Song in the Verizon Commercial
Get ready to groove along with the singer of that catchy tune in the latest Verizon ad! The song featured in the commercial is ‘Internacionales’ by Bomba Estéreo. This upbeat and energetic track perfectly complements the lively and active mood of the advertisement.

The lead vocalist for Bomba Estéreo is Liliana Saumet, a Colombian singer known for her dynamic performances and vibrant stage presence. ‘Internacionales’ is available on various music platforms, allowing fans to enjoy this infectious song beyond its appearance in Verizon commercials.

With its pulsating beats and infectious melody, it’s no wonder why this track was chosen to accompany such an exciting advertisement.

What is the Title of the Song in the Verizon Commercial?

What is the Title of the Song in the Verizon Commercial
Experience the infectious energy of the latest Verizon ad as you groove to the captivating beats of ‘Internacionales’ by Bomba Estéreo. This upbeat song perfectly complements the active, carefree vibe of the commercial.

‘Internacionales’ is an electronic cumbia song with an energetic tempo and lyrics celebrating unity and breaking down borders. The Colombian band behind it, Bomba Estéreo, fuses traditional cumbia rhythms with modern electronic dance music for a unique global sound.

This infectious anthem energizes the ad while reflecting Verizon’s message of connectivity. The song choice is strategic, using the popularity of ‘Internacionales’ to draw attention and spark interest.

Its high-energy rhythm will stick in your head as you experience Verizon’s latest vibrant vision.

Where Can I Find the Song From the Verizon Commercial?

Where Can I Find the Song From the Verizon Commercial
If you’re wondering where to find the song from the Verizon commercial, look no further! The catchy tune featured in this advertisement is ‘Internacionales’ by Bomba Estéreo. This upbeat track sets the perfect mood for a lively and active commercial that showcases smiling daughters, laughing crowds, and scenic beaches.

With its infectious rhythm and energetic beats, it’s no wonder why this song was chosen to accompany Verizon’s promotion of their myPlan starting at $25 per line for 4 lines on Unlimited.

To locate ‘Internacionales’ by Bomba Estéreo from the Verizon ad:

  • Visit popular music streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music.
  • Search for Bomba Estéreo or Internacionales.
  • Look out for other hit songs by artists such as Selena Gomez or Adam Lambert who’ve also collaborated with Bomba Estéreo.

So go ahead and enjoy not only unlimited data but also some fantastic tunes while jamming out to your favorite artist like Alessia Cara with her captivating voice over melodies!

Who is Featured in the New Verizon Commercial
You laugh freely as the lively dogs mirror your joy of life in the new Verizon commercial. This ad features actress Cristina Spruell, who portrays Sadie, a character that embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration.

Alongside her furry companions, Sadie showcases the benefits of Verizon’s myPlan starting at $25 per line for 4 lines on Unlimited. The vibrant and energetic mood is further enhanced by an upbeat soundtrack that captivates viewers from start to finish.

While this particular commercial may be new, it follows in the footsteps of other successful ads within Verizon’s dog campaign that have resonated with audiences worldwide.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy as Sadie and her canine friends take you on a journey through wireless connectivity like never before.

Who is the Girl in the Verizon Commercial?

Who is the Girl in the Verizon Commercial
Imagine spotting a familiar face in the latest Verizon ad – can you guess who she is? The actress playing the energetic character ‘Sadie’ is Cristina Spruill, known for previous roles in New Girl and Superstore.

As Sadie, she dances through city streets, apartment hallways, and parks with her dogs to promote Verizon’s new unlimited plans. Spruill’s charismatic performance captures the carefree, empowered feeling that comes with reliable 5G data.

Though this is her most high-profile role yet, she demonstrates the talents needed to propel her into lead parts. With her commitment to uplifting roles and ability to connect with audiences, keep an eye out for more from this rising star.

Can I Watch the Verizon Commercial Online?

Can I Watch the Verizon Commercial Online
You’ve caught that lively Verizon spot on YouTube where Sadie’s living her best life.

  • Laugh at Sadie’s antics
  • Jam to that catchy tune
  • Relate to her free spirit
  • Wish for a carefree day

Want to watch that vibrant Verizon commercial again? You’re in luck – it’s easy to find online. Search for Verizon Sadie commercial on YouTube to see the full TV spot. Verizon also shares their latest ads on their YouTube channel.

Online you can join in the buzz, watching reactions and analysis by reviewers. Behind the scenes photos take you on set. There’s so much to explore around this fun ad. Whether you’re looking to watch NFL Sunday Ticket or just a quick commercial fix, Verizon’s got you covered on any supported browser.


It’s clear that Verizon has put together an exciting ad campaign to promote their MyPlan. The commercial features actress Cristina Spruell as the character Sadie, along with the upbeat song ‘Internacionales’ by Bomba Estéreo.

From the fun-loving dogs to the shows mentioned, the commercial definitely captures the upbeat and active mood of the Verizon MyPlan. So if you’re looking to get the latest information on Verizon’s MyPlan, be sure to check out their commercial for all the details.

After all, it’s the perfect way to get the lowdown on Verizon’s MyPlan with the catchy music of ‘Internacionales’ to accompany it.

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