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The Internet’s Best Useless Websites for Serious Time Wasting (2023)

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What is the useless websiteYou’re bored and looking for a way to kill some time online. We feel you. With a long week finally winding down, you want to shift gears before the weekend. Let us provide the perfect distraction—a tour through the best useless websites the internet has to offer.

From randomness generators to absurd games and visual oddities, we’ve uncovered hidden corners of the web designed purely for entertainment.

Grab some snacks, put your feet up, and join us on a journey into the strange underbelly of the internet. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, you’ll question why humanity made these sites in the first place. But one thing’s for sure—with this list of the web’s most gloriously pointless diversions, you’ll banish boredom in no time.

So plug in and enjoy the ride. Your Friday just got way more interesting.

Key Takeaways

  • WindowSwap and Radiooooo are entertainment websites that offer unique and interactive experiences.
  • Stars on Chrome Experiments allows users to explore neighboring stars and learn more about space.
  • 2048 is a popular game that involves combining numbered tiles to achieve high scores.
  • Trypap and Pointer Pointer are examples of useless/weird websites that provide quirky and unconventional experiences.

What Makes a Website Useless?

What Makes a Website Useless
You’re amused by the ridiculousness of a pixelated horse that elongates as you scroll. A useless website provides entertainment without any practical function. It simply aims to make you laugh, smile, or experience joy through absurdity.

The enjoyment comes from appreciating randomness, weirdness, and things with no clear purpose. Uselessness is subjective, but often involves silliness, pointlessness, or complete irrelevance. These websites tap into human appreciation for the odd, unexpected, and downright bizarre.

Their frivolity provides temporary escapes from the practicalities of everyday life.

With no agenda besides eliciting a chuckle, useless websites let you embrace your inner goofball. Some find them a waste of time, but others see their playful pointlessness as a creative rebellion against the mundane.

Websites for Boredom Relief

Websites for Boredom Relief
As someone looking to cure boredom, you have many entertaining website options. WindowSwap allows you to peek into windows of homes worldwide. Trypap evaluates password strength through sassy responses. Pointer Pointer displays images of people pointing at your cursor when moved.

Neal Agarwal’s Deep Sea lets you scroll through ocean depths to see marine life. For relaxation, there’s Zen Zone with meditation programs. You can also master cubing with IamtheCube’s 43 quintillion combinations.

Hear global user-generated music across decades on Radiooooo. And view over 100,000 neighboring stars through Stars on Chromeexperiments. Quick, Draw! has an AI guess your drawings to learn over time. For puzzles, try 2048.

It combines numbered tiles to reach 2048 and was created in 2014 inspired by 1024 and Threes.


You enjoy peeking through strangers’ windows around the world on WindowSwap, don’t you? Take a look into kitchens and living rooms worldwide. Rediscover togetherness by observing families going about their lives. Appreciate the homes of others to determine character traits and improve cartoon ideas.

Discuss furniture options and share virtual workspace ideas. Instead of seeing eyes, feel the soul.


Trypap provides amusing yet thought-provoking ethical insights through its unapologetic AI judgments. Behind the humor, it subtly questions society’s algorithms and biases. We must ask ourselves: do these systems reflect our true values? Perhaps Trypap’s transparency can guide computing’s moral evolution.

Pointer Pointer

Here ya go, watching everyone point at you as the cursor moves with Pointer Pointer.

  1. Pointer game engages viewers across the globe.
  2. Folks point fingers to match cursor location.
  3. Interact by moving the mouse cursor around the screen.
  4. Humans worldwide follow the cursor’s path.
  5. Fun time-waster watching pointers track the cursor.

Enjoy the bizarre randomness of worldwide pointing at your cursor!

Neal Agarwal Deep Sea

Scroll to hypnotically surf the ocean’s depths and spy on glowing jellyfish drifting by. As you descend into the deep blue, discover hidden forests and lost cities. Let the soothing sounds transport you through this submarine video into an unexplored realm.

Zen Zone

You’ll unwind your mind at Zen Zone while meditating.

  1. Get headspace with breathing exercises.
  2. Find your calm with sleep stories.
  3. Become one with nature through outdoor sounds.
  4. Align your chakras with sound bowl tones.

Clear thoughts arise when focusing inward at Zen Zone.


I’d have thought that competing with quintillions of cube combinations on IamtheCube would surely cure your boredom and make you smarter than Einstein himself. With multidimensional cubes providing unique puzzles, you can spend hours of downtime challenging your artistic brain to solve cubes in seconds.

As an analytical thinker, IamtheCube engages your logic to conquer artistic cube puzzles during bored hours, elevating your intelligence.


You wander through time and space with Radiooooo, letting the music guide your spirit.

  1. Discover hits from the 1920s to today in over 30 countries.
  2. Chat with fellow music lovers in the comments.
  3. Unearth rare niche genres like Anatolian rock.
  4. Immerse in vintage audio magic.
  5. Enjoy random fun as you skip across decades and continents.

Travel back to the soundtrack of history or into the future of pop with Radiooooo.

Stars Chromeexperiments

Let’s go beyond boredom by exploring the unknown stars.

staying up late connecting stars
exploring space alien contact

Wander the virtual galaxy. Map constellations. Ponder life’s mysteries. Rediscover your cosmic connection.

Quick, Draw!

Sketch and observe Quick, Draw’s AI steadily improve while killing time. This engaging game guesses your sketches to learn, featuring AI that provides real-time feedback for 20 million daily players. Users experience drawing recognition technology that tries to recognize scribbles through machine learning algorithms.


Have fun combining numbered tiles until reaching 2048 in this addictive puzzle game created in 2014. Strategically slide and combine matching tiles to get higher scores. Plan tile moves by chaining together sequences.

New variants like Hexagonal 2048 offer different gameplay. Seek the optimal path to maximize your score through gameplay optimizations. Master move chaining to beat your high scores in this popular swipe-based puzzle game.

Weird or Absurd Websites

Weird or Absurd Websites
You will find an expansive array of weird and absurd websites like HackerTyper, Uselesscatgame, Cat Bounce, Long Doge Challenge, Mondrian and Me, Bored Button, Fidget, Smash the Walls, Weirdorconfusing.

com, Fish Feeder, Joquotes, Beesbeesbees, Endless Horse, and Paper Toilet. These sites offer silly cats, lengthy pixel dogs, trippy pixel orbs, meme culture, and even just black screens with toilet paper for pure absurdity.

Prepare for aimless amusement as we explore the depths of internet eccentricity through these pointless yet entertaining distractions.


You’re living out hacker film fantasies and learning coding with HackerTyper. The site lets you type faux code into a terminal to imitate a hacker on screen. Though meaningless, the site unleashes your inner tech genius by letting you immerse in imaginative ethical hacking scenarios.

Master advanced coding, machine learning, and cryptography techniques through this fun, fast-paced typing game.


Click those cats for laser eyes and silly fun on the uselesscatgame site.

  1. Click colorful cats.
  2. Earn wows as cats bounce around.
  3. Cats shoot lasers from their eyes.
  4. The background changes color.
  5. Silly, weird fun.

Engage in some harmless absurdity with uselesscatgame. Viral cat videos showcase the endless entertainment cats provide.

Cat Bounce

Check out Cat Bounce, where your curiosity paws at delightful furballs bouncing around when prodded. This absurd yet amusing website lets you point and click on colorful cartoon cats that react by bouncing about.

An eccentric time-waster, it exemplifies the internet’s weird capacity for meaningless fun through pointless distraction.

Long Doge Challenge

You’ll melt into smiles scrolling the long doge’s growing wow with each click.

  1. Collect doge coins
  2. Marvel at pixel artistry
  3. Hear amusing sound effects
  4. Scroll endlessly
  5. Share smiles

This quirky website offers lighthearted fun through a continuously elongating pixelated dog and playful memes. Distract yourself from boredom or stress as you collect digital rewards. Simply click and scroll to be transported into this silly world of wows.

Mondrian and Me

You’re immersed in artistic exploration as you point and click to arrange colorful rectangles in Mondrian-inspired compositions. The app design allows for intuitive creation as you explore combining shapes and colors.

Software testing refines the experience. Anime tropes, like magical girls, could inspire new themes. Exploring plant genetics or baking recipes between levels satisfies your curiosity. This meditative distraction stimulates your subconscious and enhances well-being.

Bored Button

Transport to random games, quizzes, and more to beat boredom with Bored Button. This engaging, evolving website provides unlimited entertainment options to suit any mood. Clicking the red button transports you to a random activity – anything from personality quizzes to drawing challenges.

With its vast array of amusements, Bored Button is the perfect destination for curing boredom and discovering new passions through its sustainability tracker, generosity initiative, and inclusive community.


Spin the virtual spinner to occupy anxious fingers when unable to fidget in reality. Click and hold to endlessly rotate the online fidget spinner for entertaining yet pointless fun. The hypnotizing and silly virtual diversion provides visual stimulation, made for fidgeting hands and restless minds.

This endless spinning and mindless distraction wastes time in an oddly satisfying way.

Smash the Walls

How about just clicking those colorful walls to unveil more until you’re hypnotized on Smash the Walls, a weird yet entertaining website?

  1. Click and smash colorful walls.
  2. Walls reveal more walls behind.
  3. Simple clicks create colorful chaos.
  4. Mindless fun provides harmless relaxation.

Digital artistry and creative expression in a colorful kaleidoscope of blocks.

You’ll delight in the peculiar gifts on for any occasion you’re searching for. Whether craving obsolete giftware like logo puzzles or envying unmatched crystals, this store satisfies quirky styles.

Purchase inflatable armchairs for comfort, patterned cufflinks to impress colleagues, or flavored bath bombs to pamper yourself and friends.

Fish Feeder

Feel nostalgia wash over you as you gaze at the 2000s aesthetic of the retro fish feeder website. This wild fish craze allows you to hypnotically click fish food to the bizarre fish cult, unveiling their peculiar fish habits during a mystical fish voyage.


You can entertain your funny bone with Joquotes, the website that shares over 1 million JoJo memes for fans to enjoy. Explore their extensive collection of digital face masks, pokemane emotes, and digital fashion.

Discover humorous JoJo avatars like the popular dabbing avatar that expresses metaverse savviness through dabbing.


Get distracted for hours by the absurd meme culture content on beesbeesbees. This ridiculous yet engaging website provides nonsensical entertainment through an online community united by memes and a shared appreciation for absurdity in pop culture.

With endless scrolling of bees and absurd sounds, it satirizes internet culture in a lighthearted way that oddly captivates attention.

Endless Horse

Scroll endlessly as your pixel horse grows absurdly long on this entertaining, silly website. As you scroll deeper down the page, observe how the pixelated horse elongates in direct correlation to your curious actions, displaying unlimited potential for your leisure time.

Review reveals alignment to innovation’s essence through this infinite dreamscape exploration.

Paper Toilet

Just clicking loads black background toilet paper in a ridiculous yet oddly captivating website.

  1. Unwind with mindless absurdity to refocus mentally.
  2. Spark imagination through unexpected quirkiness.
  3. Take responsible mental vacations to break routine.

This simple, ridiculous website lets you procrastinate responsibly and take a quick, refreshing mental vacation to try something new. It’s oddly captivating in its minimalist absurdity that sparks imagination, encouraging you to break routine and responsibility momentarily.

Overcoming Boredom

Overcoming Boredom
You’d be wise to shake up your daily routine by trying new activities that engage your mind and body. Listen to an audiobook while commuting to work or take up a new hobby, like learning a foreign language in the evenings.

Travel somewhere you’ve never been on the weekends or learn a new skill, like photography. Breaking up your normal routine with new experiences keeps your mind sharp and prevents the monotony of everyday life from leading to boredom.

Simple changes, like walking a different route home or cooking a cuisine you’ve never tried before, can stimulate your mind in small yet impactful ways. Stepping outside your comfort zone regularly keeps life exciting and wards off restlessness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are these websites safe for my computer?

You should be cautious when visiting new websites. To protect your computer, avoid downloading anything or entering personal information. Use trusted antivirus software and browse safely. Most of these sites seem harmless for momentary entertainment or absurdity, but it’s wise to exercise some skepticism before clicking on unknown links.

Do I need to pay to use any of these websites?

You don’t need to pay for any. Enjoy WindowSwap’s worldwide views, Quick Draw’s learnable AI, or Long Doge’s humorous scrolls. Pointer Pointer’s images entertain for free. Trypap evaluates passwords for free.

Visit Radiooooo, smash colorful walls, feed fish, bounce cats, or virtually hack without charge.

How do I find more useless websites like these?

Browse random subreddit threads or online forums that discuss silly, absurd, or weird websites. Follow the rabbit hole of links people recommend. Search YouTube for compilations of odd sites. Check out aggregators like UselessWeb that curate lists. Click the random website button on sites like BoredButton.

Ask friends for their favorite bizarre sites. Keep an open mind and click any odd links you stumble across.

Can I access these websites on my phone?

Yes, you can access all of these websites on your phone. Simply open your mobile browser, type in the website URL, and enjoy the silliness. The sites are designed to be mobile-friendly, so you won’t have any issues viewing or interacting on your smartphone.

Now you can cure boredom anywhere with these entertainingly absurd sites right in your pocket.

Do any of these websites have inappropriate content?

Some of these websites contain adult humor or content. Use personal discretion when accessing unfamiliar sites. Explore safely and close anything inappropriate. Instead, focus on lighthearted, clean options that align with your values.


So remember, useless websites are where it’s at! They’re the internet’s best distraction when you’re bored and need some time-wasting. Whether you want some weirdness, absurdity, or just mindless fun, there are tons of delightfully pointless sites ready to cure your boredom in a snap.

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