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Sports Authority Closing: Find Store Hours (2023)

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What time does sports authority closeAre you seeking the closing hours of Sports Authority? With a bankruptcy filing on Wednesday, the sporting goods retailer is in hot water. That means going-out-of-business sales at all locations and store closures across 45 states and Puerto Rico.

To ensure you don’t miss out on any deals, learn how to find your local store’s hours – including holiday closings – with our guide to Sports Authority Closing: Find Store Hours.

Key Takeaways

  • Sports Authority had standard closing times of 9:30 PM Mon-Sat and 7 PM on Sundays.
  • There were variations in store hours by location, including holiday hours.
  • The company faced financial challenges and high debt, leading to bankruptcy and store closures.
  • Fierce competition from big-box retailers and e-commerce impacted Sports Authority’s ability to stay afloat.

What Time Does Sports Authority Close?

What Time Does Sports Authority Close
If you’re planning to wrap up your shopping or grab those last-minute sporting essentials, you’ll want to know when their doors shut for the day. Sports Authority’s standard closing time is at 9:30 PM Monday through Saturday and 7 PM on Sundays.

However, with the company in the process of closing all stores due to bankruptcy, their operating hours may vary.

While they conduct liquidation sales, the days remaining are limited before Sports Authority shuts its doors permanently. So take advantage of deals while you can at nearby locations before this sporting goods retailer bids farewell.

How to Find Sports Authority Hours

How to Find Sports Authority Hours
You’ll find most Sports Authority stores open from 9 am – 9:30 pm Monday-Saturday and 10 am – 7 pm Sundays, based on their standard hours.

  1. Check their website or mobile app for specific store hours. Hours can vary by location.
  2. Call ahead to Customer Service at 1-888-801-9146 to confirm hours for your local store.
  3. Note that holiday hours often differ, with reduced hours or closures on major holidays.

Although Sports Authority is currently conducting store closing sales, most locations remain open on a normal schedule until the sales wrap up. It’s a good idea to confirm hours before visiting, as they can change during liquidation events.

Nearby competitors like Dick’s Sporting Goods or big box retailers may be alternative options if your local Sports Authority has closed.

History of Sports Authority

History of Sports Authority
Now that Sports Authority’s closings mark the end of its 90-year history, let’s reflect on how it went from a single store to a retail giant before online shopping led to its downfall.

Founded in 1928 as a family shoe store called Gart Sports by Nathan Gart in Denver, the company grew to over 200 stores by 1998. After acquiring Oshman’s Sporting Goods and Sports Authority in 2003 and 2006, Gart Sports rebranded as Sports Authority and expanded to over 450 locations.

However, the debt from these acquisitions combined with increasing competition from e-commerce led Sports Authority to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2016 and announce the closing of all stores.

While the company leaves behind a long retail legacy, its demise shows how industry changes can topple even established brands.

Year Event # of Stores
1928 Founded as Gart Sports by Nathan Gart 1
1998 Gart Sports reaches over 200 stores 200+
2003 Acquired Oshman’s Sporting Goods –
2006 Acquired Sports Authority; rebranded 450+
2016 Filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy 450+

Sports Authority Holiday Hours – Closed

Sports Authority Holiday Hours - Closed
Unfortunately, Sports Authority is permanently closed due to bankruptcy. All Sports Authority stores are now closed to the public for good after the company filed for bankruptcy in 2016 and liquidated.

This includes all holiday hours and special store schedules. Sports Authority holiday closures, extended shopping hours, and Valentine’s Day plans are no longer relevant at any location. The sporting goods retailer that once operated over 450 stores with weekend and holiday hours shut down completely.

So, while they previously offered holiday shutdowns and special hours for holidays like Valentine’s Day, now the retailer remains permanently closed after liquidating through the bankruptcy process.

Sports Authority Near Me

Sports Authority Near Me
Since Sports Authority is liquidating all locations, you’ll have to find a different sporting goods retailer near you, like Dick’s or Modell’s. Use their store locators online to find nearby locations and check operating hours.

With all Sports Authority stores closing after liquidation sales end, you’ll need to shop elsewhere for equipment and apparel. Consider conveniently ordering online as an alternative to visiting brick-and-mortar businesses.

For in-store experiences, find a competitor like Academy Sports + Outdoors that’s open when Sports Authority would’ve been closed on holidays like Christmas and Easter. Shoppers will have to adapt to get their sporting goods now that the once prominent retailer is shuttering all remaining stores after bankruptcy.

Business Directions of Sports Authority

Business Directions of Sports Authority
The average Sports Authority store closes at around 9:30 PM Monday through Saturday, so you’ll want to shop before then.

Sports Authority faced many financial challenges that led to store closures, including high debt from past buyouts, increasing competition from big box retailers and e-commerce, struggling to adapt its business model and expand online presence, filing for bankruptcy and liquidating assets to potential buyers, and shutting down underperforming locations across the country.

While the company struggled to maintain market share amid shifting consumer habits and financial problems, you can still visit closing locations for deals before the stores permanently shutter.

With the rise of e-commerce giants and digitally-native vertical brands, Sports Authority failed to fully transition its business online to compete in the new retail landscape.

Key Facts About Sports Authority

Key Facts About Sports Authority
You’re stumbling upon special deals as Sports Authority closes all remaining stores. The sports goods retail giant filed for bankruptcy in March amidst shifting industry trends and rising competition, struggling with debt from an acquisition.

Now they face liquidating assets while players like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Amazon erode market share.

The bankruptcy highlights the impact of e-commerce and excess debt on retailers. Rivals are also trimming locations, adjusting to new shopping habits. As the chain ceases operations, take advantage of markdowns during variously timed sales.

But act quickly, as going-out-of-business sales will end with closures after inventory clears. Seize deals on equipment and apparel as shifts in consumer demand and retail lead an iconic sporting goods name towards ending business.

Other Chains in Trouble

Other Chains in Trouble
Your world’s shakin’ as retailers like Sports Authority crumble and leave shoppers scramblin’ for deals. Other chains are facing trouble too as shoppers embrace online shopping. The competitive landscape is fierce and shoppers have many options for sporting items.

Economic impacts from debt, leveraged buyouts, and the rise of e-commerce have led to bankruptcy filings. As retailers close stores, jobs are lost but prices drop. Review sites help shoppers find value.

The trends of online shopping and competitive pressures will force more chains to find financial flexibility or close up shop.

Customers gain power as they hunt down deals, but communities feel the loss. Change brings both bargains and hardships.


Sports Authority is closing its remaining stores after filing for bankruptcy in March, leaving many shoppers wondering what time their local store will close. By using the company’s mobile app and social media accounts, shoppers can easily find the standard store hours and holiday hours for their local Sports Authority store.

Additionally, shoppers can use the Sports Authority Near Me feature to locate their nearest store and get directions to the store. With their large selection of sporting goods, outdoor equipment, fitness equipment, and apparel, Sports Authority has been a staple in the retail industry for nearly 90 years.

Unfortunately, they are just one of many retailers facing bankruptcy due to changing retail dynamics, including the rise of e-commerce.

With the store closures, customers can take advantage of going-out-of-business sales with significant markdowns before the stores close for good.

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