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Accusations of Sexual Misconduct Against Danny Kenyon Full Guide of 2023

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What was Danny Kenyon accused ofRecent news of Danny Kenyon’s return to the Canadian bluegrass band The Dead South has raised questions about allegations of sexual misconduct he faced last year.

These accusations against the former cello player stem from three anonymous posts on Instagram in July and August 2020, which sparked an outcry regarding safety for women associated with TDS.

As a result, the remaining members have taken initiative to prevent further harm by implementing consent training through their label Six Shooter Records and issuing a statement opposing any sort of harmful behavior.

Despite these efforts, there remain lingering concerns among victims over how they can be sure that no one else will be hurt in future situations involving Danny Kenyon or other men like him endorsed by The Dead South.

Key Takeaways

  • Sexual misconduct, non-consensual activity, and coercion allegations against Danny Kenyon were made.
  • In 2020, accusations were made by three women on Instagram.
  • The allegations were not investigated by police or tested in court.
  • There are concerns about the safety of women with Kenyon’s return to the band.

Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Against Danny Kenyon

Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Against Danny Kenyon
You were accused of non-consensual sexual activity with one woman and coercing two underage girls into sex acts back in the 2000s before becoming the cello player for The Dead South.

Three Regina women accused you of sexual misconduct on Survivor’s Stories Regina Instagram page. The first woman alleged a 2015 incident involving non-consensual activity from a Tinder meeting. The second claimed you coerced her into oral sex when she was 14 in 2007. The third felt cornered by you in 2007 or 2008.

The band released a statement opposing harmful behavior after your resignation and planned consent training. Your return a year later sparked controversy despite the band’s reflection. One victim worried the band was endorsing men who hurt women.

The identities of the accusing women were independently confirmed.

Details of the Allegations

Details of the Allegations
The allegations against former Dead South member Danny Kenyon include non-consensual sexual activity with a woman he met on Tinder in 2015 and coercing a 14-year-old girl into oral sex in 2007. Additionally, another woman described feeling cornered by Kenyon in 2007 or 2008.

The accusations were posted on an Instagram page, and the identities of the accusers were independently verified.

Incident From a Tinder Meeting

The people’s photo swipe put their touch on the troubled Tinder meet, they tell.

  • Kenyon accused of non-consensual sex acts by first accuser;
  • Met via Tinder in 2015;
  • Incidents described on Survivor’s Stories Regina Instagram page;
  • Allegations not tested in court or investigated by police.

    Independently verified accusers’ stories shine light for some, while others question truth without legal process. Kenyon and band reflection may not prevent another encounter’s harm.

Coercion Into Oral Sex

Allegedly, you coerced a girl into oral sex when she was only 14 back in 2007. At that age, she was below the legal age of consent, raising concern about potential legal implications. The traumatic impact on survivors highlights the need for consent education and support services.

Feeling Cornered

You’re there like a mouse cornered by a hawk.

  • Fearful
  • Trapped
  • Vulnerable
  • Powerless

The third woman described feeling cornered by Kenyon in 2007 or 2008, causing emotional distress. The band’s statement mentioned consent training and accountability to create safer spaces and support community members impacted by harmful behavior rooted in rape culture.

Response and Actions Taken

Response and Actions Taken
After the allegations against Danny Kenyon surfaced publicly, The Dead South band released a statement condemning all forms of harmful behavior. They stated that they would implement consent training. Furthermore, their record label, Six Shooter Records, scheduled consent training for staff members, performers, and crew.

Band’s Statement Opposing Harmful Behavior

After the allegations, the band issued a statement against harmful behavior and had consent training scheduled. Consent training was scheduled for the band’s staff, artists, and crew. The statement came after allegations on the Survivor’s Stories Regina Instagram page accused Danny Kenyon of inappropriate behavior.

The band’s label Six Shooter Records also scheduled consent training in response.

Get ready to be amazed because Six Shooter Records, the band’s label, stepped up their game and scheduled consent training for its staff, artists, and crew!

  • Role-playing exercises
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Speaking up against misconduct

In response to the allegations, Six Shooter Records took accountability and worked to educate its team on consent, aiming to prevent future harmful incidents.

Previous Controversy Surrounding the Band

Previous Controversy Surrounding the Band
The band The Dead South faced controversy in 2014 over their song Banjo Odyssey, whose lyrics raised concerns about promoting rape. The Regina Sexual Assault Centre later criticized the band for not promptly addressing the problematic content of the song.

Controversy Over the Song Banjo Odyssey

The lyrics described graphic scenes of sexual assault in a lighthearted manner. The Regina Sexual Assault Centre said the song made light of a serious issue and promoted harmful attitudes. Despite defending it as satire, the controversy damaged the band’s reputation. Some radio stations refused to play their music, leading to declining album sales that year.

Criticism From the Regina Sexual Assault Centre

You’d think the band would have addressed the troubling content of the song sooner, given the center’s criticism. The Regina Sexual Assault Centre weighed in, questioning lyrics promoting rape. Their concerns highlighted safety risks and victims’ worries.

The band’s pledge for consent training for staff came late. Accountability remains key.

Reunion and Controversy

Reunion and Controversy
You were shocked to hear that The Dead South band welcomed back Danny Kenyon after he resigned last year amid sexual misconduct allegations. Several women came forward describing nonconsensual sexual activity with Kenyon, so his return to the band raised concerns about the safety of other women and sent the message that serious allegations don’t have consequences.

Band Welcomes Back Danny Kenyon

You’re shocked Danny’s back with the band after those disturbing misconduct claims. The Dead South welcomed him back, posting a statement on their website about reflection and learning. However, one victim expressed concerns about the band endorsing men who hurt women.

Fans have been divided in their reactions to this controversial comeback. Questions arise regarding the safety of other women as they go on tour again. It remains to be seen how this reunion will affect future tour plans and whether there will be any further response from the band or Danny himself.

The article independently confirmed identities of accusers using Instagram posts.

Concerns Raised About Safety of Other Women

Concerns have been raised about the safety of other women as the band goes back on tour.

Despite reflection, the victims question its effectiveness in addressing the allegations as The Dead South goes back on tour.

Victim Perspective Tour Implications
Safety concerns Band’s responsibility

Lack of Police Investigation or Court Proceedings

Lack of Police Investigation or Court Proceedings
You haven’t seen any charges brought against Danny Kenyon despite the serious allegations made against him.

  • None of the allegations against Kenyon were ever investigated by police.
  • No legal action was pursued against Kenyon in court related to the allegations.
  • There have been no court proceedings or charges filed regarding the alleged misconduct.
  • It appears no formal accountability process took place to address the claims.

Without a formal investigative or legal process, the full details and truth of the allegations remain uncertain. Some view the lack of formal accountability mechanisms as concerning or unsatisfactory given the gravity of the accusations.

Others see the band’s actions like consent training as a reasonable internal response. Perspectives vary on whether more formal processes should have occurred before Kenyon’s return.

Victim’s Concerns About Band Endorsing Men Who Hurt Women

Previously, we discussed how none of the allegations against Danny Kenyon were investigated by police or tested in court. However, one of his alleged victims expressed concerns about the band endorsing men who hurt women by allowing Kenyon to return.

From the victim’s perspective, The Dead South’s response does not seem to fully hold Kenyon accountable or consider the band’s responsibility for enabling abusive behaviors.

The public may perceive the band’s acceptance of Kenyon as dismissal of the allegations, without proper repercussions. How a band responds to accusations reflects on their values. While The Dead South stated they reflected on the situation, some feel the band could do more to demonstrate meaningful change and ensure safety, beyond words alone.

As The Dead South resumes touring, scrutiny of their handling of the allegations will likely continue, along with debates over accountability.

The Dead South’s Achievements and Fame

The Dead South
The Dead South’s astronomical success with their viral hit In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company catapulted them into fame. After getting picked up by a German label in 2014, they extensively toured overseas where enthusiastic fan reactions were strong.

While some felt the music should be separated from personal lives, others questioned supporting artists accused of abuse. The band continued gaining recognition, winning the 2020 Juno Award for Traditional Roots Album of the Year.

Their fame reached new heights, though now threatened by emerging allegations. With devoted fans worldwide, The Dead South grappled with reconciling their public image and artistic achievements with serious claims leveled against a member.

Their actions risked tarnishing hard-won success. Yet their words offered hope for meaningful change.

The path forward would test their integrity.

Current Status of Consent Training and Lack of Information
Despite discussing consent training, little information has emerged about implementing it for the band and crew.

The band’s statement mentioned consent training but lacked details.

Six Shooter Records scheduled consent training but has not reported back.

It’s unclear if training was completed or how it will continue.

The lack of transparency makes it hard to assess accountability measures and support for survivors. The band now has a responsibility to demonstrate follow-through on its commitment to address these serious allegations and prevent future harm.

Meaningful culture change requires ongoing education, policies, and genuine engagement with impacted communities.


What were the repercussions for the allegations of sexual misconduct against Danny Kenyon? The accusations against Kenyon resurfaced, but he returned to The Dead South band, who then won the 2020 Juno Award for Traditional Roots Album of the Year with Sugar & Joy.

The band scheduled consent training for staff, artists, and crew, but with no police investigation or court case, questions about accountability remain. Kenyon and the band’s fame and success weren’t hindered at all, leaving victims feeling unheard and unsafe.

The focus was the misconduct allegations against Danny Kenyon and the band’s response.

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