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Whats Blueys Mum and Dads Name? (Answered 2023)

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Just like humans, dogs also have parents! Meet Bluey’s mum and dad -Chocolate and Chilli. They are both Border Collies, which explains why Bluey is so smart and energetic. Chocolate is a working dog who loves to chase birds, while Chilli is a bit more relaxed and enjoys cuddling with her human family. Bluey gets the best of both worlds!

What are Blueys parents?

Bluey is a blue heeler, and her parents are also blue heelers. Bluey was born on a farm in Australia, and her parents were working dogs. Bluey’s father was a sheepdog and her mother was a cattle dog. Bluey has two brothers, Bandit and Bingo, and a sister, Chilli.

What do Blueys parents do for work?

Bluey’s parents work in a variety of jobs. Her father is a construction worker and her mother is a teacher.

What are Blueys grandparents names?

John and Jane Bluey are the grandparents of Bluey and her seven brothers and sisters. They live on a beef farm in Queensland, Australia.

Bluey’s grandparents are very important to her. They are always there for her, whether she needs help with her homework or just wants someone to talk to. They are also very funny, and Bluey loves spending time with them.

One of Bluey’s favorite things to do with her grandparents is go for walks around their farm. They have cattle, sheep, and horses, and Bluey loves seeing all the animals. She also enjoys helping her grandfather John with the farm work.

Bluey is very lucky to have such wonderful grandparents, and she knows it!

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