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Accessing the EIV System: Login Requirements for Coordinators and Users (2023)

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When can I login to the EiV systemWant to access the EIV system but not sure how to get started? This guide will walk you through everything you’ll need to know.

You’ll learn about EIV and who can get access, including the requirements for coordinators and users.

We’ll cover how to apply, from gaining coordinator access to user access.

You’ll also find info on recertification timelines, submitting online forms, and accessing manuals.

The steps for getting EIV access are here when you’re ready to log in. Just follow along as we break it down—you’ll be set up with an account in no time.

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Wait for login credentials from HUD or coordinator before accessing EIV.
  • Complete required training and submit certificate prior to system access.
  • Recertify access periodically per HUD rules to maintain system access.
  • Request help from coordinator or helpdesk if login issues arise after approval.

What is EIV?

What is EIV
You’ve got to complete the access forms and get authorized before you can sign in. The EIV system lets housing agencies verify tenant incomes and benefits. It prevents fraud by comparing data from other agencies.

Only approved users can access it after submitting authorization forms. Coordinators and users apply separately. Coordinators get full access. Users only access reports needed for their jobs. Both must recertify on time to keep using EIV.

Don’t try signing in until you’re approved. Applying correctly takes patience but it’s worth it for fraud prevention and data accuracy.

Who Can Access EIV?

Who Can Access EIV
You must be an authorized user to access the EIV system. Coordinators can gain full access by submitting the proper forms. Users like you can only view certain reports needed to do your job after the coordinator approves your access request.


Coordinators can access EIV any time after getting approved. To gain access: 1) Complete the EIV Coordinator Access Authorization Form. 2) Email it to the HUD Multifamily Helpdesk. 3) Await assignment of EIV authorization rights.

4) Login and manage your properties. You must complete annual online security training and recertify access within 30 days of expiration.


Yeehaw, get ready to lasso that EIV access, partner! Fill out your forms and send them off to the help desk for approval. Once you get access, log in and start verifying that tenant data quicker than a jackrabbit.

But don’t forget your semiannual recertification – neglect it and they’ll lock you out faster than a rattlesnake’s strike. Stay on top of that paperwork and you’ll be riding the range of EIV in no time, analyzing all that sweet, sweet data.

Applying for EIV Access

Applying for EIV Access
Let’s mosey on over to the EIV access corral and submit them forms faster than a jackrabbit in a dust storm, partner. Then you’ll be ready to ride into the EIV system quicker than greased lightning! To access EIV, you gotta fill out either a coordinator or user form.

Send in them papers to the helpdesk and they’ll grant you entry faster than a bull rider finishes 8 seconds.

Just sit tight partner. Once you get approved, you can giddy on up and login to verify tenant incomes. Don’t forget your semiannual recertifications now! We aim to run a proper, lawful housing program here and EIV helps achieve that.

Form Details
Coordinator Access Form Apply to gain full EIV system access
User Access Form Apply for limited access to certain reports

Gaining Coordinator Access

Gaining Coordinator Access
You’ll gain full EIV access by submitting the Coordinator Access Form.

  • Send the form to the HUD helpdesk as a PDF.
  • Await login authorization.
  • Access the EIV system anytime.
  • Recertify access annually.
  • Use a 30 day grace period.

Follow instructions precisely when applying. Refer to the user manual for guidance. Contact the helpdesk with any issues accessing EIV. Monitor the status of your access request. Don’t forget to complete annual recertification to maintain access. Using EIV properly helps ensure housing program compliance.

Gaining User Access

Gaining User Access
You’ve been granted conditional entry once your access request gets approved. Complete the User Access Form and submit it to your EIV coordinator. They will authorize your access rights to the EIV system after verifying your need.

You must then take the online cyberawareness challenge federal version training program within 30 days. Recertify your access semiannually by completing the security awareness training again.

Refer to your user manual or contact HUD’s Multifamily Help Desk if you need help. Only use EIV for authorized purposes and at the required time of recertification.

Following proper procedures helps ensure data security and appropriate access.

Recertification Requirements

Recertification Requirements
You must recertify access periodically to maintain system security. EIV system users accessing resident income information for rent determination requirements should contact HUD’s Multifamily Help Desk for assistance with recertification.

This periodic recertification process allows for proper refinement of income data access permissions, ensuring only authorized use.

Remain engaged in the process. Submit recertification forms on time, follow instructions precisely, and do not hesitate to request assistance when needed. We all play a role in preserving data integrity. With shared diligence, we can meet program compliance goals while protecting sensitive information.

Online CAAF Submission

Online CAAF Submission
Access the Coordinator Access Request menu after completing your annual security awareness training. Submit your certificate of completion to recertify access under HUD’s final rule. Contact the helpdesk if login issues occur after submitting forms. You play a vital role ensuring assisted housing program integrity.

Diligently follow EIV guidance to preserve data security, prevent fraud, and maintain compliance. We rely on users like you to ethically utilize the system’s income verification tools. By recertifying on time and reporting discrepancies, you help HUD mitigate risks while protecting the privacy of EIV system users.

Together we build understanding, safety, and belonging for all families served by HUD programs.

Online UAAF Submission

Online UAAF Submission
After completing your security training, you submit the semiannual UAAF online to your coordinator via the EIV certification feature, partner.

  • Logout of EIV when finished
  • Close web browser after each session
  • Never share EIV passwords or PINs
  • Review EIV User Manual regularly
  • Contact Helpdesk if access issues arise

To preserve data security, always abide by EIV guidance. We rely on ethical system users like you to prevent fraud. By recertifying properly and reporting discrepancies, you help ensure housing program integrity.

Manuals and Instructions

Manuals and Instructions
My friend, I encourage you to study the EIV manuals thoroughly and follow the instructions precisely. Those manuals detail the proper authorization procedures and contain guidance on utilizing the system once you gain easy access.

Make certain to complete the required training so you comprehend the practical application of EIV. Then take the steps to request your access rights. Our supportive agent staff is available if you require assistance along the way.

We desire every user to have an excellent experience with this vital program. Collectively we will build understanding between HUD and the families we assist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of training or tutorials are available for learning to use the EIV system?

You can access informative videos on the HUD website that provide helpful tutorials on using the EIV system. The training resources section lists webinars, presentations, and videos that guide you through the process in an engaging way.

Is there a way to reset my EIV password if I forget it?

Yes, you can reset your EIV password if you forget it by contacting your EIV coordinator or the HUD Multifamily Helpdesk for assistance with resetting it. They can guide you through the process of resetting your password so you can log in again.

Can I access EIV from a mobile device or does it require a desktop computer?

Unfortunately, the EIV system is not optimized for mobile devices and currently requires a desktop computer for access. We recommend using a laptop or desktop with a supported browser for the best user experience when logging into EIV.

Is my access to EIV restricted only to properties or contracts I am associated with?

Yes, your EIV access is restricted to only the properties or contracts with which you are associated.

What should I do if I run into technical issues while trying to access EIV?

If you encounter technical issues accessing EIV, contact the HUD Multifamily Helpdesk right away for troubleshooting assistance. They can help diagnose and resolve any login or system errors so you regain access quickly.


You can access the EIV system as soon as you receive your login credentials. However, don’t jump the gun – be sure to thoroughly review the manuals and instructions first. The help resources are there if you need support. Taking time to prepare will ensure your access goes smoothly.

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