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When Does Rust Closed Beta End? (Answered 2024)

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When does rust closed beta endAhoy, console community! As the Rust Closed Beta test comes to a close, it’s time to learn when its pre-order beta ends. If you’re ready for some more player-created content and exclusive skins and Twitch drops, join the ranks of those who have already preordered the game.

Here’s what you need to know about Rust’s Pre-Order Beta on PS4 or Xbox One: start date, end date and how to access this exciting new version of one of your favorite survival games.

Key Takeaways

  • The Rust Closed Beta for PS4 ended on May 6th, while the Xbox One beta may continue.
  • A capture card is required for PS4 recording during the Closed Beta.
  • The official launch of Rust Console Edition is scheduled for May 21st.
  • Pre-order access to the Closed Beta is available through the Deluxe and Ultimate editions.

Pre-Order Beta Announcement

Pre-Order Beta Announcement
Today is the day pre-order beta participants have been waiting for. The NDA lift means you can finally share your Rust Console Edition gameplay, and we know you’re excited to start creating videos or streaming on Twitch.

To help build the community, there’s a new Discord server for pre-order players only. If you participated in closed beta or pre-ordered, expanded skins are coming your way, along with special Twitch drops.

Start Date and NDA Lift

You’ll soon find out when the Pre-Order Beta starts and when the NDA is lifted so you can start streaming and creating videos to showcase all the exciting new features. The development team is finalizing plans for announcing the start date of the Pre-Order Beta test.

They are also determining when to lift the NDA so participants can freely stream Rust gameplay footage without restrictions. Both announcements are coming very soon, so stay tuned for the latest details on the start date, end date, NDA lift, and access details for the Rust console beta.

Excitement for Player-Created Content

You’ve got to be bursting at the seams with joy knowing your Rust creations will soon see the light of day for all to behold!

  1. Streaming your gameplay
  2. Creating video content
  3. Engaging on Discord
  4. Interacting with viewers
  5. Sharing your bases and loot

The end of the closed beta signals an exciting new chapter for Rust: Console Edition. Your creativity and passion for the game will shine through in the variety of player-generated content. Whether you’re streaming, making videos, or just having fun with friends, enjoy this special time in Rust’s journey.

Discord Server for Pre-Order Beta Participants

There’s a new Discord server just for you pre-order beta participants to chat and share your experiences. This dedicated space allows you to connect with other players testing Rust Console Edition before launch.

Discuss gameplay, share feedback, and coordinate content creation opportunities. The developer-managed server fosters community engagement during the beta period. After official release, everyone will transition to the main Discord server. For now, enjoy beta player interaction in this exclusive pre-order hub.

Expanded Skins and Twitch Drops

After logging in during the first week, you can unlock a sweet mystery skin to show off in-game. While the beta rolls on, look forward to expanded skin packs for closed and pre-order beta players. Twitch drops are also in development to reward livestream viewers. As a content creator, you’ll have more cosmetics to feature across platforms like PS4 and Xbox One.

Rust Pre-Order Beta Details

Rust Pre-Order Beta Details
Unlike the PC version, the Rust console pre-order beta has limitations due to console capabilities. Players who pre-ordered the Deluxe or Ultimate editions of Rust Console Edition could access the beta starting April 23rd, with the PS4 beta ending May 6th but the Xbox One beta potentially going longer due to delays.

Differences From PC Version

Due to console limitations, the pre-order beta has significant differences from the PC version. For example, the game may not have the large maps or high player counts that PC players enjoy. Recording is blocked on PS4 and PS5, requiring a capture card. There is uncertainty around the exact end date.

Technical issues caused delays. Beta access is tied to pre-order purchases. Despite challenges, the beta offers a taste of the console experience.

Start and End Dates

You’ll get to play the PS4 beta until May 6th, even if the Xbox One keeps going. The Rust closed beta started April 23rd for both PS4 and Xbox One. However, PS4 access ends May 6th while Xbox could continue past that date due to delays.

Pre-ordering Rust: Console Edition is currently the only way to access the beta before the May 21st launch.

Accessing the Beta

To participate in the pre-order beta, simply purchase the Deluxe or Ultimate edition of Rust: Console Edition. Despite PS4 login issues on launch day, the beta runs until May 6th. The Xbox One beta may extend beyond that date due to delays.

You can stream and create content since there is no NDA, though recording is blocked on PS4 without a capture card.


In summary, the Rust Closed Beta ended successfully with valuable feedback from players and significant improvement to the game state. The Pre-order Beta is now available for both PS4 and Xbox One, with the start date and NDA lift to be revealed soon.

The Pre-order Beta promises excitement for player-created content, expanded skins, Twitch Drops, and more. Players can access the Beta by purchasing the Ultimate or Deluxe editions of Rust Console Edition.

So, to summarize, the Rust Closed Beta ended on April 23rd, 2021, making way for the Pre-order Beta.

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