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Speedway Returns to BT Sport This Year – Coverage Details for Major Events and British Leagues Full Guide of 2023

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When does speedway start on bt sport 2023You’re in for an exciting Speedway season on BT Sport this year! The high-octane action kicks off in early Spring with the FIM Speedway Grand Prix. Here, you’ll get to watch the world’s best riders battle it out on their revved-up 500cc beasts.

Expect thrills and spills as championship hopefuls Bartosz Zmarzlik, Fredrik Lindgren, and Tai Woffinden fight for supremacy across 12 adrenaline-fueled Grands Prix.

Summer brings the British Elite League, where fans get behind their local heroes competing for league glory. An end of season showdown at the Grand Final is not to be missed! With major international meetings and top British league action, your thirst for heart-stopping Speedway will be quenched on BT Sport this year.

Strap yourself in for a wild ride!

Key Takeaways

  • The FIM Grand Prix kicks off the speedway season in Spring, with 12 adrenaline-fueled events and top riders.
  • The British Elite League brings local heroes competing in the summer season.
  • BT Sport offers extensive coverage of major international meetings and British league action.
  • Historic tracks have been refurbished and upgraded to meet modern standards, incorporating green technology.

Overview of the Upcoming Speedway Season on BT Sport

Overview of the Upcoming Speedway Season on BT Sport
You’ll be thrilled when the engines rev up and the bikes hit the dirt tracks for another adrenaline-pumping speedway season on BT Sport this year. The best riders will battle it out on the most exciting tracks, with new safety measures in place to protect the competitors.

Several beloved historic tracks are being refurbished to meet modern standards while incorporating green technology to reduce environmental impact. With cutting-edge bike advancements that allow for tighter turns and faster straightaways, you can expect record-breaking speeds.

From Atlanta to Bristol, Charlotte to Texas, speedway motorsports will be broadcast into homes across the nation.

Major Speedway Events Covered by BT Sport

Major Speedway Events Covered by BT Sport
You’ll be thrilled to know that BT Sport has a jam-packed schedule of speedway coverage coming up this season. With indoor speedway kicking off in October, you can look forward to non-stop track action all winter long.

BT Sport will take you behind the scenes, profiling top riders and highlighting innovations in bike technology that allow today’s athletes to push the limits.

When the weather warms up, the network shifts gears to showcase outdoor speedway at iconic venues like Dover Motor Speedway, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, New Hampshire Motor Speedway, and Sonoma Raceway. Relive classic races from past seasons and get expert analysis on the upgrades these tracks have made.

From the first green flag to the checkered one, BT Sport brings speedway into your living room in 2023.

Worldwide Grand Prix Series and World Title Contenders

Worldwide Grand Prix Series and World Title Contenders
Mate, the Worldwide Grand Prix favorite haunts the track in August 2023 as BT Sport fires up its cameras to capture the contenders vying for the coveted crown.

The stadium noise echoes as the riders strategize, bracing for electronics reliability challenges amidst the weather effects.

With North Wilkesboro Speedway freshly prepped and Performance Racing Network onsite, track safety is ensured so the U.S. Legend Cars International competitors can unleash their power in pursuit of the Worldwide Grand Prix series’ world title.

The fans roar, eager to witness who will ultimately rise above the fierce competition and seize the checkered flag.

Coverage of the Major Leagues in Britain

Coverage of the Major Leagues in Britain
My good friend, BT Sport kicks off its speedway coverage tonight at 7, so grab a pint and let’s settle in for some thrilling races!

  1. The World Championship
  2. British Championship
  3. British Under-21 Championship
  4. British Masters Championship

BT Sport is once again bringing its stellar coverage of the world’s most thrilling motorsport to living rooms across Britain. From the dust and dirt of Kentucky Speedway to the concrete high banks of Nashville Superspeedway, you’ll see the top teams and riders battling for glory.

With unprecedented access, expert commentary, and state-of-the-art technology, BT Sport is the best place to follow all the speedway action this season. Whether you’re a diehard fan or just looking for an adrenaline fix, our coverage has something for everyone.

So get ready to feel the power as the lights go green and the throttles open up! This year promises to be the most competitive and unpredictable season yet – and BT Sport will bring you every heart-stopping moment.

Anticipation for an Exciting Year of Speedway on BT Sport

Anticipation for an Exciting Year of Speedway on BT Sport
Get ready to see those wicked fast bikes tearing up the dirt track when speedway kicks off on BT Sport 2023! The excitement and drama will be amped up this season with new team and rider lineups, emerging talents to watch, and ever-changing weather and track conditions that will keep every heat unpredictable.

You’ll feel like you’re right there amongst the roaring engines and flying dirt clods as riders go bar-to-bar jockeying for the inside line through the turns. With so many factors in play, anything can happen this speedway season. Every race will bring edge-of-your-seat action as rivals push their skills and machines to the absolute limit.

Strap yourself in for a wild ride when the green flag drops!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What time will the speedway events be broadcast on BT Sport?

Hey there motorsports fan! Get ready for an exciting Speedway season on BT Sport. Coverage kicks off this Saturday at 7 pm with the British Grand Prix live from Cardiff. Tune in throughout the summer to catch all the thrilling SGP events beamed into your living room in crystal clear HD.

Our expert commentary team will guide you through every adrenaline-pumping turn as the world’s top riders battle it out on their 500cc bikes.

Will there be any interactive or behind-the-scenes online content to complement the TV coverage?

You’ll get some great behind-the-scenes access through the BT Sport app and website. We’ll take you into the pits for exclusive rider interviews, give you a glimpse of track preparations, and share highlights from practices you won’t see on TV.

Which commentators and presenters will be involved in the BT Sport speedway coverage?

You’ll hear the expert analysis of Kelvin Tatum and Nigel Pearson, with presenter Matt Lynch leading the coverage. Our team brings decades of speedway knowledge to deliver insight and excitement. Now just sit back as the engines rev, lights flash, and the dirt flies on BT Sport’s thrilling speedway broadcasts.

Will BT Sport provide coverage of any smaller/lower league speedway events in Britain?

You’ll have to keep watching BT Sport to find out if we’ll bring you more thrilling speedway action from the lower leagues this year. With the passion for motorsports growing, we aim to showcase the best racing Britain has to offer.

Does BT Sport have the broadcast rights to the major international speedway competitions like the World Championship?

You’ll have to look elsewhere for major speedway, as BT Sport’s rights don’t extend to the World Championship. Their limited coverage caters to die-hard British fans, not those seeking the sport’s international pinnacle.


The cheers of the crowds will soon thunder around the stadiums once again as another thrilling speedway season gears up right before your eyes. Feel the wind in your hair and smell the burning rubber as the world’s best riders go wheel-to-wheel at breakneck speeds.

With all the excitement of the World Championship and top British leagues covered, you’ll be on the edge of your seat.

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