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When is Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors Day? (Answered 2023)

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When is shoppers drug mart seniors dayAre you looking to make the most of your money? As a senior in Canada, you might have access to some great discounts at Shoppers Drug Mart. On special days throughout the year known as Seniors Day, shoppers aged 55 and up can take advantage of exclusive deals at this popular pharmacy chain.

In this article we’ll cover everything you need to know:

What age qualifies for Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors Day? Seniors aged 55 and over are eligible for the discounts on these special days.

How does it work? On Seniors Days, those 55+ will receive 20% off almost all regular priced merchandise in the store.

Tips on maximizing savings:

  • Check your local store’s flyer and website ahead of time for Seniors Day dates and promos.
  • Stack discounts and coupons for extra savings. The 20% discount can be combined with others.
  • Ask the pharmacist about receiving a seniors discount on prescription drugs.
  • Buy Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points on Seniors Days to maximize points earnings.
  • Arrive early at opening time to take advantage of the best deals. Popular items can sell out.

So in summary, Seniors Days at Shoppers Drug Mart provide excellent opportunities for those 55 and over to save big. With a little planning and strategizing, you can make the most of the exclusive discounts and promotions.

Key Takeaways

  • Shoppers Drug Mart Senior’s Day takes place on the first Thursday of every month.
  • The discount is exclusive to individuals aged 65 and over. They are required to show ID with their date of birth to avail of the discount.
  • The discount provides 20% off regular priced merchandise, excluding prescriptions, lottery tickets, and post office services.

Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors Day: What You Need to Know

Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors Day: What You Need to Know
You feel the chill of autumn’s breeze as you stroll through the forest of discounts, keeping an eye out for the wise old maple whose coloring leaves signal it’s the day to visit and receive her blessings.

Shoppers Drug Mart offers a Seniors Day on the last Thursday of every month for customers 60 years and older who show valid ID. On this day, eligible seniors receive 20% off almost all regularly priced merchandise, excluding prescriptions, post office, and certain sale items.

Compared to Rexall’s discounts starting at 55, Shoppers Drug Mart has stricter age qualifications. With planning and savvy shopping, Seniors Day allows elders to tap into significant bargains amid the turning leaves.

What Age Qualifies for Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors Day?

What Age Qualifies for Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors Day
After learning about Shoppers Drug Mart’s seniors day, you’re probably wondering what age qualifies you for the discounts. Shoppers Drug Mart requires customers to be 65 years or older to receive the 20% discount on regular priced merchandise on the first Thursday of every month.

  1. You must be 65 years of age or older.
  2. Bring valid photo ID with your date of birth. A driver’s license or health card will suffice.
  3. Prescriptions, post office, and lottery are excluded.
  4. Some provinces may have additional eligibility requirements.
  5. The 20% discount applies in-store only, with some minor exclusions.

While the age qualification has shifted over the years, Shoppers Drug Mart’s current policy firmly sets it at 65+ on the first Thursday of each month.

How Does Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors Day Work?

How Does Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors Day Work
On its regular seniors days, Shoppers Drug Mart hands out sweet discounts like candy.

  1. The seniors days are every Thursday.
  2. You must be 60 years or older to qualify.
  3. Present your Shoppers Optimum card to the cashier to receive 20% off almost all items in-store (some exclusions apply).

Rexall also offers senior discounts on a different day, so it’s worth checking them both out. With minimum effort, you can stack up on savings. Remember to check fliers for bonus redemption events too.

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Leverage these tips, and your Shoppers trips will leave your wallet feeling young again.

What Discounts Are Offered on Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors Day?

What Discounts Are Offered on Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors Day
Previously, we discussed how Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors Day works. Now, let’s look at the discounts offered.

On Seniors Day, Shoppers Drug Mart provides 20% off regularly priced merchandise for customers aged 60 and over. Certain products are excluded, like prescriptions, tobacco, post office services, and lottery tickets.

But the 20% discount applies to most items in store, including cosmetics, vitamins, grocery items, and more.

To maximize your savings, stock up on non-excluded items you regularly purchase. The discount makes Shoppers competitive with Rexall’s regular seniors discount.

With some smart shopping, you can save a bundle on Seniors Day at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Tips for Maximizing Savings on Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors Day

Tips for Maximizing Savings on Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors Day
You’ll wanna check if your local Shoppers is still doin’ 20% off for seniors on Thursdays to maximize those savings.

  • Sign up for the Shoppers Optimum program to stack discounts and earn points. The more points, the more rewards!
  • Check for coupons and promos in the app and flyers to combine with your senior discount.
  • Buy Shoppers gift cards when they’re on sale then use ’em on seniors day for extra savings.

Getting the senior discount is great but be sure to stack it with other deals for maximum savings on your purchases.

Rexall Seniors Day: a Comparison to Shoppers Drug Mart

Rexall Seniors Day: a Comparison to Shoppers Drug Mart
You’ve got Rexall’s 55+ senior discount day to consider, too. Shoppers Drug Mart offers 20% off on the last Thursday of the month for customers 60 and over. Rexall has a weekly 10% savings for those 55 and older. This provides more frequent savings at a younger age.

You’ll want to compare locations, products, and deals. Ultimately, having choices between retailers helps seniors maximize savings. Leverage all discounts through planning and research. Let competition benefit you financially.

Store Shoppers Drug Mart Rexall
Discount 20% off 10% off
Day Last Thurs. of month Weekly
Minimum Age 60+ 55+

Other Pharmacy and Healthcare Discounts for Seniors

Other Pharmacy and Healthcare Discounts for Seniors
You might check other pharmacies and healthcare providers for their discounts, missy. Costco offers cheap prescriptions nationwide without needin’ memberships for their pharmacies. Healthcare clinics like MinuteClinic also provide prescription savings and wellness resources.

Look into whether your city or province has programs for prescription benefits and healthcare savings for seniors too. Consider comparin’ prices across pharmacies for your medications. With Shoppers changin’ their policy, it pays to shop around.

Speak with a pharmacist about options for affordin’ the care you need. You deserve access to meds and wellness regardless of age or income, hun. And don’t neglect preventative services, your health is everything. Research thoroughly and you can keep savin’ money and stay healthy well after Shoppers seniors day.

How to Stay Informed About Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors Day

How to Stay Informed About Shoppers Drug Mart Seniors Day
Monitoring the flyers and in-store communications will keep you updated on Shoppers’ seniors day deals.

  1. Sign up for email alerts on the Shoppers Drug Mart website to receive notifications about upcoming Seniors Days and available discounts.
  2. Follow Shoppers on social media like Facebook and Twitter for posts about Seniors Days and promotions.
  3. Check the weekly flyers and in-store displays when you visit Shoppers to stay on top of the latest senior savings events.
  4. Ask the pharmacist or checkout clerk when the next Seniors Day will take place and what discounts will be offered.

Staying on top of communications from Shoppers through various channels is the best way to ensure you never miss out on special savings and benefits offered to seniors! Taking advantage of these promotions will help you maximize the value of every pharmacy and retail purchase.

The Importance of Senior Discounts in Canada

The Importance of Senior Discounts in Canada
Senior discounts offer meaningful savings that help seniors on fixed incomes. As Canada’s population ages, retailers who offer attractive senior discounts can gain a competitive advantage.

The number of seniors is rising. By 2030, around 23% of Canadians will be 65 or older. With fixed pensions and healthcare costs, seniors look for ways to save. Discounts at pharmacies, grocery stores, and retailers make a real difference in seniors’ budgets.

For retailers, senior discounts build loyalty and attract more customers. Stores that consistently offer 20% or more off can gain share in the growing senior market. Beyond discounts, retailers must also ensure stores are senior-friendly and employees treat older shoppers with patience and respect.

In sum, senior discounts are a win-win – helping cash-strapped seniors while also benefiting retailers who wisely cater to this demographic.

How Retailers Can Show Respect and Consideration for Seniors

How Retailers Can Show Respect and Consideration for Seniors
You’re working at Shoppers Drug Mart and want to show seniors respect. Don’t just offer a discount on seniors’ day – consistency in age requirements and help with technology are critical to showing respect.

Ensure age requirements for senior discounts are consistent across stores and times. Offer to help seniors understand and use new technology in a patient, understanding way. Small efforts to assist and support senior customers consistently can go a long way in showing consideration.

Age requirement consistency

You would appreciate it if retailers picked an age and stuck with it. They should choose one age requirement for senior discounts and apply it consistently. This allows seniors to reliably benefit from discounts and prevents unfairness. Store policies that frequently change age limits or have unclear criteria can confuse loyal customers.

Providing clear, consistent senior discount qualifications demonstrates respect.

Technological challenges for seniors

You’re not used to those touch screen registers, are you grandma?

  • Difficulty navigating self-checkout
  • Unfamiliarity with mobile payments
  • Anxiety over using ATMs

Some seniors struggle to adapt to new technologies, facing obstacles such as mobile payment systems or touchscreen interfaces. However, the elderly can overcome digital challenges with patience and understanding from retailers.

Promoting senior discounts

Let’s say retailers attract seniors through ad flyers showin’ the discounts.

Day Discount
Mondays 15% off all purchases
Tuesdays Buy 1 get 1 50% off
Wednesdays 20% off prescriptions
Thursdays 10% off groceries

Effective ad strategies and special senior days build customer loyalty. Treating seniors with care and respect while promotin’ discounts keeps ’em comin’ back.


When is Shoppers Drug Mart seniors day?

Shoppers Drug Mart’s Seniors Day is for customers who are at least 65 years old. On this day, eligible shoppers can get discounts on select items, including many health and beauty products. To maximize savings, customers should watch for special offers and join the Optimum loyalty program.

Rexall also has its own Seniors Day for those 55 and up, with more discounts on select items. With these discounts, Canadian seniors can save on necessities and maintain their independence. The population of seniors in Canada will double over the next two decades, so senior discounts like these are increasingly important.

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