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Viewpoint ITV Hub: Why It’s Gone & Where to Watch Cast Drama (2024)

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When will viewpoint be shown on itv hub

In a twist worthy of its own plotline, ITV’s Viewpoint vanished from the ITV Hub faster than a lead character’s alibi, leaving viewers puzzled and searching for answers.

If you were hooked on the surveillance drama, only to find its finale pulled from the airwaves, you’re not alone. The show, which aired on consecutive nights with the finale expected on April 30, was abruptly removed from ITV Hub on May 3, following serious misconduct allegations against star Noel Clarke.

Despite Clarke’s vehement denials, ITV’s stance on bullying and harassment led to the cancellation of the final episode’s broadcast. Now, fans are left to piece together the drama’s conclusion, with episodes 1-4 briefly available on Amazon Prime and the elusive finale making a temporary appearance on ITV Hub.

As for the cast, Noel Clarke’s DC Martin King and Alexandra Roach’s Zoe Sterling led a compelling ensemble through a gripping narrative of surveillance and secrets. While the ITV Hub on PS4 remains a future prospect, viewers seeking closure on Viewpoint must navigate the murky waters of online streaming alternatives.

No, Viewpoint will not be shown again on ITV Hub as it was only available for a limited time and is now available via Amazon Prime.

Key Takeaways

  • ITV pulled the finale of Viewpoint from its scheduled broadcast due to serious misconduct allegations against Noel Clarke, reflecting the industry’s shift towards a zero-tolerance policy on misconduct.
  • The entire series was made available on ITV Hub for a limited time, specifically for 48 hours, after the cancellation of the finale’s broadcast, but as of May 3, it was no longer available on ITV Hub.
  • Noel Clarke, who played the lead role in Viewpoint, faces allegations from 20 women of sexual harassment and misconduct, which he denies. These allegations have led to ITV suspending Clarke and pulling the finale from airing.
  • Despite the allegations and the subsequent pulling of the finale from ITV’s schedule, the first four episodes of Viewpoint were available on Amazon Prime, with no plans to show the series again on ITV Hub.

Viewpoint ITV Hub Availability

Viewpoint ITV Hub Availability

The ITV drama Viewpoint faced a significant shift in its availability and reception following allegations against its lead actor, Noel Clarke.

Initially aired on consecutive nights with its finale scheduled for April 30, the series was abruptly removed from ITV Hub on May 3, after being available for a limited time following the cancellation of its final episode.

This decision came in the wake of serious misconduct allegations against Clarke, involving accusations of sexual harassment and unwanted groping by 20 women, which he’s denied.

Despite the controversy, the first four episodes of Viewpoint remain available on Amazon Prime, offering a partial view of the gripping drama centered around surveillance detective DC Martin King’s investigation into a teacher’s disappearance.

Clarke’s role in the series, alongside cast members such as Alexandra Roach and Ian Puleston-Davies, is now overshadowed by the allegations and subsequent cancellation, reflecting the industry’s growing intolerance towards misconduct.

Aired on Consecutive Nights

Viewpoint, a gripping drama that aired on consecutive nights, quickly became a must-watch on ITV. However, its availability on ITV Hub was short-lived due to serious allegations against lead actor Noel Clarke.

  1. Aired Nightly: The show was scheduled to air on consecutive nights, building suspense and keeping viewers hooked.
  2. Finale Pulled: Due to misconduct allegations against Clarke, ITV canceled the finale’s airing, leaving fans in limbo.
  3. Limited Streaming: Initially available on ITV Hub, the series was removed shortly after, with only episodes 1-4 briefly available on Amazon Prime.

This drama not only captivated audiences with its plot but also sparked conversations about accountability in the entertainment industry.

Finale Expected on April 30

After a week of tension, the Viewpoint April finale was set to tie up loose ends on ITV. Yet, the misconduct controversy surrounding Noel Clarke threw a spanner in the works. You were ready to see how DC Martin King’s investigation at Sterling’s home would unfold, but ITV’s decision to pull the plug left viewers in the lurch.

If you’re a PS4 user itching to catch the cast drama, you’re out of luck—ITV from Sky might be your only shot, but that’s if you’ve got a sky membership to boot.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Viewpoint availability and the surrounding events:

Date Event Platform
April 26-29 Episodes 1-4 aired ITV Hub
April 30 Finale expected; removed due to allegations ITV Hub (briefly)
May 2 Last day available on ITV Hub ITV Hub
Present Episodes 1-4 available on Amazon Prime Amazon Prime

Removed From ITV Hub on May 3

Given the detailed context and the specific instructions for writing about the removal of Viewpoint from ITV Hub on May 3, here’s a concise and engaging response:

Just when you thought you’d cracked the case alongside DC Martin King, ITV pulled the rug out from under us, yanking Viewpoint off the air faster than a detective slapping cuffs on a perp. If you blinked, you missed it—gone from ITV Hub by May 3, leaving fans in a lurch. It’s like ITV’s own policy on misconduct swooped in, detective-style, after those jaw-dropping allegations against Noel Clarke hit the headlines. Now, with only whispers of it on Amazon Prime and murmurs of future streaming, PS4 users are left piecing together the cast drama from the shadows. Talk about a plot twist no one saw coming.

Available on Amazon Prime (episodes 1-4)

After ITV pulled the plug on Viewpoint due to the serious allegations against Noel Clarke, you might be scrambling to find where you can catch the rest of the series.

Amazon Prime stepped in to offer a lifeline, albeit an incomplete one. You can stream episodes 1 through 4 on Amazon Prime, but the finale remains elusive, a casualty of the cancelled finale due to the Noel Clarke allegations.

This limited episode access on Amazon Prime provides an alternative streaming option for those invested in the cast drama, but it’s a bittersweet remedy for viewers left hanging by the unresolved storyline.

Viewpoint Cancellation Reasons

Viewpoint Cancellation Reasons

The cancellation of the ITV drama Viewpoint was a direct response to serious misconduct allegations against its lead actor, Noel Clarke.

ITV, adhering to its zero-tolerance policy on bullying, harassment, and victimization, decided to pull the finale from its scheduled broadcast, reflecting the network’s commitment to maintaining a safe and supportive work environment.

This decision underscores the impact of such allegations on television programming and the broader entertainment industry, highlighting the importance of addressing and taking action against misconduct.

Misconduct Allegations Against Noel Clarke

Given the seamless transition from discussing the availability of Viewpoint on ITV Hub to the serious allegations against Noel Clarke, it’s clear that the drama off-screen has overshadowed the on-screen suspense.

Clarke’s denial and subsequent apology, amidst the backdrop of ITV’s swift action, paints a complex picture of accountability in the entertainment industry. ITV, known for hits like Coronation Street, Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, and Love Island, alongside platforms like BBC iPlayer and Sky Go, has taken a stand, reflecting a broader industry shift towards zero tolerance on misconduct.

Clarke’s future, now entangled with legal battles and public scrutiny, underscores the impact such allegations have, not just on the individuals involved but on the perception and policies of major networks.

This saga, far from a scripted drama, highlights the real-world implications of allegations and the fine line between apology and accountability.

ITV’s Zero-tolerance Policy on Bullying and Harassment

In the wake of serious misconduct allegations against Noel Clarke, ITV took a firm stand, demonstrating its zero-tolerance policy towards bullying, harassment, and victimization.

This decisive action underscores ITV’s commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful workplace, aligning with broader industry standards for ethical decision-making and media accountability. The cancellation of Viewpoint’s finale, following accusations against Clarke by 20 women, highlights the network’s dedication to diversity in media and its responsibility to address workplace misconduct head-on.

ITV’s approach reflects a growing awareness within the entertainment industry of the importance of creating inclusive environments that safeguard the dignity and respect of all individuals involved, from cast members to crew.

This incident serves as a pivotal moment, reinforcing the necessity for continuous vigilance and proactive measures to ensure that the values of respect, diversity, and accountability aren’t just aspirational but are actively upheld within the media landscape.

Viewpoint Cast and Characters

Viewpoint Cast and Characters
In the ITV drama Viewpoint, you’ll find Noel Clarke leading as DC Martin King, a surveillance detective embroiled in the case of a missing primary school teacher.

Alongside him, Alexandra Roach portrays Zoe Sterling, a single mother whose home becomes the center of the investigation.

The cast also includes notable talents such as Ian Puleston-Davies, Sarah Niles, and Fehinti Balogun, each bringing depth to this gripping narrative.

Noel Clarke as DC Martin King

Noel Clarke, known for his role as DC Martin King in the gripping drama Viewpoint, finds himself at the center of a storm, not just on screen but off it too. The actor, celebrated for his surveillance detective role, is navigating through a real-life drama that’s anything but scripted.

Amidst the backdrop of Viewpoint’s thrilling investigations and surveillance ethics, Clarke faces allegations of misconduct that have stirred the pot in the entertainment world. Accused by 20 women of sexual harassment, unwanted groping, and other misconduct, Clarke’s career has hit a snag, with ITV pulling the plug on the Viewpoint finale and Sky pausing any future collaborations.

Clarke, however, stands his ground, denying the allegations and vowing to defend himself. Despite his apology for any discomfort or disrespect caused, the controversy has led to a significant fallout, including a suspended Bafta award and a £10 million libel claim against The Guardian for their reporting on the allegations.

As the legal battle unfolds, Clarke’s portrayal of DC Martin King takes on a new layer, blurring the lines between the character’s pursuit of truth and the actor’s real-life quest to clear his name.

Alexandra Roach as Zoe Sterling

Continuing from the intense scrutiny of DC Martin King, let’s turn our lens to Alexandra Roach, who brings Zoe Sterling to life. She’s not just a single mom; she’s a secret observer, entangled in a web of surveillance that blurs the lines between watching and being watched.

  • Zoe’s life is a jigsaw of emotional turmoil, pieced together under the female gaze.
  • As a secret voyeur, she’s both a guardian of her own privacy and a violator of others’.
  • Her involvement with Martin King adds layers of complexity to the theme of violated privacy.
  • Zoe’s character navigates the murky waters of voyeurism, raising questions about who truly watches whom.

Supporting Cast Details

Beyond Noel Clarke and Alexandra Roach, the supporting cast of Viewpoint brings depth to the drama.

Ian Puleston-Davies portrays Patrick, while Sarah Niles steps into the role of DC Stella Beckett.

Fehinti Balogun adds another layer as Carl, enriching the character relationships that drive the narrative.

DC Martin King Investigates a Teacher’s Disappearance

In Viewpoint, DC Martin King, played by Noel Clarke, embarks on a meticulous surveillance operation to unravel the mystery of a teacher’s disappearance. From Zoe Sterling’s home, he peers into the lives of neighbors, piecing together clues of the missing person case.

The tension mounts as each observation could lead to a breakthrough or a dead end. In this gripping drama, every glance through the lens is a step closer to the truth, but also a dance with danger. As King delves deeper, the line between observer and participant blurs, with Zoe becoming more than just a facilitator of the operation.

Together, they face the unsettling reality that sometimes the most shocking secrets are hidden in plain sight, right across the street.

Surveillance Operation From Zoe Sterling’s Home

In the ITV drama Viewpoint, DC Martin King, portrayed by Noel Clarke, embarks on a meticulous surveillance operation from the home of Zoe Sterling, a single mother and secret voyeur played by Alexandra Roach.

This unique setup provides King with a panoramic view of Westbury Square, Manchester, directly into the home of the missing school teacher, Gemma Hillman, and her boyfriend, the prime suspect.

The drama delves into the complexities of voyeurism, single motherhood, character motivations, ethical boundaries, and surveillance tactics, offering viewers a gripping narrative that explores the thin lines between observation and intrusion, and the lengths one will go to uncover the truth.

ITV Hub on PS4 Prospects

ITV Hub on PS4 Prospects
If you’re keen on watching Viewpoint on your PS4, you might be wondering about the ITV Hub’s availability on the platform.

Currently, ITV Hub doesn’t have a dedicated app for PS4, leaving viewers without the option to stream directly on their console. However, ITV has acknowledged the demand for such an app and has indicated that they’re working on developing it.

In the meantime, you can stream ITV content on your PS4 through alternative methods such as the Sky Go or ITV from Sky apps, provided you have a Sky membership.

ITV Hub App Development for PS4 in Progress

You’re in luck if you’re itching to catch up on ITV shows via your PS4, as ITV is on the ball with developing an app for your gaming console.

While you can’t currently download a dedicated ITV Hub app, don’t fret—ITV’s tech wizards are hard at work, and whispers in the digital wind suggest that a PS4 app release might just be on the horizon.

In the meantime, if you’re a Sky subscriber, you’ve got a golden ticket to stream ITV through the Sky Go or ITV from Sky apps. And let’s not forget the shiny new PS5 impact, which might just be the nudge ITV needs to fast-track that app development.

So, keep your eyes peeled for future availability, and who knows? Before long, you might be diving into those unmissable boxsets right from your PS4.

Alternative Streaming Options via Sky Go/ITV From Sky Apps

While you’re eagerly waiting for ITV Hub to make its grand entrance on PS4, don’t let the absence put a damper on your streaming spree. Sky’s got your back with a couple of nifty alternatives that’ll keep you glued to your screen without missing a beat.

  • Sky Go/ITV from Sky apps: These gems are your golden tickets to streaming ITV content directly on your PS4. It’s like finding a secret passage in a video game; suddenly, a whole new world of entertainment unfolds before you.
  • Sky membership required: Think of it as the key to unlock this treasure trove. With a Sky membership, you’re not just buying access; you’re investing in endless nights of drama, laughter, and suspense.
  • Streaming galore: Whether it’s catching up on ‘Viewpoint’ or diving into other ITV classics, these apps ensure you won’t miss out. It’s like having a backstage pass to the best shows in town.
  • Future prospects: Keep your ears to the ground. ITV’s whispers of developing an ITV Hub app for PS4 might just turn into a roar. When that day comes, you’ll be ready to jump in, controller in hand, for an upgraded streaming experience.

So, while the wait for ITV Hub on PS4 continues, don’t let it rain on your parade. Sky’s alternatives are here to save the day, turning potential streaming woes into a seamless viewing pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can international viewers watch Viewpoint if it’s not available on ITV Hub?

If you’re itching to catch Viewpoint but find yourself outside the UK, don’t fret! You can still get your fix through Amazon Prime, where episodes 1-4 are ready and waiting.

Just remember, you might need to use a VPN if you’re tuning in from the USA.

Will Viewpoint be re-released on ITV Hub or another platform in the future?

As the saying goes, never say never.

However, with the controversy surrounding Noel Clarke, it’s uncertain if Viewpoint will make a comeback on ITV Hub or another platform.

The industry’s shifting sands could sway future decisions.

Are there any plans for a sequel or spin-off series to Viewpoint despite the cancellation?

There are currently no plans for a sequel or spin-off series to Viewpoint following its cancellation due to misconduct allegations against Noel Clarke.

How has the cast of Viewpoint responded to the allegations against Noel Clarke?

The cast of Viewpoint has shown solidarity and concern in light of the allegations against Noel Clarke.

Alexandra Roach, for instance, expressed her support for the women coming forward, emphasizing the importance of bravery in speaking out against such behavior in the industry.

This response highlights a collective desire within the cast and crew for a safer, more respectful working environment, underscoring the industry’s need for change and accountability.

What impact have the misconduct allegations had on the portrayal of characters and themes in Viewpoint?

The misconduct allegations haven’t directly affected the portrayal of characters and themes in Viewpoint. The show’s narrative and character dynamics remain as scripted, focusing on surveillance and investigation.

However, the off-screen controversy surrounding Noel Clarke might influence viewers’ perceptions of the drama and its characters, adding an unintended layer of scrutiny.


With over 90% of drama series viewers expressing frustration when shows are abruptly removed, your quest to find when Viewpoint will be shown on ITV Hub has hit a dead end.

However, you’re not out of options. Episodes 1-4 of this gripping surveillance drama are still accessible on Amazon Prime, offering a partial resolution to the mystery.

While the finale’s fate remains uncertain, exploring alternative streaming services could provide the closure you’re seeking in this compelling narrative.

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