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When Will Viewpoint Episode 5 Air on ITV Hub? (Answered 2023)

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When will viewpoint be shown on itv hubAre you ready to find out what happens in the finale of Viewpoint? The fifth and final episode was due to air on ITV Hub this Friday, 30 April. But with serious misconduct allegations made against lead actor Noel Clarke, ITV has decided it is no longer appropriate to show the episode.

As a result, fans are left wondering when will we be able to view Episode 5 of Viewpoint? We can answer that question for you – as well as exploring other implications such as how viewers can watch the finale and what exactly is going on behind-the-scenes with international sales.

Join us here for all your answers about when will Viewpoint be shown on ITV Hub!

Key Takeaways

  • The final episode of Viewpoint has been cancelled due to misconduct allegations against Noel Clarke.
  • All episodes of Viewpoint have been removed from ITV Hub, except for episodes 1-4, which are temporarily available.
  • The release date for episode 5 on ITV Hub remains uncertain, but viewers can check Amazon Prime for potential availability.
  • The misconduct allegations against Noel Clarke have had a significant impact on the international sales prospects and future of Viewpoint.

Is Viewpoint Still Available on ITV Hub?

Is Viewpoint Still Available on ITV Hub
Viewpoint is no longer available on ITV Hub. The drama starring Noel Clarke was removed after misconduct allegations against the lead actor emerged. ITV cancelled the airing of the final episode on April 30th, 2021, and withdrew the series from ITV Hub shortly after.

While episodes one through four had initially been made available on the streaming platform, the show was pulled once the misconduct claims came to light. The network cited its zero-tolerance policy in response to the accusations against Clarke as rationale for shelving Viewpoint in its entirety.

Availability of Previous Episodes

You can still stream the first four episodes of Viewpoint on ITV Hub before they are removed from the platform. The drama’s first four installments remain available until Sunday, despite the cancellation.

Catch up now if you missed an episode. Episode five will not appear, but the rest allow you to follow DC Martin King’s investigation before it concludes prematurely. Streaming permits access, despite the misconduct allegations that ended the show.

Impact of Misconduct Allegations on Viewpoint’s Availability

Hey now, the misconduct dirt derailed Viewpoint’s final trip to the ITV Hub. Clarke’s actions impacted the show’s home. Allegations altered the series’ fate, blocking its finale from reaching viewers. Misconduct closed the hub’s door to the concluding chapter. Yet interest persists, even with access denied.

When Will Episode 5 of Viewpoint Be Shown on ITV Hub?

When Will Episode 5 of Viewpoint Be Shown on ITV Hub
Though swiftly canceled from its television debut, episode five of Viewpoint will be added to ITV Hub at a later date for your viewing. Despite allegations against its lead actor Noel Clarke, ITV intends to release the finale on its streaming platform, allowing closure for invested viewers of this poignant drama set in Westbury Square.

Though the misconduct claims cut Viewpoint’s airing short, its powerful scenes of DC Martin King’s surveillance operation and the community’s reactions remain impactful.

  • Witness the culmination of the tense mystery.
  • See more of beloved characters like DC Martin King.
  • Gain insight into the neighbors’ lives.
  • Experience the show’s thoughtful cinematography.

Viewpoint’s future may be uncertain, but fans can find answers on ITV Hub for now. Clarke denies the allegations, but their severity led ITV to act decisively. For viewers seeking justice and truth, the Hub offers a limited chance to see the Viewpoint story through.

How Can I Watch Episode 5 of Viewpoint?

How Can I Watch Episode 5 of Viewpoint
Since episode 5 of Viewpoint was canceled on ITV, your best bet is to check if it gets added to Amazon Prime later, where you can stream the first 4 episodes now.

  • Download the Amazon Prime Video app to view on your mobile device or smart TV.
  • Check Amazon Prime Video frequently for updates on when episode 5 may be released.
  • Consider signing up for email alerts from Amazon Prime Video for updates on Viewpoint.
  • Follow Viewpoint on social media for announcements on episode 5’s streaming release.

With the misconduct allegations against lead actor Noel Clarke, ITV opted to cancel the finale episode of the drama Viewpoint. However, there still may be legal ways for fans to view the conclusion through streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video in the future.

What is the Synopsis of the Final Episode of Viewpoint?

What is the Synopsis of the Final Episode of Viewpoint
You’ll find the final episode revolves around a crucial surveillance operation. The synopsis details DC Martin King and his team conducting an intricate sting to apprehend a suspect. This complex operation involves coordinating multiple units to monitor the target’s movements.

However, unexpected obstacles threaten the delicate timing of their clandestine maneuvers.

Tensions escalate as the window of opportunity rapidly narrows. Will DC King’s risky gambit pay off, or will the operation unravel with dire consequences? Although initially scheduled for broadcast on April 30th, this climactic fifth episode remains unavailable on ITV Hub due to Noel Clarke’s misconduct allegations.

Its eventual release promises a dramatic resolution if you can uncover where this elusive finale may surface.

The series compellingly portrays the challenges undercover officers face executing high-stakes stings, so the postponed denouement leaves fans on the edge of their seats.

What Are the Implications of the Misconduct Allegations for Viewpoint’s International Sales?

What Are the Implications of the Misconduct Allegations for Viewpoint
You’d imagine the misconduct allegations seriously dampened international interest in Viewpoint. The hit British crime drama was expected to be a hot international commodity, but Noel Clarke’s career implosion has thrown those prospects into question.

With the allegations emerging just as Viewpoint was being shopped globally at industry events like MipTV, Banijay Rights had reason for concern. Though the distribution arm may downplay the impact, no doubt Clarke’s presence was a key sales hook that’s now severely compromised.

Whether Viewpoint can still attract buyers remains to be seen, given the misconduct controversy involving its lead and the show’s truncated finale. For any distributor banking on Clarke’s star power, this has been a sobering development with implications for Viewpoint’s sales prospects in markets from North America to Asia.

The next steps for Banijay Rights will be closely watched as they gauge international appetite for a series irrevocably tainted by its once-bankable lead’s alleged behavior offscreen.


It’s clear that the allegations of misconduct against Noel Clarke have had a huge impact on the availability of Viewpoint on ITV Hub. While the previous four episodes are still available on the streaming platform, the final episode – which was due to air on April 30 – has been indefinitely postponed.

For those who wish to watch the fifth episode, it can currently be streamed on Amazon Prime. It is unclear when the episode will be released on ITV Hub, but viewers should keep an eye out for any updates.

Viewpoint was a hot pick for international sales at MipTV, and the impact of these allegations on that market remains to be seen. Although Noel Clarke denies any wrongdoing, the allegations have clearly had a huge impact on the future of Viewpoint.

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