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Find Cave Bug Locations and Drops – OSRS Guide (2023)

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Where are cave bugs OsrsAre you ready to explore the depths of OSRS and take on Cave Bugs? If so, then we’ve got just the guide for you! These pesky critters can be found in both Lumbridge Swamp Caves and Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon.

To access these areas, make sure you have a light source with you as well as a rope if it hasn’t been placed down already.

So arm yourself with knowledge now before taking them on in combat level 96 at Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon after completing Death to the Dorgeshuun quest.

Read on for our comprehensive locations list and drop table breakdowns for levels 8 & 12 Cave Bug encounters that should equip your next Osrs adventure like never before!

Key Takeaways

  • Cave bugs can be found in multiple locations, including the Lumbridge Swamp Caves, Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon, Taverley Slayer Dungeon, and Chaos Tunnels.
  • To access these areas, you will need a light source and a rope.
  • Cave bugs come in two forms – level 8 and level 12 – and they are related to Slayer assignments.
  • Cave bugs drop a variety of items, including weapons, herbs, runes, coins, gauntlets, and clue scrolls.

Cave Bug Locations

Cave Bug Locations
You’ll find cave bugs in places like Lumbridge Swamp Caves, Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon, Taverley Slayer Dungeon, and the Chaos Tunnels when checking these areas out. Equip your lantern, rope, and slayer gear as you delve into the depths where these underground creatures dwell.

Exploring cavern ecosystems is part and parcel of completing slayer assignments related to cave bugs and other subterranean slayer monsters. With level 7 Slayer, you can get tasks like killing cave bugs which have two forms — level 8 and 12.

Strategize based on your stats and gear when taking on mobs like those in Lumbridge Swamp Caves. Light sources help navigate the darkness while protecting you from surprises like wall beasts. Whenever you’re looking to find and fight cave bugs for Slayer XP, remember to check areas like Taverley Dungeon on members’ worlds and the tunnels beneath Dorgesh-Kaan after Death to the Dorgeshuun.

Cave Bug Drops

Cave Bug Drops
Beware the cave bugs, adventurer! These subterranean scourges have been known to drop a range of loot for courageous explorers like yourself. While mining their underground nests, you may uncover water battlestaves or stacks of runes to empower your spells; bushels of grimy herbs to mix into restorative potions; and piles of coins to line your pockets.


The hard-shelled beasts sorrowfully hoard meager water-battlestaffs. Slaying cave vermin requires training, attention, and a thirst for comprehension. Wear armor and armaments befitting your fight level. Examine their protections before assaulting.


Grimy herbs often spill from their corpses as you fell the chittering swarms. Here are 4 common herbs dropped by cave bugs:

  1. Guam leaf
  2. Marrentill
  3. Tarromin
  4. Harralander

The herbs may seem insignificant initially, but slay enough bugs and your supply grows. With level 12 farming, these grimy herbs offer training potential. So keep at your cave bug task, hero, and reap the herblore gains.


Water battlestaffs gleam in your pack as elemental runes fuel your magic. The intricate cave bug’s body yields nature, earth, fire, and water runes. Rune demand swells as you craft and trade, filling packs and purses. Runes power spells cast in combat, skilling, and teleportation; their availability is key for mages.

Cave bugs provide ready access to elemental runes through drops traded across the land.


You’re also getting some coins, herbs, gauntlets and even clue scrolls from those creepy crawlies. With Cave Bug assignments giving you grimy herbs, water runes, nature runes, earth runes, fire runes and coin drops too, there’s money making potential.

But watch out for their quick regeneration and Wall beasts in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. The Slayer Diary requires defeating one here, alongside crawlers and slimes in this dank dungeon.

Drops From Level 8 Cave Bugs

Drops From Level 8 Cave Bugs
Didn’t loads of herbs, runes, and other trinkets land in your packs after slaying the critters? As an archaeology journalist, my bags would overflow with grimy herbs, eye of newt, coins of various amounts, and even the occasional sealed easy clue scroll when I was assigned cave bugs.

Donning my best slayer equipment, I approached each task with care. With effective combat techniques, my trusty scimitar sliced through their chitin, and my prayers shielded me from their acidic spit.

Each completed assignment brought bounties of loot and sweet slayer XP gains. While not the most exciting task, hunting cave bugs honed my skills, preparing me for tougher foes to come.

In time, I’d amassed quite the stash of herbs, runes, and other small treasures from the critters. Now when assigned cave bugs I know what to expect: a manageable challenge resulting in loads of minor spoils.

Drops From Level 12 Cave Bugs

Drops From Level 12 Cave Bugs
Greetings fellow adventurer! You’ll be pleased to know that level 12 cave bugs found in Gielinor offer a variety of useful drops for the intrepid slayer. These underground insects provide charms for summoning, sealed clue scrolls, bronze gauntlets, and spirit gems.

They also give access to the lucrative rare drop table and universal loot like mimic kill tokens.


You should grab those charms. The types of charms dropped by cave bugs at level 12 vary based on slayer requirements and assignments. With the bugs’ cave evolution, the charm drop rates changed, so whether they are gold charms, green charms, crimson charms, or blue charms, keep at those slayer tasks for charms to boost your summoning.

Tertiary Drops

When seeking sealed scrolls or bronze gauntlets concealed inside cave bugs, remember that patience pays off. As every experienced spelunker and bug-bashing slayer knows, carefully dissecting the inner organs of these cavernous creatures takes time.

Yet hidden within their chitinous shells lie lucrative sealed scrolls, gleaming gauntlets, and more valuable loot. So persevere, stalwart slayers – with dedication, each dismembered carapace brings you closer to fortune’s embrace.

Rare Drop Table

Course level 12 cave bugs have access to the rare drop table, offering some sweet loot like dragon med helms or shield left halves if you’re lucky. Go prepared with food, prayer, and your favorite combat gear when farming these creepy crawlers.

Their rare drops make them a popular assignment for mid-level slayers. Just watch your back in the dark caves while hunting bugs and you could snag some profit.

Universal Drops

Indeed, key tokens and mimic kill tokens can also be obtained from cave bugs as universal drops. These drops add an element of excitement to the loot tables, giving players a chance at rare rewards. The thrill of acquiring these items fuels the desire for power and understanding in the world of cave bugs.

Cave Bug Trivia

Cave Bug Trivia
Cave bugs used to explode when killed at their original combat level 96, showcasing their volatile origins before being toned down for slayer assignments today.

Year Event
2001 Cave bugs introduced at level 96 with explosive death animation.
2007 Lowered to level 12. Explosive death removed.
2007 Graphically updated to current model.
2007 Slayer skill icon updated.
2023 Found in various slayer dungeons after achieving slayer level 7.

Though less dangerous now, hints of their origins remain, like their rapid regeneration rate. Connections to the chasm suggest cave bugs crawled up from below, adapting to survive in the caves and dungeons they now inhabit.

Over time, cave bugs transformed from walking bombs to standard slayer assignments for mid-level players. Their story shows the gradual balancing act of evolving content to suit the game and players today.


Crawling with excitement, you’ve finally unearthed the ultimate guide on cave bugs in Old School RuneScape! With this guide, you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact locations of these elusive creatures, as well as what to expect in terms of drops.

From weapons and herbs to runes and tertiary drops, you’ll be prepared for the battle ahead. What’s more, with rare drop tables, universal drops, and trivia tidbits to boot, you’ll soon be an expert on cave bugs.

So if you’re looking for cave bugs in OSRS, you know you’ve come to the right place! This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about hunting down and defeating cave bugs.

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