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Explore Louisiana: Inside Duck Commander in Monroe, LA (2023)

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Buckle up for an unforgettable journey through the heart of Louisiana – Duck Commander in Monroe. Prepare to explore Phil and Kay’s house and learn about Jep and Jessica Robertson’s home life. Find out Si Robertson’s net worth and discover how much land the Robertsons own in Louisiana.

Uncover so much more! This epic adventure will reveal all there is to know about everyone’s favorite beardless wonder: Duck Commander.

Take a deep dive into Willie’s house (is it really his?) and see where Jase lives now. Get insight on whether or not he still owns part of the Duck Commander business. Plus, answer all your burning questions like who is the richest person from this iconic family.

Get ready to unlock every mystery behind one of America’s most beloved shows!

Key Takeaways

Inside Duck Commander in Monroe, LA?

  • The Robertson family owns over 300 acres of land around Monroe, including a 1,000-acre property in Monroe itself.
  • Jep Robertson lives on the same property his parents bought in 1973, using it for hunting and as a Christian retreat center.
  • Duck Commander is a highly successful brand in the duck hunting industry, known for its cutting-edge technology and products.
  • The Robertson family’s success is attributed to hard work, dedication, and faith, and they serve as an example of a successful and close-knit family.

Where is Phil and Kay’s House?

Where is Phil and Kay
You can visit Phil and Kay’s house, the beloved founders of Duck Commander, located just outside Monroe in Louisiana. The Robertson family purchased a large plot of land for their massive compound back in 1973.

Nowadays, it is known as the home to Phil and Kay Robertson, who are also widely recognized from A&E’s hit show Duck Dynasty.

While most people know Si Robertson as one of the stars on Duck Dynasty, they may not be aware that he previously lived at his parents’ property prior to them purchasing theirs. Jep was born after his parents bought this property but still lives there today with his wife and five children.

The Robertsons’ estate has been featured multiple times throughout various episodes on Duck Dynasty, giving fans an intimate glimpse into their unique lifestyle that combines faith-filled fun with business savvy, which made them famous across America!

Do Phil and Kay Really Live in That House?

Do Phil and Kay Really Live in That House?
Yes, Phil and Kay Robertson truly live in that house – a home full of love, laughter, and faith-filled fun!

Situated on seven acres of land just outside Monroe in Louisiana is the Robertson family compound. This single-family home has been featured multiple times throughout various episodes on Duck Dynasty, giving fans an intimate glimpse into their unique lifestyle.

Financial stability was achieved through a combination of business savvy and strong family dynamics, which made them famous across America.

The living room features classic furniture pieces with photos from the past adorning the walls, while Korie’s daughter Sadie often performs music for her parents’ guests as they gather around to hear her sweet melodies.

Despite changes over time due to advancing technology or generational shifts in lifestyles, nothing can compare to this timeless property owned by one American dream come true: Phil & Kay Robertson, who have lived there since 1973!

Where Do JEP and Jessica Robertson Live?

Where Do JEP and Jessica Robertson Live?
JEP and Jessica Robertson are living their own American dream just outside Monroe, LA. On the eight-acre farm they recently purchased, the couple can raise livestock and run a small business within the family compound.

The Robertsons’ living arrangements show that even with wealth comes responsibility. Both parents work hard to provide for their children while still maintaining strong family dynamics so everyone feels included.

In addition to owning more than 300 acres of land around Monroe today, Phil is also now involved with other businesses such as producing hunting shows on outdoor television networks like Sportsman Channel or Outdoor Channel.

Though this lifestyle may seem hectic at times due to all of its different components working together simultaneously, such as making sure home life remains peaceful despite all these activities, it is clear that Duck Dynasty has bestowed upon them an incredible legacy of faith-filled fun – proof that dreams really do come true!

What is Si Robertson’s Net Worth?

What is Si Robertson
Si Robertson’s net worth has grown exponentially with the success of Duck Dynasty, and today he enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. From building wealth to financial security, Si is well-versed in money management thanks to the guidance of his parents, Phil and Kay Robertson, as well as his siblings, Jep and Sadie.

His sister, Jessica, also contributes significantly to their family’s overall financial planning.

As a result of their careful budgeting strategies, Si now has enough resources for leisurely activities or even more investments if desired!

The Robertsons have done an excellent job navigating these topics together over time while staying true to their faith-based values that bring them closer each day.

This proves that by making sound decisions about one’s finances, it is possible to live comfortably regardless of economic fluctuations around us all year long!

Where Does Jep Robertson Live Now?

Where Does Jep Robertson Live Now?
Jep Robertson may not be as well-known as his older brother Si, but he is certainly just as important to the Duck Commander family. After growing up in Monroe, LA on their parents’ land and attending Bible college with Si, Jep eventually set off on his own path.

He now lives near West Monroe where he owns several acres of land that were entrusted to him by Phil and Kay when they passed away.

While some members of the Duck Dynasty cast have chosen other professions or moved away from Louisiana altogether over time, Jep remains an integral part of the legacy created by Phil and Kay Robertson all those years ago at Duck Commander HQ in Monroe.

Is That Really Willie’s House?

Is That Really Willie
You may recognize it from the show, but Willie Robertson’s house is more than just a set piece – it’s an iconic representation of his and Jep’s shared commitment to family.

After Phil made Duck Commander in Monroe, LA famous with Si’s career on A&E’s “Duck Dynasty following Kay and Phil’s move to their own land, Willie chose to stay close by. He resides in West Monroe where he has dinner regularly with his wife Jessica while talking about life lessons that only come from growing up together as a part of the duck dynasty star family.

Jase also moved away after being inspired by his father Phil; however, unlike Willie who stayed close enough for frequent visits during duck season or when they filmed their show Duck Dynasty, Jase decided to venture further away establishing himself elsewhere.

Nevertheless, these siblings have remained closely tied through years of memories created at both Kay and Phil’s home as well as inside Duck Commander HQ specializing in making sure everything was done right no matter what task arises!

Where Does Jase Robertson Live?

Where Does Jase Robertson Live?
You’ll find Jase just outside of Monroe, LA in a more rural setting. His home is surrounded by the picturesque Louisiana countryside, and he loves to take long walks through his backyard, enjoying all the tranquility it has to offer.

Jase’s livelihood consists of not only Duck Commander but also philanthropy work and various other endeavors that have added much financial worth over time for him, as well as his family life with wife Missy Robertson along with their kids Reed, Cole, and Mia.

The perfect time for them all is when they can get together at Willie’s house or even better on the one-acre parcel of land where Food Truck Jep’s Southern Roots serves up some great southern cooked meals.

Despite living away from each other for many years now, there are still moments like this that bring them back together again, creating memories that will last forever.

How Much Land Do the Robertsons Own in Louisiana?

How Much Land Do the Robertsons Own in Louisiana?
The Robertsons own a considerable amount of land in Louisiana, ranging from Jep’s Food Truck on one acre to Willie’s house and the Duck Commander HQ down the street.

For example, when Phil visited his brother for Christmas last year, he was amazed at how much land they had acquired since their childhood days! They have managed to build an impressive net worth through property ownership and family ties.

Their Louisiana landscape is truly something special. It ranges from Christian churches tucked away in rural settings, sprawling farms along rolling hillsides, and wooded areas teeming with wildlife. All of these are tied together by a commitment to faith that binds this family together even closer than ever before.

  • Land Holdings: The Robertsons own various properties across Louisiana, including Jep’s Food Truck on one acre, as well as Willie’s house and Duck Commander HQ down the street.
  • Family Ties: This strong bond between them has helped create an impressive net worth through property ownership.
  • Net Worth: Their total wealth comes not only from their former reality star status but also investments made into real estate holdings throughout the state of Louisiana.

Though each Robertson may live miles apart these days, it doesn’t mean they are any less connected. No matter where life takes them or what successes come out of it all, there will always be deep roots that tie them back home here in Monroe, LA.

Is Jase Robertson Still Married?

Is Jase Robertson Still Married?
Yes, Jase Robertson is still married to Missy. They are one of the most beloved couples in Louisiana and have been together for over two decades. Despite rumors of divorce, they remain committed to each other and their family’s Christian faith.

Jase Missy Family Dynamics
Married Life Job at Duck Commander Stay-at-home Mom Always supportive of each other’s decisions
Divorce Rumors Denied by both parties Not addressed publicly Stronger than ever before –

Marital Status │ Still Married │ Still Married │ United despite distance between Jep & Willie side

The Robertsons’ tight knit relationship has seen them through many ups and downs throughout their marriage but it remains strong nonetheless.

Whether it’s taking care of business at Duck Commander or raising a family with values rooted firmly in Christianity, this Monroe family continues to shine bright amidst all odds—proving that true love surpasses any barrier we could imagine!

Does Jase Robertson Own Part of Duck Commander?

Does Jase Robertson Own Part of Duck Commander?
You can find Jase Robertson at Duck Commander in Monroe, LA as he’s a co-owner of the business. He and brother Willie share ownership of the multi-million dollar empire that was built on their father’s famous duck call invention.

Along with his wife Missy, Jase has been an integral part of developing this family dynasty. They jointly own land and other properties across Louisiana. They leverage wealth from Si’s now successful smoking ventures.

They navigate through difficult situations such as Willie and Korie’s divorce. They also appear regularly on ‘Duck Dynasty’ to represent their Christian values.

The Robertsons have always prioritized making sure every member s쳮ds both financially and spiritually, being mindful about how they balance showbiz with faith. As one big happy family, it’s no wonder why they are so beloved by fans all over! Their success story truly proves that hard work pays off in more ways than one.

Did JEP and Jessica Divorce?

Did JEP and Jessica Divorce?
JEP and Jessica’s marriage ended after 12 years, proving that even the most iconic couples aren’t immune to life’s challenges. Jep is a co-owner of Duck Commander in Monroe, LA with his brother Willie and appears regularly on ‘Duck Dynasty’ to represent their Christian values as part of the Robertson family.

His career at Duck Commander has been successful while Jessica was active on social media throughout her life, which attracted much attention from fans.

The couple divorced in June 2020 without revealing any details about why they decided to go their separate ways, though it was clear it wasn’t an easy decision for them or their family members who had grown close over these many years together.

The Duck Dynasty fan base reacted differently, with some expressing sadness while others focused more on how this split would affect future episodes featuring Jep and his family, as well as what emotions he must have felt going through such changes during this time period, despite being rooted in strong Christian beliefs.

Despite the divorce setting a new path for both sides, love and understanding will always remain between them forever, just like between all other members of the Duck Commander family – now or later.

Where is the Robertson Land?

Where is the Robertson Land?
The Robertson family’s land in Monroe, Louisiana is a large part of their history and something that has been featured prominently throughout Duck Dynasty. The land was first purchased by Phil and Kay Robertson back when they had only four children – Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep.

It began as 40 acres but quickly grew to over 1,000 acres after years of hard work from the family who built up their duck hunting business on this side of the home.

Today, it features many areas dedicated to different outdoor activities like fishing ponds for bass & catfish tournaments, as well as an area with ATVs for exploring around on trails winding through woods full of wildlife such as deer and turkey.

Jep is now at the helm, overseeing all operations at Duck Commander, while his youngest son Cole often joins him in showing visitors around what used to be just farmland owned by his parents before they made it into one wild wonderland! With 1,500+ acres available, there’s plenty of room for everyone: from kayaking down rapids or water skiing across lakeside waters – no matter your activity preference, you can find something fun here thanks largely to Si Robertson’s comedic spirit, keeping things lighthearted even when times get tough elsewhere within Duck Dynasty’s plotlines outside these cozy grounds.

Where Does the Robertsons Live in Louisiana?

Where Does the Robertsons Live in Louisiana?
You can visit the Robertson family in Monroe, Louisiana, where they’ve built a life full of outdoor adventure and fun times – just like the saying goes: Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all! Phil’s wealth has allowed them to not only purchase more land than many people could dream of having but also build an impressive house.

The home features enough space for everyone – including Si’s smoking habit – and is often used as the backdrop to scenes from their hit show Duck Dynasty. Jep’s divorce happened here too, but he still lives there with his wife Christian while eldest son Jase continues working on projects around town since leaving his job at Duck Commander years ago.

It’s truly fascinating what this large family has been able to accomplish inside these four walls over time; from creating one of America’s most beloved television shows that millions watch weekly to living out their dreams every single day!

Who is the Richest Robertson?

Who is the Richest Robertson?
As one of the most famous families in America, it’s no surprise that many people want to know who is the wealthiest Robertson. Surprisingly enough, despite being known as a multi-million dollar family, Phil remains at the top and has been reported to have a net worth of around $15 million dollars.

The rest of his wealth is distributed among other members such as Jase and Si, who are both reported to be worth between four and five million dollars each!

It seems like Phil’s investments over time have paid off well for him but also allowed those closest to him an opportunity for financial freedom too; something they may not have had otherwise without Duck Commander’s success story.

Although Jep recently underwent divorce proceedings with his ex-wife Lisa, which could potentially affect their overall finances down the line, he still continues living in Monroe with his new wife Christian while keeping busy working on various projects around town since leaving Duck Commander years ago!

Even Si’s smoking habit isn’t preventing them from becoming even richer as they continue enjoying life inside these walls full of adventures every single day – just like what was promised all along: Life really IS either a daring adventure or nothing at all!

Is Si Robertson a Smoker?

Is Si Robertson a Smoker?
Yes, Si Robertson is a smoker. Despite the health risks associated with smoking, he continues to indulge in his habit.

Though Duck Commander has never taken a stance on Si’s smoking publicly, it is safe to assume that many members of his family are not pleased by it and they have probably voiced their concerns privately at some point or another.

Si appears unfazed by all of the negative attention surrounding tobacco consumption and has yet to consider any serious strategies for quitting despite knowing about its potential consequences.

In light of these facts, it appears that while everyone may want what’s best for Si in terms of health-wise, ultimately only he himself decides whether or not to take action towards making changes such as quitting smoking altogether.

How Much Does Duck Commander Make a Year?

How Much Does Duck Commander Make a Year?
You can only imagine the wealth Duck Commander earns in a year, with their cutting-edge technology and products bringing in profits like a never-ending river. The company’s income is bolstered by its market share of duck calls, decoys, apparel, and other merchandise.

As well as salary structures for staff members based on seniority or skill level, which further assist with financial stability.

Celebrity endorsements also play an important role in generating product profits – using well-known faces to advertise everything from duck call reeds to new lines of clothing helps increase visibility and sales potential even more than traditional marketing methods alone could ever accomplish!

Duck Commander’s success doesn’t go unnoticed either; they are one of the most recognized brands within their industry today thanks largely due to clever branding strategies that have seen them expand beyond Monroe into larger markets throughout North America.

All these efforts come together each year resulting in substantial earnings no matter what happens economically speaking around them – something many businesses strive but few achieve consistently over extended periods of time as this family business has done successfully since 1973 (and counting).

Where Does Korie Robertson Live?

Where Does Korie Robertson Live?
Korie Robertson, a member of the Duck Commander family and star of A&E’s hit reality show Duck Dynasty, resides in West Monroe, Louisiana with her husband Willie. Together, they not only share their home but also common interests such as land ownership and real estate investments that have been instrumental to their impressive net worth.

They continue to live together even though each has become successful in his or her own right. Korie is an entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses, while Willie serves as CEO for the family company.

The Robertsons’ wealth has enabled them to invest heavily in property across several states, which allows them freedom when it comes time for vacations or business trips away from house duties! This kind of lifestyle certainly gives insight into how much they value close familial relationships.

All members come back together at some point during any given week, regardless of where life takes them individually.

Does Duck Dynasty Drink Alcohol?

Does Duck Dynasty Drink Alcohol?
The Robertsons of Duck Dynasty may have an impressive net worth, but that doesn’t mean they indulge in alcohol – or any other substance for that matter. Their unique duck diet consists mainly of wild game and home-cooked dishes, while the family adheres to strict drinking laws as set by Willie Robertson himself.

As far as their drinking habits are concerned, it’s safe to say there is none! Willie believes this lifestyle establishes a strong foundation for his children and sets a good example when it comes to how one should conduct themselves in public.

Si Robertson has his own opinion on the matter; he claims a cold beer never hurt nobody yet continues abstaining from consuming alcoholic beverages due to respect for Willie’s views.

Ultimately though, it appears no member within the Duck Dynasty crew consumes alcohol at all – regardless of what each individual might think about its potential benefits or drawbacks!

Does SI Still Work at Duck Commander?

Does SI Still Work at Duck Commander?
You’ll be happy to hear that Si Robertson still works at Duck Commander, having been with the company since its founding in 1973.

You can find him talking about his business experiences with Jep or helping out around the office as needed.

But despite all this success, Si still remains humble and down-to-earth; never once forgetting where he came from nor how far he’s gone in life. As for Jase, he recently made a big move when tying the knot earlier this year – one that was definitely celebrated by both families involved (including Uncle Si!).

So if you’re looking for advice on starting your own business or just want someone who listens without judgment, then talk to Si: you won’t regret it!

Did Jase Move to Tennessee?

Did Jase Move to Tennessee?
Yes, Jase did move to Tennessee earlier this year when he tied the knot with his significant other. His departure was both a joyous and bittersweet moment for everyone involved, as they celebrated Jase’s new beginnings while saying goodbye to him at the same time.

Jase’s plans for moving included taking advantage of all that Tennessee has to offer: from its natural beauty and friendly people to its booming economy and low cost of living. He also wanted some space away from his family in order to experience life changes on his own terms without feeling judged or pressured by anyone else.

The benefits of making such a big move are far-reaching; not only will it provide an opportunity for personal growth but also allow Jase access into new adventures that may have otherwise been inaccessible due to him staying close by Monroe LA.

As expected with any major change like this one, those closest felt somewhat uneasy yet ultimately supportive seeing how passionate he was about pursuing this path – proving once again just how strong their bond is despite being apart physically now more than ever before!

How Much Did Phil Robertson Pay for His Land?

How Much Did Phil Robertson Pay for His Land?
You won’t believe how much Phil Robertson paid for his sprawling, picturesque land: it was an absolute steal! His investment strategy and land acquisition skills are second to none.

Here’s what we know about the financial details of this deal:

  1. He purchased the property at a fraction of its commercial value.
  2. The sale included several acres that were previously unavailable to buyers.
  3. Property taxes on the area have significantly decreased since he bought it up – leaving him with even more capital to redistribute in other investments or projects if he chooses!

Phil is no stranger when it comes to making savvy decisions like these, but this one seems especially smart considering all factors involved – from both an economic standpoint as well as a personal satisfaction perspective too! It’s clear that by securing such a great deal on some prime real estate, Phil has set himself up for success and created quite the legacy already with his wealth distribution efforts throughout Monroe, LA – something many locals will be thankful for years down the road should they ever need assistance in similar matters themselves someday soon.

Why Does Jase Robertson Work on Wall Street?

Why Does Jase Robertson Work on Wall Street?
With his strong business acumen and knowledge of the financial markets, it’s no surprise that Jase Robertson works on Wall Street. This career move shows he is serious about success. He has become an expert in investment strategies, understanding the culture of Wall Street, and trading stocks with precision.

His experience in financial planning allows him to provide clients with sound advice regarding wealth management.

Jase knows what it takes to make money on Wall Street. Careful research, diligent analysis, and smart decision making are essential for any successful investor. He’s also adept at spotting trends before they hit mainstream media outlets. This gives him an edge when competing against other investors who may not have access to such information as early as he does.

This ability makes Jase a valuable asset for those seeking counsel from someone well-versed in the world of finance.

As one would expect from someone working on such prestigious turf, Jase continually strives towards excellence. He stays up-to-date with current market conditions while keeping abreast of emerging regulations governing investments.

This ensures all transactions remain compliant throughout his tenure there. With dedication like this, coupled alongside years’ worth of expertise accrued over time, it’s clear why people turn their attention towards him whenever needing assistance within these realms or related matters too.

What Happened to Jase Robertson?

What Happened to Jase Robertson?
You’re probably wondering what happened to Jase Robertson: he’s still a master of Wall Street, but now he has his hands full with other projects too. His career is gaining momentum as more people seek out his expertise in financial planning and investment strategies.

But Jase isn’t just absorbed in work – family comes first for him. He makes sure to be there for all the important moments when it comes to his children and wife, Missy, who are both integral parts of Duck Commander alongside him.

When it comes down to it, Jase knows that life is about balance between work and home life; neither should take precedence over one another or else you risk missing out on precious memories being made by your loved ones at any given moment! Nowadays you’ll find the patriarch spending time working hard on projects related to Duck Commander while also enjoying every second available with those closest around him- making each day unforgettable!

There’s no doubt that this approach will ensure an amazing future for everyone involved – especially himself!

Where Will Jase Robertson Be Speaking?

Where Will Jase Robertson Be Speaking?
Discover where Jase Robertson will be speaking next and don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear his inspiring words!

From Duck Commander Origins to JEP’s Divorce, Si’s Smoking, and Willie’s House, audiences always leave with something new after attending one of Jase’s talks. He never fails to provide an educational experience that touches upon topics related to family values, faith-based principles, and financial management strategies.

His stories are ones of personal growth as he encourages listeners not only through anecdotes but also by sharing his own life experiences.

Don’t pass up this opportunity; come join us in hearing from one of America’s most renowned business moguls firsthand so you can gain helpful insight into how success can be achieved in any industry regardless of prior knowledge or resources available.

What Did Si Robertson Do in Vietnam?

What Did Si Robertson Do in Vietnam?
Experience firsthand the unique perspective of a Vietnam War veteran as Si Robertson shares his story. Living in Vietnam, he experienced hardships that most people can only imagine. From traversing dangerous jungles to being attacked by enemy forces, Si’s war stories paint a vivid picture of what life was like during this tumultuous time period.

Hear about how he and his comrades managed to make it through these trying times with strength and courage – lessons we can all learn from today!

Si also recounts moments of joy amidst wartime struggles – when they would take off their helmets for some much-needed rest or share laughter over campfire stories at night.

As someone who has lived through immense adversity but still manages to reach out with compassion towards others, hearing firsthand about Si’s experiences will undoubtedly provide invaluable insight into true resilience under difficult circumstances.

Who is Phyllis Robertson’s Mother?

Who is Phyllis Robertson
Uncover the remarkable story of Phyllis Robertson’s mother, whose resilience and courage helped shape her daughter into the woman she is today.

Born in rural Louisiana during a time when opportunities for women were scarce, Phyllis’ mother was determined to make something of herself. She worked hard to provide for her family while also finding ways to instill important values in her children.

Despite facing adversity due to gender inequality and poverty, she persevered by becoming an entrepreneur who owned several successful businesses throughout the region.

Through dedication coupled with sheer determination, this one-of-a-kind woman left behind a legacy that has been passed down through generations.

Does Mountain Man Really Talk Slow?

Does Mountain Man Really Talk Slow?
You’ve heard the stories of Mountain Man talking slow, but have you ever wondered if it’s really true? With today’s technology, we can zoom in and get a better look at this slice of ‘Duck Dynasty’ life to determine if his speech is as drawn-out as some might think.

Some believe that Do the Robertsons Talk Slow?, How Does Mountain Man Speak?, Is Mountain Man’s Accent Authentic?, and Is Mountain Man’s Slang Genuine? are all things to consider when figuring out what makes up his signature drawl.

Mountain Man earned his nickname from living on an isolated mountain for most of his life without much contact with society – talk about character building! His unique way with words has been featured prominently on A&E’s hit show ‘Duck Dynasty’, and audiences just can’t seem to get enough.

It turns out that while he does speak slowly compared to others around him, there is something special about how he talks which adds authenticity and charm that simply cannot be faked or copied!

At first glance, it may appear easy enough for someone else to imitate the same style.


The Robertsons are a remarkable family with an incredible story. They have achieved success through hard work, dedication, and faith. From Phil and Kay’s humble beginnings to Jep and Jessica’s growth in their own family, the Robertsons have demonstrated that anything is possible with the right mindset.

Their story is like a river, winding and turning as it flows through the generations, with each new obstacle bringing another opportunity to grow and thrive. They are a shining example of what it means to be a family, and they show us that success can come in many forms.

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