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Walter White’s House Location in Albuquerque: Where Breaking Bad Fans Can Find It (2024)

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where is the house from breaking bad locatedYou’ll feel like you’re walking on the wild side when you visit the unassuming Albuquerque home that served as Walter White’s residence in the hit show Breaking Bad.

Though an ordinary house from the curb, this suburban setting conceals the secret life of a desperate high school teacher turned drug kingpin.

Retrace Walt’s footsteps down the driveway where it all began, but respect the owners’ privacy, lest Heisenberg’s wrath be incurred.

With imagination, this ordinary neighborhood transports you into the morally ambiguous world of Breaking Bad that still captivates fans today.

Key Takeaways

  • Located at 3828 Piermont Drive, Albuquerque, New Mexico, the private home of Frances and Louis Padilla.
  • Though the interior of Walter White’s house was recreated for the show, the exterior shots used the actual house.
  • Visitors should respect the Padillas’ privacy, staying outside the fence and refraining from disturbing them.
  • Other Albuquerque filming locations for Breaking Bad include the RV, the Candy Lady store, and Saul Goodman’s office.

Walter White’s Actual House

Walter White
You’ll recognize Walter White’s actual house from Breaking Bad if you visit 3828 Piermont Drive in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The modest, single-story home sits on a corner lot in a quiet residential neighborhood.

Though exterior shots made it famous on the hit TV show, the interior was recreated on a soundstage.

Homeowners Frances and Louis Padilla have lived here since 1973, long before its Breaking Bad debut.

Now a popular tourist destination, its street sees a steady stream of fans.

While the Padillas once enjoyed the attention, disruptive trespassers have made them increasingly protective of their privacy.

If you visit, admire its curb appeal from across the street and move along to be considerate.

This family’s home isn’t a museum.

Locating Walter White’s House

Locating Walter White
You’re able to find Walter White’s house at 3828 Piermont Drive in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The house is located in the quiet northeast heights neighborhood of Albuquerque.

Use GPS navigation or mapping apps like Google Maps to find the exact address.

Look for the distinctive large roof and attached one-car garage just like in Breaking Bad.

Park on the street across from the house to avoid blocking the driveway or disturbing homeowners.

Visiting Walter White’s House

Visiting Walter White
You can visit Walter White’s house at 3828 Piermont Dr. in Albuquerque.

Remember that it’s still a private home where people live.

So while you’ll likely see other fans taking pictures outside, don’t knock on the door or throw pizzas onto the roof.

Instead, be respectful of the homeowners’ privacy and take your pictures from across the street.

If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the house’s famous owner, Bryan Cranston.

Just don’t be surprised if he’s not too thrilled to see you. After all, he’s just a guy trying to live his life in peace.

For Breaking Bad fans, visiting Walter White’s house is a pilgrimage of sorts.

It’s a chance to connect with the show’s characters and storylines, and to experience a piece of Albuquerque’s history.

Just remember to be respectful of the homeowners and their privacy.

Respecting the Homeowners

Respecting the Homeowners
However, when visiting the home, you must be considerate of the homeowners’ privacy and right to enjoy their property without disruption.

Approach respectfully, remain outside the fence, and keep noise levels low while taking photos or observing the exterior.

Remember that this is a residential area where people live their everyday lives.

Here are three reasons why respecting the homeowners is crucial:

  1. Privacy boundaries: The homeowners have put up signs and fences to establish clear boundaries between themselves and visitors. Respecting these physical markers shows that you understand and acknowledge their need for privacy.
  2. Homeowner’s perspective: Put yourself in their shoes for a moment – how would you feel if strangers constantly gathered around your house? It can be intrusive and unsettling. By being respectful of their space, you show empathy towards them as individuals.
  3. Tourist responsibility: As tourists or fans of Breaking Bad, it’s our responsibility to ensure that our actions don’t negatively impact others. Being mindful of how we behave at popular locations like Walter White’s house demonstrates our commitment to responsible tourism.

By following proper fan etiquette at Walter White’s house location in Albuquerque, we can minimize any potential residential impact on local communities while still enjoying this iconic piece of television history.

Purchasing Homes Near Walter White’s House

Purchasing Homes Near Walter White
After respecting the homeowners’ privacy, you’re ready to look for homes for sale near Walter White’s house.

Realtor Alfonso Salazar can help you find available properties in the area.

As Breaking Bad continues attracting fans to Albuquerque, the surrounding neighborhood’s real estate market adapts.

Investors speculate that tourism will increase property values, although neighbors have mixed perspectives.

Some welcome the tourist economy, while others feel uneasy about strangers photographing Walter White’s house.

If purchasing a home in the vicinity, consider real estate trends shaped by the show’s legacy.

With an influx of fans, house-hunters may encounter budding appreciation or neighborhood controversy.

Regardless, Mr. Salazar can find listings suiting your needs, from affordably priced fixer-uppers to renovated single-family residences.

Other Breaking Bad Filming Locations

Other Breaking Bad Filming Locations
Check out other Albuquerque sites used for shooting Breaking Bad scenes:

  • The Candy Lady store that sold blue meth rock candy.
  • The cafe that served as Los Pollos Hermanos.

Take a Breaking Bad tour to see iconic locales:

  • Marvel at the RV that was Jesse Pinkman’s mobile meth lab.
  • Visit the strip mall office standing in for Saul Goodman’s legal practice.
  • Check out the nondescript building used for Hank’s DEA headquarters.
  • Drive by the apartment complex where Jane Margolis overdosed.

While the house at 3828 Piermont Drive is the crown jewel for fans, experiencing these other Breaking Bad filming locations around Albuquerque immerses you in the world of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

The Candy Lady Store

The Candy Lady Store
You’ll recognize The Candy Lady store from the blue meth candy sold there that mimics the show.

As the name suggests, this quirky shop offers an assortment of sweets, but it rose to fame for manufacturing rock candy resembling the blue crystal meth made by Walter White.

What began as a novelty item that tapped into the show’s popularity soon sparked controversy, however.

While most fans relish the Breaking Bad merchandise, some argue that peddling faux narcotics, even in candy form, glorifies drug use.

Nonetheless, the shop remains a highlight for many making the Breaking Bad pilgrimage.

If you visit, enjoy perusing the homages to the acclaimed series, but be mindful of remaining respectful.

This neighborhood business didn’t ask for the spotlight.

Los Pollos Hermanos Restaurant

Los Pollos Hermanos Restaurant
Another place you won’t want to miss is Los Pollos Hermanos, the fast-food chicken restaurant that served as a front for Gus Fring’s meth empire.

Although the restaurant seen in Breaking Bad was just a set, fans can visit the real-life Twisters location at 4257 Isleta Blvd SW used for exterior shots.

While you won’t find Los Pollos Hermanos food or merch here, you can still channel Gus Fring by ordering chicken tenders or grabbing a bite in the parking lot.

For the true Los Pollos Hermanos experience, check out the pop-up events in Albuquerque where Giancarlo Esposito himself has reprised his role as manager.

From Fring-inspired decor to a Breaking Bad-themed menu, these temporary restaurants let you immerse yourself in the world of Heisenberg.

Just don’t get on Gus’s bad side!

A-1 Car Wash

A-1 Car Wash
You can visit the A-1 Car Wash that was featured in Breaking Bad.

This unassuming car wash holds significance for fans, as it was a front for Walter White’s meth money laundering scheme.

Though not an official tour stop, you can drive by and appreciate its role in the show’s story.

Snap some photos in front of the signage and props that remain from filming, like the inflatable dancing man.

While you can’t wash your car there, you may find Breaking Bad merchandise for sale inside.

With its ordinary exterior masking extraordinary secrets, the car wash is a must-see for devotees when exploring Albuquerque.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get interior photos or shots over the fence if the homeowners don’t allow it?

You shouldn’t.

Respect the homeowners’ privacy. Taking unauthorized photos infringes on their rights.

Consider how you’d feel if strangers invaded your home.

Enjoy the view from across the street.

Have the homeowners considered moving or profiting more from the popularity of their house?

You’re curious if the homeowners have considered benefiting from their home’s fame.

They likely value privacy over profit.

This modest house remains in their family despite rabid fandom.

Perhaps peace trumps pandering.

Their home, their choice.

We visitors can embrace empathy.

What are the best times of day to visit when the homeowners are less likely to be outside?

Visit the house during the daytime when the homeowners are less likely to be outside.

Early mornings and afternoons on weekdays provide more privacy, as the homeowners tend to be occupied then.

Still, remain respectful, avoid lingering, and take pictures from across the street.

You risk legal problems for crossing property lines or bugging homeowners.

Yet, seeing the famous abode from across the street creates harmless nostalgia for Breaking Bad.

Do the homeowners ever host Breaking Bad events or allow filming/photography for a fee?

Unfortunately, the homeowners don’t host events or allow paid filming/photography at the Breaking Bad house.

They value their privacy and simply want to live peacefully in their long-time home.

The best respect fans can show is to admire from a distance.


You’ll feel like Jesse Pinkman’s misadventures are your own as you stand outside Walter White’s unassuming Albuquerque abode.

Though an ordinary house from the curb, this suburban facade conceals the secrets of a desperate teacher turned drug lord that still captivate Breaking Bad fans today.

So embrace your inner Heisenberg and visit the house where it all began, but tread lightly.

Walter White’s house in Albuquerque still stands.

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