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Zinoleesky’s Current Location and Marlian Records Association Full Guide of 2023

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Where is zinoleesky right nowThe talented Afrobeats superstar Zinoleesky recently revealed that he is single after ending his relationship with Naira Marley’s sister, Shubomi. He also addressed the heated feud between Naira Marley and former label mate Mohbad in an interview on Soundcity Radio 98.

In the interview, Zinoleesky gave his views on the social media drama between the artists. Two US show promoters have cancelled their respective tours of Zinoleesky due to Mohbad’s death, which was linked to Naira Marley as well as Sam Larry.

Find out details regarding this sensational artist’s current location and involvement with Marlian Records, one of Nigeria’s most prominent record labels!

Key Takeaways

  • Zinoleesky’s personal life and relationship status remain private after his breakup with Shubomi, Naira Marley’s sister.
  • He is associated with Marlian Records and benefits from Naira Marley’s guidance in his career.
  • Zinoleesky has been collaborating with Naira Marley and hinting at international projects, indicating his frequent travels abroad.
  • His music addresses socioeconomic issues and showcases artistic growth, as seen in his debut EP ‘Chrome’.

Zinoleesky’s Current Location

Zinoleesky is probably based between London and the United States these days. Despite being signed to Marlian Music in Lagos, the ‘Kilofeshe’ hitmaker has spent a lot of time abroad over the past year.

Zinoleesky was spotted in Dubai back in January, where he linked up with label boss Naira Marley for studio sessions.

More recently, he’s been bouncing between London and the US. Just last month, Zinoleesky posted photos in Atlanta, hinting at more international collaborations in the works. While his travel plans remain unpredictable, you can expect new music and visuals soon based on his recent social media posts.

Wherever Zinoleesky goes next, he’ll likely be bringing that signature Marlian style and sound along with him.

Zinoleesky’s Relationship Status and Personal Life

You’d assume Zinoleesky’s keeping his personal relationships private as he focuses on his music career these days. The singer values his privacy, so he hasn’t made any recent announcements about his relationship status after his breakup with Naira Marley’s sister.

He seems to prefer keeping the details of any new relationships out of the public eye. This doesn’t mean he’s completely tight-lipped though. In interviews, Zinoleesky has mentioned preferences for romantic partners who make him feel safe and avoid unnecessary drama.

He’s avoided engaging in public feuds lately too, instead channeling his energy into releasing new music. With bops like ‘A1’ and ‘Many Things’ dropping this year, it’s clear Zinoleesky is letting his art speak for itself when it comes to his personal life.

As he continues growing his discography, fans can expect his values around privacy to stay consistent.

Zinoleesky’s Views on Social Media Drama

Zinoleesky distances himself from the drama. The popular singer expressed desires for a drama-free life during his interview with Soundcity Radio. When asked about the feud between his mentor, Naira Marley, and former labelmate Mohbad, Zinoleesky disapproved of escalating issues on social media.

He suggested that if placed in Mohbad’s position, he’d refrain from posting anything publicly. Social media feuds seem at odds with Zinoleesky’s values of privacy and discretion in relationships.

Perhaps these insights reflect his preferences for partners who know few people and environments where he feels safe. As he continues rising, fans hope the musician maintains his stance against unnecessary celebrity drama on platforms that often breed toxicity.

By focusing on his craft first, Zinoleesky models priorities that engender goodwill from supporters seeking positive icons.

Zinoleesky’s Association With Marlian Records

Being signed to Marlian Records, you connect with Naira Marley’s guidance while pursuing your music aspirations away from social media drama. As part of the vibrant Marlian Records family, your music continues evolving beyond base lyrics to address socioeconomic inequality.

Despite your roots in street music, collaborations with Adekunle Gold demonstrate stylistic range. Your debut EP ‘Chrome’ showed artistic growth. While you avoid social media antics, your US tour with Marlian Records promises expanding fanbases stateside.

Staying focused on creative output separates your musical journey from online noise. Though grateful for Marlian Records’ support, your aspirations ultimately lie in transcending labels to become a household name.

By concentrating on artistic development instead of drama, your sounds steadily reach wider audiences.

Your musical journey emphasizes creative integrity over passing social media fads.


Zinoleesky has become one of the most celebrated names in Nigeria’s music industry in a lightning-fast flash. His work with Marlian Records, his Apple Music singles, and his EP, Chrome, have seen him skyrocket in popularity.

His views on social media drama and his relationship with Naira Marley have also been points of interest.

Where is Zinoleesky right now? It seems he’s still part of Marlian Records, continuing to build on his already impressive career. Despite his breakup with Naira Marley’s sister, Shubomi, he remains close to the Marlian family.

His preference for privacy in his personal life may mean we don’t know much more about him.

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