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Where’s Curtis on ‘House of Payne’? Uncovering the Mystery Behind LaVan Davis’ Absence! (Answered 2023)

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Welcome to our article about ‘Where’s Curtis on House of Payne?‘ LaVan Davis is the actor behind Curtis. We’ll be taking a look at why he was absent from the show, what happened when he returned, and exploring his relationship with Tyler Perry.

We’ll learn how fans reacted to his absence, why they were concerned for Ella during this time, and more!

So if you’re curious as to what really happened with Curtis on House of Payne, buckle up – because we’re diving in now!

Who Died From House of Payne?

No one from the cast of House of Payne has died, but fans are still saddened by LaVan Davis’ absence as Curtis. As patriarch and main character, his presence is essential for viewers to delve into parenting issues, financial pressures and death of a loved one that shape family dynamics in this beloved series.

With Tyler Perry at its helm, House of Payne has been entertaining audiences since 2007 with comedic relief during relationship woes between Ella (Cassi Davis) and Curtis (LaVan Davis).

There was no official announcement about him leaving the show, or why he didn’t return until Episode 6, when Ella had a health scare. It was revealed on Fans Twitter page he went on some kind of barbecue tour – fans were delighted to see him back again nonetheless.

Why Did Miranda Leave Calvin?

why did miranda leave calvin?
You may be wondering why Miranda left Calvin on House of Payne. In the early episodes of season ten, viewers noticed that Miranda had disappeared without explanation. This was surprising, considering she was a major character, married to patriarch Curtis Payne’s son, Calvin, for several years. Their relationship seemed strong when they last appeared in an episode together.

To explore further into her absence, consider what impact Miranda might have left and if there’s any chance for her return. We can only speculate about her motives or potential legacy. But fans were delighted by hints dropped during Curtis’ speeches, suggesting his wife Ella would soon meet someone new – perhaps both characters will return at some point.

Did Cj and Janine Get a Divorce?

did cj and janine get a divorce?
Have you been wondering what happened to Cj and Janine on House of Payne? In the sixth episode of Season 10, it was revealed that Janine had left Cj. His reaction to the news was filled with shock and sadness as he tried to understand why she decided to leave him. With no explanation, fans were forced into speculation about their fate.

The legal implications of a divorce between these two characters from a popular sitcom are unknown. However, it has created ripples in the cultural understanding amongst viewers who have seen similar relationships play out in real life.

Ella’s trauma taking center stage at this time for House Of Payne Fans Twitter page followers, questions remain unanswered about why Janine chose such an abrupt end for her relationship with CJ.

What Happened to Calvin on House of Payne 2020?

what happened to calvin on house of payne 2020?
You won’t believe what happened to Calvin on House of Payne 2020! In the 10th season, fans were left wondering about Curtis’ (played by LaVan Davis) sudden disappearance and Calvin’s illness. It was revealed that Curtis had gone away for a barbecue tour while Ella (Cassi Davis) was dealing with her health scare. Fans expressed their concerns over his absence and wondered why he didn’t return during her traumatic situation.

On Episode 6 of Season 10, we finally got answers as to where Calvin was in the show – ill due to an unknown condition – and it turns out Janine returned back into Cj’s life just when things were getting tough for him. With Daddy’s Little Girls around, Ella showed immense love towards everyone despite all their struggles throughout this season making it one of Tyler Perry’s most successful shows yet!

Here are some key points from this episode:

  • Calvins Illness
  • Ellas Love
  • Curtis’ Disappearance
  • Janine’s Return
  • CJ’s Struggles
  • Daddy’s Little Girls

Lavan Davis has been a permanent fixture since his return on House Of Payne which is focused mainly on patriarch Curtis Payne and his family; delighting fans everywhere with each new episode!

Tyler Perry’s House of Payne

tyler perry
Do you ever wonder what happened to Curtis on House of Payne? Fans have been asking questions like, What episode does Janine tell Cj she’s pregnant? Is Demetria McKinney coming back to the House of Payne? Is Ella and Curtis from House of Payne married? These are all valid questions in light of the recent events surrounding Tyler Perry’s hit show.

Join us as we explore these topics further and uncover more about Malik’s health condition, Aunt Bam’s worth, why Cj broke up with Nicole – plus much more!

Tune in as we investigate these burning questions and delve into this captivating storyline.

What Episode Does Janine Tell Cj She’s Pregnant?

In Episode 10 of Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne, Cj’s already tough situation gets worse when Janine reveals that she’s pregnant. Curtis’ disappearance and Calvin’s new relationship with Miranda add complexity to the show.

Lavan Davis’ age and potential departure have fans wondering. This plot twist adds another layer.

Check out this table:

Character Actor
Curtis Lavan Davis
Ella Cassi Davis
Calvin Lance Gross
Miranda Keshia Knight Pulliam

We’ll follow these characters as they handle the changes while maintaining the heartwarming dynamic that has made Tyler Perry’s House of Payne popular on BET at 8pm ET.

Is Demetria Mckinney Coming Back to the House of Payne?

Are you wondering if Demetria Mckinney will return to Tyler Perry’s beloved show? Tune in and find out!

Curtis has been absent since the third episode of Season 10, but his legions of fans were delighted when he reappeared during Episode 6. He was away on a barbecue tour while Ella, his wife, had a health scare.

Many thought it strange that he didn’t come back for her trauma, given their long-standing relationship. LaVan Davis hasn’t released an official statement about leaving the show, so we don’t know why Curtis left or what new life changes are being planned for him now that he’s back in the iconic role on House Of Payne.

Fans can only speculate as to how this absence might shape Curtis’ future plans with Ella and what surprises may be revealed down the line!

What is Cj From House of Payne Real Name?

You may be wondering who CJ is on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and what his real name is – he is Allen Payne. He has been part of the cast since its debut in 2007 alongside LaVan Davis (Curtis) and Cassi Davis (Ella). He plays Janine’s son Malik, whose transformation over the past decade has been an integral plot point for Curtis’ legacy.

In addition to House of Payne, Allen has starred in Tyler Perry films such as Diary Of A Mad Black Woman and Meet The Browns. He was married to Demetria McKinney for two years until their divorce in 2017; they have one daughter named Wynter Aria born 2016.

Allen has strong ties to Tyler Perry’s shows/films – it’s no surprise that CJ remains a permanent fixture! Here are some other facts about him:

  • Acting Career: Appears regularly across TV series & movies produced or directed by Tyler Perry including Madea Goes To Jail & Daddy’s Little Girls
  • Legacy: Plays pivotal role as Janine’s son Malik throughout show
  • Reunion: Partnered with his former co-star Cassi Davis at LA premiere screening for ‘A Fall From Grace’.

Is Malik From the House of Payne Sick?

You may be wondering why Curtis’ absence has been shrouded in mystery on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. It’s like a river flowing around an unmovable rock. Fans were delighted to see him back for Episode 6, but the reason behind his mysterious departure still remains unanswered.

Malik’s health issues are at the heart of this plotline and some fans have speculated he might be sick, with Demetria McKiney reprising her role as CJ to give advice about parenthood.

Although there have been no official announcements from Tyler Perry or LaVan Davis about Curtis’ whereabouts, one thing is certain: Daddy’s Little Girls will remain strong as long as this beloved character continues gracing our screens!

Why Does Malik From House of Payne Look So Bad?

Have you noticed something off about Malik from House of Payne? Find out why he’s been looking so bad lately! Curtis’ disappearance has left many fans wondering what happened to the patriarch of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. Was it due to his age, or was there a darker fate in store for him?

With Daddy’s Little Girls and other spin-off series on 38 occasions, one would think that Curtis Booker T. Payne wouldn’t have time for anything else besides being the star attraction on the show.

However, during Season 10’s ninth episode we learned that Curtis had taken off without explanation, leaving viewers concerned about his health and well-being as well as curiosity surrounding what may have caused such an abrupt departure.

Malik’s diet plan could explain why he looks so different now than before.

Is Janine Coming Back to House of Payne?

Have you been missing Janine, the bubbly vixen of House of Payne? Fans can rejoice as it appears she’s coming back to stir up more drama. Not only will her return add interest to Curtis’ storyline, but viewers are also eager to find out what’s happened between Cj and Janine since their last encounter.

The situation gets even more complicated when fans learn that Nicole is the reason for her unexpected pregnancy.

With multiple plotlines all merging together, Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne continues its reign as a Hollywood icon. Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have even shown support through social media posts.

Keshia Knight Pulliam recently talked about how close-knit everyone on set was, while Al Pacino wishes he’d found someone like Ella or Curtis during his journey in showbiz!

How Did Malik From House of Payne Lose Weight?

Have you ever wondered how Malik from Tyler Perry’s House of Payne managed to slim down? Fans were quick to take notice when his slimmer physique was revealed during Season 10’s finale episode. Many have speculated that he changed up his diet and exercise habits in order to achieve this weight loss goal.

The character, played by Lance Gross in the popular show Daddy’s Little Girls and Curtis’ son-in-law on House of Payne, has made quite a transformation over the years. While we don’t know for sure what changes he implemented into his fitness regimen, it’s clear he took charge of his health and well-being with great results!

As fans eagerly await news about Season 11’s premiere date, they can also draw inspiration from Malik as an example for pursuing their own weight loss goals with dedication.

How Many Kids Did Cj and Janine Have?

You may be wondering how many children CJ and Janine have on House of Payne. Curtis’ wife, Janine, played by Keshia Knight Pulliam has had a number of pregnancies over the course of the show’s long history since 2007. In Season 10 she took maternity leave due to her pregnancy struggles but returned shortly after with baby names chosen for her newborns: Jazmine and Jordan.

Viewers haven’t seen much in terms of parenting tips from main character Curtis himself yet (as he hasn’t released an official statement about his appearances). But they can feel parental love emanating through his shows as well as those between him and his wife Hailey onscreen, despite him being away at times for tour or otherwise.

CJ and Janine have two children: Jazmine and Jordan.

Is That the Same Malik on House of Payne?

Have you noticed the same Malik popping up in House of Payne lately? Fans have been abuzz with speculation about his return. After Curtis’ recent departure, it was initially explained as a one-time guest role. But it looks like there could be more to this story.

Could Janine and Cj’s divorce impact Malik’s illness? Or is something else going on? We’ll have to wait and see how Tyler Perry develops this plotline into his beloved Daddy’s Little Girls.

We’re also hoping for answers regarding Lavan Davis’ departure from House of Payne. The fans are eagerly awaiting any news on their favorite TV character!

What is Aunt Bam Worth?

You won’t want to miss out on Aunt Bam’s surprising net worth! LaVan Davis plays Curtis, the permanent fixture in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, and his relationship with his sister-in-law and mother figure Aunt Bam (played by Cassi Davis) has been a major part of Daddy’s Little Girls and House of Payne for many years. She is an integral character, and half of the beloved duo behind her famous catchphrase What are you doing?

But who is this iconic auntie really, and what is her net worth? Aunt Bam is no stranger to wealth acquisition. She’s appeared in several Tyler Perry films, including Madea Goes To Jail, which earned over $90 million at box office sales worldwide. Plus, she’s invested in stocks & bonds that have contributed to substantial growth throughout her lifetime.

With these successes she was able to amass between 3 – 5 million dollars. It’s clear why she always had something witty up her sleeve when it came down to negotiating deals or money matters related conversations around household finances. All this while maintaining a strong bond with Curtis, even through moments that tested their relationship; ultimately leading them closer together than ever before!

Here are five facts about how much Aunt Bam could possibly be worth:

  1. Between 3 – 5 million dollars
  2. Invested in stocks & bonds
  3. Appeared in various Tyler Perry films
  4. Earned over $90 million dollars from box office sales worldwide
  5. Has successful negotiations skills when discussing money matters

How Old is Curtis From House of Payne?

Have you ever wondered how old Curtis from House of Payne is? LaVan Davis, who plays the patriarch on Tyler Perry’s hit show, has been a fan favorite for over 10 years. While his age hasn’t been explicitly stated on the show, we can estimate based on Davis’ real-life age of 54 that Curtis is likely in his late 40s or early 50s.

What fans have been wondering lately isn’t just Curtis’ age but rather where he’s been during his rare absence from the show. During this time, Ella took center stage as she dealt with her own health scare and Malik struggled with mental health issues.

Some speculated that Lavan Davis had departed from the series without any official announcement being made by Tyler Perry or anyone else associated with productionu2014however these rumors were put to rest when he returned to reprise his role later in season ten. He had gone away on a barbecue tour while Ella was dealing with her trauma.

Despite some concerns about continuity given how long it took for him to make an appearance again following such a major storyline involving one of House Of Payne’s most beloved characters (Aunt Bam) and even featuring appearances by stars like Gabrielle Union in ‘Daddyu2019s Little Girls’, fans are still excited at seeing Curtis back as a permanent fixture once more!

Is Jasmine on the New House of Payne?

Have you been wondering if Jasmine is part of the new season of House of Payne? Well, the answer is yes! Janine’s return has been highly anticipated by fans. She joins Curtis and Ella in their healing journey after his health scare. Chris’ appearance also adds a much needed comedic element. Cj’s reactions are often quite serious.

Lavan Davis’ departure from the Oprah Winfrey Network series has left many viewers questioning why he was absent during Ella’s health scare and what it means for their relationship going forward into Season 11 with Jasmine now on board.

How Can I Watch House of Payne 2020?

You can stay up to date with Curtis and Ella’s antics on House of Payne 2020 by streaming it on FuboTV, Philo, or Sling.

Follow the buzz about Andy and Curtis in Tyler Perry’s House. Get an inside look into Daddy’s Little Girls and find out what happened during Ella’s health scare that caused Lavan Davis’ departure.

Here are a few tips for enjoying your experience:

  1. Look out for deals from these streaming services.
  2. Follow relevant Twitter hashtags like #HouseofPayne2020.
  3. Take advantage of interactive features available on each platform (e.g., cast shows onto smart TVs).

Why Did Cj and Nicole Break Up?

CJ and Nicole’s relationship didn’t last on Outer Banks. Fans of Tyler Perry’s works, such as House of Payne and Daddy’s Little Girls, know LaVan Davis’ portrayal of CJ. He’s a fun-loving character, but serious when it comes to relationships. His dynamic with Nicole (played by Madison Bailey) had communication issues.

Their relationship unraveled ’cause Cj wanted more than what Nicole could offer and she wasn’t ready to commit. Speculation’s been made if they’ll reunite in future episodes but nothing’s been revealed yet, except the love triangle between them and John B gets more complex each episode.

Did House of Payne Get Cancelled?

You won’t believe what happened with Tyler Perry’s beloved show, House of Payne! Curtis (played by LaVan Davis) had gone away on a barbecue tour while Ella (also played by Cassi Davis) experienced her health scare. He had been absent since the third episode of Season 10 and fans were highly anticipating his return.

It’s unclear why exactly he left or if there were any issues between him and Tyler Perry, but Lavan didn’t make an official statement about leaving the show either. Fans thought it was strange that Curtis didn’t come back to support Ella during her trauma, despite their strong connection from earlier seasons.

With Janine returning for season 11, it’s uncertain how this will affect Daddy’s Little Girls or CJ’s career aspirations, as well as how age will affect Curtis’ role in House Of Payne. Only time can answer these questions!

Why Does Malik on House of Payne Look So Bad?

Have you noticed Malik’s drastic change in appearance on House of Payne? He looks so different than before, and it’s enough to make your heart sink. It seems like he’s lost his confidence as the show progresses – but why is that? Could it be related to Curtis’ absence during Season 10? Or could there be more going on behind the scenes with Malik and Ella’s relationship struggles, or even issues about mental health, self esteem or social media impact that viewers are unaware of?

Whatever the cause may be, we can only hope for a resolution soon where all characters involved regain their strength and confidence as Daddy’s little girls once again!

Is Chris Brown on House of Payne?

No, Chris Brown is not on House of Payne. But don’t worry, we hear Curtis has returned from his mysterious barbecue tour and everything’s back to normal in the Payne household. Fans were delighted to see Bree and Curtis reunite after Malik’s health scare as well as Janine’s return from school for some daddy-daughter time.

While Chris Brown isn’t part of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne cast, he was involved with another project by the director called ‘Daddy’s Little Girls.’ Unfortunately, none of that casting could help bring back patriarch Curtis who fans have been wondering about due to his age.

Fortunately, however, it seems life goes on at the house regardless!

Is Ella and Curtis From House of Payne Married?

You won’t believe the news – Curtis and Ella from House of Payne are actually married! Despite their age difference, the two have been inseparable since his return to Tyler Perry’s show.

There was no official announcement about Lavan Davis’s departure on episodes three and four of season ten, but fans speculated that something was amiss with Curtis’ background.

It turned out he’d gone away for a barbecue tour, which had taken longer than expected due to Ella’s health scare during Daddy’s Little Girls.

Although they play husband and wife on screen, viewers were still surprised by this recent revelation. Many weren’t aware of their marriage outside of House Of Payne, or what motivated them both personally in terms of careers or family life; including how Ella managed her relationship while also dealing with Curtis’ health issues over time.

But following rave reviews from fans upon his reappearance at episode six onwards, this season has seen them become an even closer couple. They can now be seen putting each other first more often than not – proving why Tyler Perry continues writing them into the script for these much-loved characters!


You’ve been following the story of Curtis on House of Payne. His unexpected absence was a surprise, and it reminded us of the importance of family. It showed us that family can overcome any obstacle, no matter how big or small.

Curtis’ absence was a symbol of life’s fragility. We never know what’ll happen or how long we’ll have with those we love. So it’s important to cherish every moment and show our loved ones how much they mean to us.

Curtis’ return is a reminder that love is stronger than anything.

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