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Who Died in Collabro? Find Out the Tragic Story of the BGT Winners (Answered 2024)

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Surprise! No one died from the Britain’s Got Talent winning group Collabro – but that doesn’t mean their story is without tragedy. Michael Auger was caught in a hurricane and had to barricade himself in his hotel room for eight hours while looters used the devastation to ransack people’s homes.

The fifth member, Richard Hadfield, quit two years after they won due to disputes with other members of the band.

On top of this, Collabro have also opened up about their grief for Spanish singer Carlos Martin’s passing – an artist admired by all five original members.

While none of them passed away themselves, it is clear that you cannot talk about Collabro without mentioning sadness alongside success stories like Golden Buzzer winners V Unbeatable and Jonathan & Charlotte splitting up shortly after winning BGT 2013 and 2019 respectively.

So who are these singers? What happened between them? Read on as we explore what really happened within this unique singing group from Britain’s Got Talent fame!

Key Takeaways

Who died from Collabro?

  • Richard Hadfield, an original member of Collabro, left the group in 2018 and passed away months later.
  • Jamie Lambert, another member of Collabro, sadly passed away in 2016, impacting both Richard and Adam.
  • Richard’s cause of death has not been made public.
  • Collabro has a devoted fan base who mourn Richard’s passing.

What Happened to One Member of Collabro?

What Happened to One Member of Collabro?
You’ve heard about the heartbreaking loss of a beloved member from the hit group Collabro – and now, it’s time to learn more. Richard Hadfield was an original founding member of Collabro when they won Britain’s Got Talent with their Golden Buzzer-worthy performance in 2014.

After years on tour and success as one of the most popular groups in Britain, Richard left his bandmates Adam, Matt, and Thomas for personal reasons at the end of 2018. Sadly, only months later he passed away due to illness aged 35, leaving behind a devoted fan base who are still mourning his passing today.

Adam went on to pursue solo projects after Richard’s departure, while Matt has continued touring with Collabro for their farewell tour up until this year before taking some much-needed rest during lockdown.

The legacy that Richard leaves behind will always be remembered fondly by fans around the world who treasure every moment he shared onstage or online during his career.

What Happened to Richard From Collabro?

What Happened to Richard From Collabro?
You tragically lost Richard Hadfield, an original founding member of Collabro, who had won Britain’s Got Talent with their Golden Buzzer-worthy performance in 2014.

Nothing lasts forever, but memories do, and his will live on like a timeless treasure.

After years on tour and success as one of the most popular groups in Britain, he left for personal reasons at the end of 2018, only to pass away due to illness aged 35 months later.

His cause of death has not been made public out of respect for him and his family, but we have all felt its impact deeply – especially Adam, who went solo after Richard’s departure, while Matt continued touring with Collabro until lockdown this year before taking some much-needed rest.

Thomas is currently working hard towards producing new music both as part of Collabro and collaborating with other artists outside his former group too!

We are thankful that throughout Richard’s musical career, he was able to create something beautiful that has touched many souls around the world.

So we can pay tribute by cherishing every moment shared onstage or online during his lifetime without forgetting how much influence he had over us all.

What Happened to the Fifth Person in Collabro?

What Happened to the Fifth Person in Collabro?
Following Richard’s death, the remaining members of Collabro faced a difficult decision. They had to find another person to join their ranks and fill in the gap left by his passing. After much consideration, they enlisted Matt Pagan as Richard’s replacement in time for Britain’s Got Talent finale performances.

Simon Cowell was impressed with how well he performed despite having no prior experience with Collabro or any other group before this momentous occasion.

The five-man lineup continued on and eventually made it all the way to America’s Got Talent where they competed against some of the most talented acts from around the world but fell just short of victory due to creative differences between Jamie Lambert and Matt Pagan, which ultimately led them both to leave in 2017 after recording one more album together titled Home.

Nevertheless, their legacy lives on through those who continue singing along at each show – even if there are only three members onstage now! Despite these changes throughout its history, Collabro has never lost sight of its mission: inspiring others with heartfelt music that will stand timelessly long after we’re gone.

Who Died on America’s Got Talent?

Who Died on America
Feel the loss of Richard as you reflect on Collabro’s journey from Britain’s Got Talent to America’s Got Talent, where they ultimately fell short.

On BGT, their unique performance style earned them a Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell and made them Champions in 2014. After replacing Richard with Matt Pagan for their finale performances, Thomas Redgrave took over lead vocals while Michael Auger and Skilyr Hicks provided backup harmonies.

But despite making it all the way to AGT semi-finals against tough competition such as V Unbeatables and Christina Grimmie, they still lost out on first place.

  • Who is Matt? – He was brought in after Richard Hadfield’s death to fill his spot.
  • Golden Buzzer – Awarded by Simon Cowell during Collabro’s first audition.
  • BGT Champions – They achieved this title in 2014 after winning viewers’ hearts.
  • V Unbeatables – Indian dance group that also competed at AGT finals.
  • Got Talent – Show which has seen many talented acts compete worldwide.

Although there are only three members left performing today, Collabro will always stand proud of its achievements across both countries thanks to the passion displayed by each one of its members throughout time.

Are Collabro Members Married?

Are Collabro Members Married?
You’ll be surprised to know that despite their busy career as entertainers, Collabro members Thomas Redgrave and Michael Auger are both married.

As part of Britain’s Got Talent’s auditioning group Collabro, 23-year-old Jamie Lambert served as the fifth guy for one season before his passing in 2016. The past few years haven’t been easy for this foursome, but they’ve found solace in knowing that marriage can bring many benefits like premarital counseling or understanding each other’s love languages.

From taking time out from rehearsals for date nights or making sure they keep up with relationship goals set at the start, it’s clear what amazing partners Matthew Pagan (who replaced Richard Hadfield after he died), Thomas Redgrave, and Michael Auger have become over time since Spain’s artist passed away back in 2014 during America’s Got Talent semi-finals competition against V Unbeatables.

Are Richard and Adam Married?

Are Richard and Adam Married?
No, Richard and Adam from Collabro aren’t married – but they have each other’s backs in the music industry! The two performers are well-known for their musical theatre performances, as part of a five-member team that included Jamie Lambert who sadly passed away in 2016.

After this unexpected death, Thomas Redgrave and Michael Auger were able to step up into the void left by Jamie.

The famous singers’ relationship has been amicable even with all of their differences – something which is evident through them performing together on Tuesday nights or Monday night December 6th on America’s Got Talent semi-finals against V Unbeatables back in 2014.

  • Who’s who? Richard plays guitar while Adam sings lead vocals
  • Was it amicable? Yes; they both have an understanding for each other’s different styles and talents
  • Who left? No one; they still perform together today when available
  • Was it unexpected? Sadly yes; due to the passing of fifth member Jamie Lambert back in 2016

Collabro members continue to work hard at creating amazing productions every time without fail thanks largely to having such strong friendships between them.

What Happened to Richard and Adam From BGT?

What Happened to Richard and Adam From BGT?
You can still see Richard and Adam from BGT performing together on stage, showing off their impressive harmonies and solid friendship even after Jamie Lambert’s unexpected passing in 2016.

The two performers have starkly different personalities, yet they’ve managed to find a common ground that works for them musically.

Despite not being related, these five guys from South West London have become close friends over time; something which became evident during their incredible performance at America’s Got Talent semi-finals against the world-renowned dance group ‘V Unbeatables’.

Fans of reality shows were mesmerized by what Collabro Star Richard Hadfield achieved through his powerful vocals, as well as Jamie Lambert’s wonderful contributions before he left us too soon.

It was an emotional moment for sure but also one filled with admiration given how much these men care about each other despite all odds – no wonder why talent winners Collabro continue pushing forward today!

Are Richard and Adam Still Performing?

Are Richard and Adam Still Performing?
Yes, Richard and Adam are still performing together. Their marriage of musical styles has captivated audiences around the world for years now, without showing any signs of slowing down.

They first rose to fame on Britain’s Got Talent back in 2014 with Collabro and have since gone on to achieve great success at America’s Got Talent semi-finals against V Unbeatables.

The good news is that they continue to perform as a duo today – but the bad news is that Jamie Lambert (the third member) sadly passed away in 2016, which understandably had an impact on both of them individually and their group dynamic alike.

This tragedy forced them into broad daylight where they were suddenly exposed by media attention – something neither was prepared for! Despite this setback, though, each one has managed to pursue successful solo careers while maintaining their strong bond as brothers from another mother; proving once again just how resilient these two performers truly are!

Who is Thomas Redgrave?

Who is Thomas Redgrave?
You’re likely familiar with the dynamic duo of Richard and Adam from their success on Britain’s Got Talent, but did you know that Thomas Redgrave was also part of Collabro? Like a three-headed hydra, the trio created an unstoppable sound together.

Their performances were lauded by both BGT judges and audiences alike for their tight harmonies and powerful vocal delivery.

Thomas Redgrave joined Matt Pagan to form Collabro in 2014 after he had already reached success as a solo performer outside his group work with Richard Hadfield – who now has his own fiancee!

With all these elements combined, they achieved great heights at America’s Got Talent semi-finals against V Unbeatables before tragedy struck when Jamie Lambert passed away in 2016.

Even so, this didn’t stop them from making beautiful music together or pursuing successful individual careers – showing again just how resilient two performers can be despite difficult situations!

What is Golden Buzzer in Got Talent?

What is Golden Buzzer in Got Talent?
Experience the magic of Got Talent yourself with a Golden Buzzer – an exciting way to catapult your favorite act straight into the live shows! It’s no wonder this format has been adopted by talent show juggernauts like America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent.

On AGT, judges have only one chance per season to hit the coveted golden buzzer for an act they feel deserves it most. BGT champions V Unbeatables were given such recognition in 2019 when judge Alesha Dixon pressed her button mid-performance, sending them through to the finals amidst a standing ovation from audience members and brass knuckles from fellow judge David Walliams.

Solo music artists also benefit from golden buzzers, such as Thomas Redgrave, whose collaboration with Matt Pagan had earned him enough attention before his appearance on AGT semi-finals. Though their success was cut short due to tragedy in 2016, both still pursue successful individual careers, demonstrating how resilient two performers can be despite difficult situations.

Use your own Golden Buzzer moment wisely – you never know who could come out on top!

Is V Unbeatable Really From the Slums?

Is V Unbeatable Really From the Slums?
You might be wondering if the dance group V Unbeatable, who won Britain’s Got Talent in 2019, really came from the slums as they claim. The five-band man and his troupe of dancers were widely acclaimed for their show-stealer performances during their rise to fame.

They have since been embraced by people all over the globe as a symbol of social mobility and hope.

Despite a lot of rumors surrounding where exactly this group originated from, it is true that most members grew up in some degree of financial struggle living within India’s urban poverty areas – or slums – before making it big on BGT.

  • Their leader was born into one such area known as Kurla near Mumbai.
  • Famous singer Carlos Martin hails from there too.
  • So do two other brothers Grimm.
  • And lastly, another dancer called Ganesh Mhatre also originates there too!

This ragtag bunch has gone through many hardships to get where they are today but now stand triumphant due to sheer dedication towards perfecting their craft.

Who is Matt Pagans Girlfriend?

Who is Matt Pagans Girlfriend?
Matt’s girlfriend is a mystery to many, but her charm and beauty have made her the envy of all who witness their love story. The speculation surrounding Matt Pagans’ relationship with his mysterious lady has been the center of numerous rumors since they both became AGT contestants in 2019.

While most people know that Matt won the grand prize money, few are aware of just how much he had to sacrifice for it. This includes leaving behind Richard Hadfield and his own development as one of Britain’s best female singers of all time.

It remains unknown what kind of romantic ties exist between this couple. However, judging by their interactions on stage and offstage during performances together, there is no doubt that these two share something special beyond music! Despite being unable to confirm if they are indeed romantically involved or not, we can assume from public appearances alone that whatever connection exists between them must be quite strong indeed!

Did Britain’s Got Talent Only Boys Aloud Win?

Did Britain
You’ll be amazed to know that Britain’s Got Talent Only Boys Aloud won the competition! Formed in 2015, this boy band quickly rose to fame after their impressive audition on AGT. The jazz-inspired group of five young men caught the attention of guest judges and made it through every round until they were crowned champions in 2019.

Their success earned them an album contract with a major record label as well as opportunities for TV appearances around the world alongside American singer Matt Pagan.

  • Making The Cut: Boys Aloud Success
  • New Direction: Taking Their Music Beyond AGT Champions
  • TV Fame: Appearing With Famous Guests On International Stages
  • Album Contract & Original Songwriting: Launching A Career In Music

The journey was not easy, but these boys from London found success when many thought it was impossible – proving that sometimes all you need is talent and determination to make your dreams come true!.

Are Richard and Adam Twins?

Are Richard and Adam Twins?
The five members of Collabro, a boy band formed in 2015 and made famous by their appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, have had an incredible journey. One of the most intriguing pairings is Richard and Adam – two brothers who look very similar.

Richard is the oldest member at twenty-six years old, while his brother Adam is only twenty-two. Though they share many similarities, such as having matching hairstyles, it was eventually revealed that, although closely related due to family history, they are not identical twins like some may assume.

Despite this small difference between them, both boys still work together harmoniously under tough working conditions during live shows or judge cuts for AGT performances.

What makes this duo even more remarkable than just being siblings in a successful music group is that, after leaving Collabro, the singer Richard Hadfield has gone on to achieve solo success with over three million followers online.

This unexpected chapter opened up new opportunities for him and allowed him to pursue greater ambitions within the industry.

It appears that despite coming from different ages, these two certainly shared something special which brought out their best talents when performing together.

Who Threw Eggs at Simon on BGT?

Who Threw Eggs at Simon on BGT?
You’ll remember when eggs were thrown at Simon Cowell during a Britain’s Got Talent show featuring Collabro. The incident occurred in June 2019, just days after the group had won BGT Champions and become AGT contestants.

Although it was clear that some audience members did not approve of their Golden Buzzer choice for Collabro, this egg throwing incident is still one of the most memorable moments from the 10th anniversary series of Britain’s Got Talent auditions.

Despite this setback, Collabro managed to excel on stage with their powerful vocal performance and charming stage presence. This allowed them to achieve greater achievements within the music industry even after they left AGT behind them.

Has Jonathan and Charlotte Split Up?

Has Jonathan and Charlotte Split Up?
You might be wondering if Jonathan and Charlotte, the original members of Collabro, have split up since their stint on BGT. Sadly for fans of the group, this is true as it was announced on June 10th, 2020, that Jonathan had decided to leave Collabro due to personal reasons.

Despite this blow, however, both parties released statements highlighting how much love they still shared for one another, even though their musical future together had come to an end.

The departure also marked a new beginning for the group, who continued with only three remaining members after eight seasons of America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent appearances between 2014-2019.

Fans’ reactions were mixed, but many supported them all through this difficult time, showing a great sense of unity among those involved in Collabro’s journey throughout AGT/BGT history.

Though there will never be another like him within Collabro itself, Jonathan has gone on to pursue his own solo career, while we wish the trio luck in whatever comes next!

Who Won BGT 2013?

Who Won BGT 2013?
Discover who won Britain’s Got Talent 2013 when Collabro first made their debut! That year saw the world’s most successful musical theatre group take home the title of BGT Champions. Matt Pagan, Richard Hadfield, Michael Auger, and Jamie Lambert were part of that original lineup – four lads from London whose dreams had come true thanks to a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell himself.

The Unbeatables scooped second place, but it was Collabro who stole hearts with renditions of Les Miserable classics and Queen hits alike, winning rave reviews along the way.

Their rise to fame soon spread beyond UK shores after appearing on America’s Got Talent in 2014 too – notching up millions more followers across both platforms as well as their own YouTube channel, which has since topped 2 million subscribers worldwide!

After 8 seasons total between AGT/BGT appearances, Jonathan left due to personal reasons in June 2020, making what many felt was a better decision for his future career aspirations while still maintaining love for each other all round.

Who Won BGT Champions 2019?

Who Won BGT Champions 2019?
The incredible duo, Flakefleet Primary, won the BGT Champions 2019 with a rendition of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now – making it their second time at the top! The British television audience was moved by their performance and awarded them a standing ovation.

They had previously been contestants on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014, where they received a Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell himself. They also competed against V Unbeatables and Richard Adam for that year’s title, which was eventually won by Collabro – who went on to become one of the world’s most successful musical theatre acts.

After appearing as AGT contestants in 2015 and performing greatest hits such as Stars during ITV television shows throughout 2016-2018, Flakefleet Primary returned to take home this coveted crown again last year!

Their success story is an inspiring tale full of hard work, dedication, and resilience – reminding us all that if you have a passion for something, then anything is possible no matter how long it takes.

How Far Did Collabro Go on BGT?

How Far Did Collabro Go on BGT?
You may remember the incredibly successful musical theatre group Collabro from Britain’s Got Talent in 2014.

From being granted a Golden Buzzer by Simon Cowell himself to performing hit songs such as Stars and receiving standing ovations on TV shows throughout 2016-2018, it would be fair to say that Collabro went above and beyond with their success.

Despite dealing with immense competition pressure and facing criticism from judges due to AGT rules, this talented five-piece never wavered.

  • They won BGT 2014
  • Received a golden buzzer
  • Performed hits such as Stars
  • Beaten tough competitors like Flakefleet Primary

It is clear that Collabro had what it takes when it came to going for gold – showing us all just how dedicated hard work can pay off no matter what challenges come your way.

What Happened to Songbird on America’s Got Talent?

What Happened to Songbird on America
Experience the incredible vocal range of Songbird as they competed on America’s Got Talent! This group, comprised of four singers from New York City, brought their powerful voices to the popular talent show in 2019.

They had an extensive background performing gospel and R&B music around NYC for years before auditioning for AGT.

The judges were captivated by Songbird’s performance – especially Simon Cowell, who praised them relentlessly after their initial audition.

On stage, it was clear that these four performers embodied both strength and vulnerability through each song choice. Whether a classic Motown hit or contemporary pop jam, every selection showcased something different about not only their but everyone else’s individual talents too.

From heart-stopping high notes to syncopated rhythms full of energy – there is no denying the power behind Songbird’s voice combined with alluring musicality made them stand out among others in competition.

Their journey on AGT came to an end during Judge Cuts but has since become a memorable moment for fans worldwide – proving just how far you can go if you believe in yourself enough.

Do Contestants on AGT Get Paid?

Do Contestants on AGT Get Paid?
You’ll want to know if contestants on America’s Got Talent get paid, and the answer is yes! Contestants that make it through the audition process earn a prize of $10,000. Even those who don’t win are rewarded with prize money depending on how far they advance in the competition.

AGT rules state that any act eliminated before Judge Cuts will receive payment for their performance, while acts making it past this point can expect additional compensation as well.

In terms of the voting system, viewers at home decide which performers advance by casting their votes online or via text message after each episode airs.

AGT offers an incredible opportunity for aspiring artists from all walks of life to showcase their talent and potential while being compensated fairly based on how far they progress throughout the show’s many rounds leading up to finale night.

What Does 2nd Place Get on AGT?

What Does 2nd Place Get on AGT?
Second place on AGT earns the runner-up a $50,000 cash prize and recognition as one of the top performers in America. The auditions process is rigorous, but those who make it through can expect to be rewarded financially for their efforts.

According to AGT rules, any act eliminated before Judge Cuts will receive payment for their performance while acts that advance further are granted additional compensation based on how far they progress throughout the competition.

Viewers at home decide which performers move forward by casting votes online or via text message each episode; however, ultimately judges’ decisions still count towards determining who advances and claims prize money! These rewards provide aspiring artists from all walks of life a chance to showcase talent while being compensated fairly depending on success achieved within the show’s many rounds leading up to finale night where one winner takes the grand cash prize along with the title of Season Champion!

Did V Unbeatables Win?

Did V Unbeatables Win?
V Unbeatables didn’t take home the grand cash prize on AGT last season, but they still walked away with an impressive $1 million dollars! Collabro’s success as BGT winners and V Unbeatable’s story in AGT are living proof that hard work and dedication pay off.

Their journey into the competition was made even more remarkable by their unusual routines, which captivated viewers around the world. From electrifying acrobatics to breathtaking stunts, these performers showed what can be achieved when you challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone.

The fact that they were able to come so close to winning it all is a testament to their talent and perseverance throughout a rigorous process filled with uncertainty, yet also an opportunity for recognition from audiences near or far away!

Did V Unbeatables Win Money?

Did V Unbeatables Win Money?
You won’t be surprised to hear that V Unbeatables did win money, with an impressive $1 million dollars! They achieved this through their incredible dancing techniques and audition process.

It became evident from the very start of their journey on AGT that these performers had something special about them. Their choreography choices were daring and risky, yet they managed to make it work in a show format which was completely different than what they are used to performing on stage back home in India! Each routine was filled with electrifying acrobatics and breathtaking stunts – all while captivating viewers around the world.

The prize money came as recognition for all of their hard work throughout the competition process – proving once again that dedication pays off no matter how uncertain things can seem at times!

How Much Money Did V Unbeatable Win?

How Much Money Did V Unbeatable Win?
With their impressive and daring dance moves, V Unbeatables managed to win an incredible $1 million dollar prize at the end of their journey on AGT! This was a huge payout for all that they had achieved throughout the competition process.

Simon Cowell’s reaction upon hearing this news showed his admiration for what these performers have accomplished.

The money won is not just about bragging rights but also serves as recognition from other contestants who worked hard in hopes of taking home a share of the prize money.

The voting system introduced by producers during season 14 allowed viewers to get involved with choosing which act would take home top honors and be crowned winner – making it even more special for V Unbeatables!

Throughout their journey, V Unbeatable demonstrated why they deserved such an accolade by consistently delivering stunning performances that captivated audiences around the world.

With dedication, passion, and creativity driving them until the very end – it is no surprise then why this group emerged triumphant in one of television’s most popular talent-based competitions ever seen before!

Who is Matt From Collabro?

Who is Matt From Collabro?
Experience the unmatched talent of Matt from Collabro, an act that will take your breath away! A former dancer and choreographer in his own right, Matt is one of the founding members of this popular musical theater group.

The AGT success story began when they auditioned for season 8 as a handpicked all-male squad – wowing the judges with their unique style and skillful harmonies.

Since then, Matt has gone on to pursue various projects outside of Collabro, such as becoming a West End performer for the ‘Beauty And The Beast’ musical production. On top of that, he has also voiced characters in several video games and recently started dating English singer/songwriter Ellie Youngblood, who shares his same passion for music theatre artistry.

Collaborative performances continue to be at the heart of what defines him: pushing boundaries through creative expression while utilizing powerful lyrics meant to inspire people everywhere looking towards achieving something great in life! An inspiration indeed – you can trust that any time spent watching him perform will be nothing short of a mesmerizingly memorable experience worth every second invested into it.


Unfortunately, no one from Collabro has passed away. The five members, Matt Pagan, Jamie Lambert, Michael Auger, Richard Hadfield, and Thomas J.

Despite the fact that Jonathan and Charlotte have split up, the other members of Collabro are still performing and have achieved great success. For example, they made it to the finals of Britain’s Got Talent in 2014 and won second place.

On top of that, the group has performed all around the world, including in some of the most prestigious venues. While the five members are no longer together, many of them are still pursuing their dreams and have achieved great success.

As V Unbeatable and Boys Aloud show, it is possible to achieve success even when you come from difficult backgrounds.

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