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Who is Lawrence Welk Jr.’s Wife? (Answered 2024)

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Who is Lawrence Welk Jr married toYou’ve heard of the famous American accordionist Lawrence Welk Sr., and his beloved hit television show, The Lawrence Welk Show. But did you know that this musical maestro had a son? His name is Larry Jr., and he has quite an interesting relationship history.

Let’s take a look into who exactly Larry Jr. was married to – it may surprise you! For over two decades, he was inextricably linked with Tanya Falan: Italian daughter-in-law to the legendary entertainer himself, mother of two sons (Lawrence III & Kevin), guest star on General Hospital in 1971 plus Jerry Lewis’ MDA Telethon on Labor Day.

As we explore Lawrence Welk Jr.’s past relationships and current situation, let us not forget about his legacy that lives long after him – both through his involvement in family businesses as well as contributions to keeping alive the memory of America’s Musical Family.

Key Takeaways

  • Lawrence Welk Jr. was previously married to Tanya Falan from 1968 to 1979.
  • He remarried in 1981 to Gail McClintock, and they have two children together.
  • Lawrence Welk Jr. had a relationship with Abby Dalton in the 1980s, but they did not get married.
  • Currently, Lawrence Welk Jr.’s romantic life is private, and it is unknown if he is married.

Lawrence Welk Jr. Biography

Lawrence Welk Jr. Biography
You hitched up with Tanya Falan in ’68 before she became Welk royalty, but that marriage unraveled in just over a decade.

Lawrence Welk Jr. tied the knot with singer Tanya Falan on August 11th, 1968, before she rose to fame as Tanya Welk on his father’s television show.

Despite seeming like a fairytale union, their marriage ended in divorce in 1979 after 11 years.

Welk Jr. later remarried, having three children – Lawrence III, Kevin, and Lisa – with his second wife.

Though his first marriage to Tanya failed to stand the test of time, Welk Jr. found a new partnership and grew his family, while still contributing to his father’s musical legacy through business endeavors.

Ultimately, Welk Jr.’s path reflects the ups and downs of romantic life, with marriage to Tanya marking just one chapter in his ongoing relationship chronicles.

Lawrence Welk Jr. Early Life and Career

Lawrence Welk Jr. Early Life and Career
Born in 1940, Lawrence Welk Jr. cut his teeth in the family business from a young age, learning the ins and outs of music publishing like a fish takes to water. He developed a passion for the entertainment industry as a child, spending time on the sets of his father’s television show.

In his early 20s, Welk Jr. immersed himself in the family’s music publishing business, eager to make his own mark. He exhibited strong entrepreneurial drive by spearheading new business ventures and acquisitions.

Throughout the decades, he maintained a deep commitment to carrying on the Welk name and legacy through various business and creative pursuits.

Though he divorced Tanya Falan in 1979 after 11 years of marriage, Welk Jr. later remarried in 1989 to Ralna English, a singer from the Lawrence Welk Show. Together, they worked to preserve Lawrence Welk’s cultural impact through books, movies, and more.

Welk Jr. leveraged his business acumen and family ties to expand the Welk name into new domains like hospitality, upholding his father’s musical heritage.

Lawrence Welk Jr. And Tanya Falan

Lawrence Welk Jr. And Tanya Falan
You witnessed Tanya Falan marry Lawrence Welk Jr. in 1968, pairing the vibrant singer with the manager tasked with growing the Welk legacy. Their divorce in 1979 ended the marriage, but it did not tarnish Tanya’s sterling reputation on the Lawrence Welk show, which continued until 1977.

Marriage Between Lawrence Welk Jr. And Tanya Falan

On their wedding day, you held Tanya’s hand with such pride, beaming as she became your bride. Their marriage united two icons’ families, bringing together their talents to shape the entertainment industry.

Date August 11, 1968
Location Santa Monica, CA
Guests 350+, Welk cast/crew

Though divorced in 1979, their marriage legacy endures through their children and lasting impact on the Welk family business.

Divorce From Tanya Falan

You dropped her like a bad habit in ’79. The marriage to Tanya Falan soured, leaving you both wanting out. Though the split brought personal changes, your focus stayed on the family businesses. While Tanya embarked on new creative pursuits, you continued building the Welk legacy.

The divorce may have impacted your personal life, but your professional commitments remained steady.

Lawrence Welk Jr.’s Later Career and Activities

Lawrence Welk Jr.
As the head of Welk Resort Group, you led key business expansions that benefited the entire Welk family’s legacy. In addition to growing the company through innovative resort and timeshare developments, you kept your father Lawrence Welk’s musical heritage alive by producing related TV specials and movies for new generations of fans.

Involvement in Family Businesses

You’ve been tirelessly involved in expanding the Welk businesses, engaging in various activities such as:

  • Acquiring new resort properties
  • Developing timeshare and vacation ownership
  • Expanding Welk Music Group holdings
  • Producing TV specials and documentaries
  • Launching merchandise and licensing programs

Through your entrepreneurial leadership and business acumen, the Welk name continues to thrive. The sale of the resort portfolio has solidified your legacy in building a hospitality and entertainment empire.

Contributions to Lawrence Welk Legacy

You’re still championing the growth and expansion of the Welk Resorts your dad started. Welk Jr.’s influence on the family business remains strong through music publishing, TV special production, and timeshare expansion.

His contributions uphold the Lawrence Welk legacy. Though divorced from Tanya in ’79, Welk Jr. found marital success again. Now in his eighties, his vision continues to shape the resort portfolio. Lawrence Welk Jr.’s mark on the family empire endures, furthering his father’s talents into modern entertainment.

Lawrence Welk Jr.’s Family

Lawrence Welk Jr.
You’ve been curious to learn more about Lawrence Welk Jr.’s family life. He has three children – Lawrence Welk III, Kevin, and Lisa – from previous marriages and is currently single at the age of 83 after divorcing Tanya Falan in 1979.

Children From Previous Marriages

Despite the failures from your previous choices, the greatest gift is the chance to move forward. Oftentimes, blending families together presents unique challenges that strengthen the familial bond. Though previous marriages dissolved, your children remain pillars of unconditional love.

Their presence serves as a reminder to nurture parental relationships and cherish the sibling bonds formed. While navigating new family dynamics, remember your role in shaping their future.

Current Family Status

Homegirl, your pops married Tanya Falan before finding lifelong love later in life. Lawrence Welk Jr. eventually remarried and started a new family. His current spouse is Gail McClintock, married in 1981.

They have two children together: Erin and Sean. They spend time with Tanya’s kids at family gatherings. The Welk Resorts business brings the extended family together often. While Tanya pursued interior design, your dad expanded the Welk legacy with Gail by his side.

Is Lawrence Welk Jr. Still Alive?

Is Lawrence Welk Jr. Still Alive
You should’ve checked Wikipedia before asking me that question, friendo. Lawrence Welk Jr. is somehow still kickin’ at the ripe old age of 83! Despite his divorce from singer Tanya Welk back in 1979 after 11 years of marriage, Welk Jr.

has continued making his mark through the family’s business ventures and in the entertainment industry.

As former CEO and Chairman of the Welk Resort Group, he spearheaded major expansions before its $485 million sale to Marriott Vacations in 2021. His contributions to the Welk legacy, like producing TV specials and movies celebrating his father Lawrence Welk Sr.

At over 80 years old, Welk Jr.’s personal achievements and career endeavors in music publishing and television production have cemented the Welk family’s lasting impact. His continued involvement is a testament to the entertainment dynasty he helped build.

Lawrence Welk Jr.’s Age

Lawrence Welk Jr.
Sounds good, according to the information you gave, Lawrence Welk Jr. is still kickin’ at 83 years young! Here are some key details about Lawrence Welk Jr.

  • Born on March 11, 1940, in Harlingen, Texas.
  • Currently 83 years old as of August 2023.
  • He was 40 years old when he divorced Tanya Welk in 1979.
  • He was 73 years old when Welk Resorts sold to Marriott in 2021.
  • Lawrence Welk Jr. has lived through WWII, the Cold War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf Wars.
  • He saw the rise of rock n’ roll, the Beatles, hip hop, and the internet revolution.
  • He experienced the turbulent 1960s and the change of the millennium.

At 83, Lawrence Welk Jr. has witnessed tremendous change during his long life. His contributions to the Welk legacy through the resort business and other roles span many decades. Welk Jr.’s age reflects a rich personal history intertwined with major events and pop culture trends.

Now in his twilight years, his perspectives encompass the experiences of an entire American generation.

Lawrence Welk Jr.’s Current Marital Status

Lawrence Welk Jr.
Looking into Lawrence Welk Jr.’s current marital status, we find that his romantic life has been quite active over the years. After his high-profile divorce from singer Tanya Welk in 1979, ending their 11-year marriage, he moved on to date and become engaged to actress Abby Dalton of Falcon Crest fame in the 1980s.

In more recent years, Lawrence Jr. has kept a lower profile when it comes to his personal relationships. Though he was occasionally spotted with rumored girlfriends at public events in the 2000s, no verified accounts have emerged about a serious partner or new marriage for the 83-year-old in over a decade now.

So despite his past romances and connections, Lawrence Welk Jr. appears to currently be unmarried and maintaining a private approach regarding any recent love life developments.

Lawrence Welk Jr.’s Relationship History

Lawrence Welk Jr.
Having wed Tanya Falan in 1968, Lawrence Welk Jr.’s relationship history includes their divorce in 1979 prior to his remarriage. Their relationship beginnings started when Tanya joined the Lawrence Welk show, leading to their marriage in ’68.

Details of their divorce remain private, though it occurred in ’79 after over a decade together. Lawrence later married Sandra Sue Schwab in 1987. She was an actress and model involved in some joint business ventures with Welk.

His current marital status in 2023 is unclear, though he remains active in the family businesses at age 83. Lawrence Welk Jr.’s storied history with Tanya Falan and subsequent relationships represent intriguing chapters in the story of the Welk entertainment empire.

Legacy of Lawrence Welk Jr. And Tanya Falan

Legacy of Lawrence Welk Jr. And Tanya Falan
Since Tanya and Larry Jr.’s marriage ended after 11 years, you’d think their time together was just a blip, but their union actually helped lay the groundwork for the Welk family’s lasting business success.

As general manager of Ranwood Records, Larry Jr. gained key music industry experience that enabled him to grow the Welk music publishing assets over time.

Tanya’s vibrant stage presence on the Lawrence Welk Show boosted the program’s popularity during her decade of appearances.

Though their marriage dissolved, each gained skills and exposure that bolstered their later ventures.

Lawrence Jr.’s entrepreneurship in expanding the Welk Resorts portfolio drew on his breadth of experience.

And Tanya’s design talents were showcased through successful interior design projects.

Their brief but pivotal marriage advanced both their careers, laying a foundation for the Welk family’s legacy as an entertainment institution.


Summing up, Lawrence Welk Jr. is an important part of the Welk legacy, having not only taken part in the family businesses but also having made some significant contributions to the Welk legacy. His most significant relationship was with Tanya Falan, whom he married in 1968 and divorced in 1979.

They had three children together: Lawrence Welk III, Kevin, and Lisa. Lawrence Welk Jr. is still alive at 83 years old and is currently married to his second wife. His legacy and that of Tanya Falan will continue to influence the entertainment industry.

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