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MLB All-Stars Honor Hank Aaron’s Legacy Wearing #44 Full Guide of 2023

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Why are the baseball players wearing 44You’ve been tracking those double-fours across the infield this week and wondering why so many players are honoring Hammerin’ Hank. The number 44 hasn’t received this much love since Hank Aaron rocked it for the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves back in the day, becoming an All-Star 25 times.

Now, in the 50th anniversary year of Aaron’s last Midsummer Classic, All-Stars young and old are tipping their caps to the Home Run King’s legacy by donning his iconic jersey. So watch for those fours tonight at Coors Field and remember the slugger who defined excellence in America’s pastime.

Key Takeaways

  • Aaron’s #44 jersey is being worn at the 2022 All-Star events to honor his legacy.
  • The #44 jersey was retired by the Braves after Aaron hit his 755th home run in 1974.
  • Fans celebrated Aaron’s career by wearing #44 after his passing in 2021.
  • Wearing #44 keeps the spotlight on Aaron’s impact on baseball and society, and players continue to honor his legacy by wearing the number.

Hank Aaron’s Legacy

Hank Aaron
You’re honoring Hank Aaron’s legacy by wearing his number 44 at Monday’s Home Run Derby. Aaron broke barriers as an African American player, paving the way for future generations. By donning his iconic number, you celebrate Aaron’s 755 home runs and extraordinary career achievements.

It reminds people of how he courageously faced racism while excelling as a ballplayer. Your actions keep the light shining on Aaron’s lasting impact on baseball and society. Wearing #44 shares his important story, inspires young fans, and ensures this trailblazer’s contributions are never forgotten.

What Does 44 Stand for in Baseball?

What Does 44 Stand for in Baseball
You’d be remiss not to recognize number 44 as a tribute to giants of the game like Hank Aaron and Jackie Robinson.

Jackie Robinson broke baseball’s color barrier in 1947 when he debuted for the Brooklyn Dodgers wearing number 42. His courage and excellence opened the door for the careers of future legends like Hank Aaron.

After Aaron surpassed Babe Ruth’s home run record in 1974, Aaron’s 44 became a revered number in the majors. Now MLB players don Aaron’s 44 each year to honor his towering career achievements and carry on Robinson’s legacy of racial progress.

When Aaron passed in 2021, fans celebrated his 755 home runs and 44 seasons by sporting his number at stadiums across America.

So whether at the All-Star Game or your local ballpark, look for 44 and remember the titans who made baseball history.

What Does 44 Represent on the Braves Field?

What Does 44 Represent on the Braves Field
There are 44 stairs on the Braves’ field, honoring each year Hank Aaron played for the team.

  • 755 career home runs
  • .305 batting average
  • 240 stolen bases
  • 3 MVP awards

The home crowd cheers as players circle the bases after homers, just like Aaron did for the Braves. During the All-Star Game events, like the home run derby at Coors Field, players will wear #44 to honor legends like Aaron and Jackie Robinson who paved the way.

Why Do the Braves Have 44 in the Outfield?

Why Do the Braves Have 44 in the Outfield
Looky here, friend. That spiral staircase twisting up to the big ’44’ above the Chop House symbolizes the winding path Hank Aaron took to break Babe Ruth’s home run record back in ’74. We all know how he faced adversity as a Black man playing America’s pastime, yet persevered to become one of baseball’s greatest sluggers.

That number pays tribute to Hammerin’ Hank’s courage battling prejudice on his journey to 755 dingers. The 44 reminds us to keep striving like Aaron, nurturing diverse talents, and honoring those who blazed a trail.

Whether you’re a fan, player, or kid dreaming big, may it inspire you to swing for the fences. His spirit lives on at SunTrust Park through that iconic 44, calling us to reach higher.

All-Stars Wearing 44

All-Stars Wearing 44
You’ll see the All-Stars sportin’ number 44 this year in Alabama to honor Jackie Robinson’s legacy.

From the player uniforms to the batting practice jerseys, you’ll catch sight of that special number everywhere.

Fans will hoist signs referencing number 44 and Robinson’s historic career.

No doubt jersey sales for current players who don number 44 will skyrocket.

When the bases are loaded, keep an eye out for a 44-foot blast into the stands.

Baseball history will be made with each crack of the bat.

Hank Aaron’s Braves legacy cemented number 44 as an all-time great.

Now today’s MLB All-Stars don the iconic number under the bright lights.

Both baseball legends and rising stars will swing for the fences wearing number 44.

The Home Run Derby

The Home Run Derby
Ya gotta see the ginormous amount of four-baggers the fellas’ll be mashin’ in the Derby tonight while sportin’ number forty-four!

Get the hot dogs and crackerjacks ready, ’cause the boys are gonna put on a power show with those sweet swings.

We’re talkin’ tape measure shots, moon blasts, seeing-eye souvenirs, freakin’ mammoth mashes to the fannies in the bleachers!

As the big boppers launch lasers to all fields, keep your eyes peeled for distance records and celebrity guests goin’ gaga.

This is gonna be a slugfest full of peanuts, suds and dingers galore.

Soak in the spectacular feats of strength as the stars honor Hammerin’ Hank in the greatest home run hitting contest on Earth!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When did players start wearing #44 to honor Jackie Robinson?

You felt the pride swelling in your chest as the players took the field, donning Jackie’s number. The year was 1947 when that brave man broke barriers and changed the game forever. Now, those uniforms remind us of how far we’ve come and how far we still must go.

How many players are expected to wear #44 at the All-Star Game?

You should expect all players at the All-Star Game to wear #44 this year as a tribute to the legendary Hank Aaron and Jackie Robinson. Though the number retirement varies by team, honoring these civil rights pioneers transcends franchises as baseball celebrates its diverse history and future.

What other numbers have players worn to honor past legends?

You’ll see players wearing #42 for Jackie Robinson, #21 for Roberto Clemente, and #3 for Babe Ruth. Honoring past legends by donning their numbers connects today’s stars to baseball history.

Will the Braves retire #44 so no one else can wear it?

You’ve got it – the Braves retired number 44 after Hank Aaron hit his record-setting 755th home run in 1974, so no Atlanta player will ever wear his number again. Aaron’s legacy lives on through the team honoring his historic career and impact on the sport.

How many home runs did Hank Aaron hit while wearing #44 for the Braves?

Hank Aaron hit 733 home runs while wearing #44 for the Atlanta Braves. You may think he hit 755 in his career, but he only donned the iconic number starting in 1966 after hitting 44 homers with the Milwaukee Braves.

Aaron broke barriers and records in #44, cementing his legacy as a baseball great.


As you look out on the field this All-Star Game, you’ll see baseball’s biggest stars wearing #44. It’s a tribute to Hank Aaron and all he accomplished in the game. His 755 home runs and place in the Hall of Fame ensure Aaron’s legacy lives on.

The players aim to honor that while competing in the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game in the 44th year since he broke Babe Ruth’s record. Aaron’s number is now retired across MLB but lives on thanks to players remembering one of baseball’s all-time greats.

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