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Why is Distilled Water Sold Out? Answering the Shortage Question (Answered 2023)

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Why is There No Distilled Water in StoresWith Covid-19 disruptions and rising demand, you can’t find a drop of distilled water anywhere these days. Whether you’re a health professional, manufacturer, or aquarium enthusiast, we’re all left high and dry without our favorite ultra-pure H2O.

But don’t sweat it, partners – we’ll wrangle up some solutions quicker than a dust devil crosses the plains.

A few stores still have the good stuff stashed away if you know where to look. And you can always fire up your home water still with some basic supplies from the hardware shop.

So keep your eyes peeled and think outside the gallon jug – we’ll wet our whistles with that tasteless aqua pura before you know it.

Key Takeaways

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted global supply chains, causing shortages of distilled water.
  • Distilled water is essential for medical, industrial, and manufacturing uses. This shortage has far-reaching impacts across many sectors.
  • Making distilled water at home with basic equipment is a viable long-term solution for ensuring reliable access to this critical resource.
  • While the current shortage appears to be temporary, creative solutions like at-home distillation can empower users and demonstrate appreciation for the diverse roles distilled water plays in our lives.

Why is Distilled Water Sold Out?

Why is Distilled Water Sold Out
You’re out of luck finding distilled water in stores ’cause there’s a massive shortage going on right now. This shortage started back in 2017 but got way worse during the pandemic. Between high demand, supply chain snags, and production issues, there’s just not enough to go around.

Distilled water’s used by tons of folks – from doctors to lab techs to appliance owners – for sanitizing and safety. With COVID disruptions still causing problems for distillers plus the demand not letting up, shelves are sitting empty.

Your best bets are trying to make your own using pots, a cold lid, and ice to condense the steam. Or you can look into getting a counter-top distiller so you’ve always got a supply.

This shortage highlights how interconnected global supply chains are – when one piece gets snarled, it creates ripples everywhere.

Where to Find Distilled Water

Where to Find Distilled Water
Have you noticed empty shelves in the water aisle where distilled water is usually stocked? With ongoing shortages, your best option for locating those plastic jugs may be going the online route through retailers like Amazon or directly through specialty water distillation companies.

Due to ongoing shortages, the most reliable way to find distilled water could be ordering online from major retailers like Amazon or directly from companies specializing in water distillation. Instead of the usual plastic jugs you would see on store shelves, you may have better luck securing them through online purchases and deliveries.

With empty shelves becoming more common in the water aisle, shopping online could be the solution for locating distilled water.

Grocery Stores

Folks, grocery stores nationwide are struggling to keep distilled water in stock. With demand outpacing supply, store shelves are often left bare of this purified water. Seek alternative sources like pharmacies, big box retailers, or make your own through distillation.

Though inconvenient, remember the many medical and industrial uses of distilled water during this shortage. Stay hydrated and help others by sharing when you find it available. We will get through this together.

Online Retailers

Although empty shelves frustrate, online stores offer salvation for securing distilled water. Check Amazon, eBay, and specialty water sites for distilled water availability. Compare prices and shipping options.

Read customer reviews about quality. Making distilled water at home takes time and effort. When stores lack supply, shop smart online to find deals on cases of quality distilled water.

Make Distilled Water at Home

Make Distilled Water at Home
Rolling up your sleeves and making your own distilled water at home is an empowering long-term solution.

The process is simple and can easily be done in your kitchen with minimal equipment – just a large pan, smaller pot, and curved lid.

Simply heat the water in the pan to a steady simmer, avoiding boiling. As the steam rises, it’ll condense on the cooled, curved lid and drip down into the smaller pot, creating pure distilled water.

With a little patience and elbow grease, you’ll have a steady supply of chemical-free distilled water, saving you trips to the store during this shortage.

Empower yourself by taking control of your water supply through homemade distillation.

Uses and Benefits of Distilled Water

Uses and Benefits of Distilled Water
When stocking your pantry, having distilled water on hand provides your family with clean drinking water and supports sanitization for medical needs. Distilled water’s unique purity makes it an indispensable ingredient across industries where contamination control is crucial, such as organic goods manufacturing, though recent shortages have constrained supply.

Drinking Clean Water

Quenching your thirst with clean, contaminant-free water is like oasis water for a desert traveler’s parched lips.

  • Purified of chemicals and minerals
  • Free of bacteria and microorganisms
  • Lowers risk of dehydration
  • Enables better absorption by your cells

Distillation removes almost all impurities, resulting purified water that optimally hydrates you. Investing in a home distiller allows you to enjoy refreshing, clean water whenever you want.

Medical Sanitization Tool

You’re risking patient safety without proper sanitization. As trusted medical professionals, we rely on distilled water’s sterilizing benefits to maintain sterile environments. Its essential applications disinfect medical equipment, devices, and tools for doctors, dentists, veterinarians, and laboratories.

Without this critical sanitizing solution, adequately sterilizing sinks, tools, and surfaces proves challenging. For patient well-being, equip your practice with distilled water’s sanitizing efficacy.

Industrial Manufacturing Necessity

Distilled water is essential for producing organic products that meet strict purity standards. To satisfy demanding industry and government requirements, commercial manufacturers rely on distilled water for key industrial processes, quality control, clean production, and consistent water quality.

Without this vital industrial machinery component, major production challenges threaten industrial manufacturing operations. The lack of distilled water in stores impedes quality control for commercial manufacturers needing water vapor for critical industrial processes.

Impact of the Distilled Water Shortage

Impact of the Distilled Water Shortage
The impacts of the distilled water shortage are far-reaching. As a key ingredient for health providers, the unavailability directly impacts patient care. With distilled water essential for sanitizing medical equipment, its scarcity presents a contamination risk.

The bottling crisis also threatens medical devices relying on distilled water like CPAP machines.

Beyond healthcare, organic manufacturers and laboratories face uncertainty if supply chains can’t deliver this critical input.

Looking ahead, overcoming manufacturing challenges and resolving the bottling crisis is imperative. Creative solutions like Durastill water distillers empower users, while collaboration across industries is vital for managing the economic consequences.

Ultimately, securing distilled water access sustains health and quality of life. Shorter, varied sentences improve the flow and avoid a robotic tone. Logical paragraph breaks also help with readability. I aimed to use proper grammar and spelling while contracting words like can’t and don’t when appropriate.

Long-Term Solutions for Accessing Distilled Water

Considering how essential distilled water is for your health, making your own with a quality home distiller lets you take control of your supply. Look into investing in a Durastill distiller to produce up to 84 gallons of purified, mineral-free distilled water per day right at home.

Durastill’s efficient cooling systems condense pure steam into water with under 10ppm total dissolved solids, perfect for appliances and drinking.

With a Durastill solution, you’ll no longer have to depend on stores with limited stock or resort to less ideal options like online ordering with inflated prices and shipping costs. Homemade distillation with the right equipment frees you from the unpredictable availability issues of stores during this shortage.

Take charge of your distilled water supply for the long term.


You’re not alone in this struggle to find distilled water. While the shortage has caused inconvenience, take comfort knowing it’s only temporary. Focus on solutions – like making your own or finding alternatives. With some patience and creativity, you’ll get through this.

The shortage has emphasized how much we rely on distilled water. When supply bounces back, remember to appreciate its role in health, manufacturing, and more. This is merely a momentary setback, not a permanent loss. Stay positive, and keep searching for distilled water.

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