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Home Bargains in Tier 4: Safety Measures, Opening Hours & Services (2023)

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Will home bargains be open in tier 4With the UK government’s announcement that Berkshire would stay in Tier 4, you may be wondering what it means for your local Home Bargains. In this article, we’ll take a look at the safety measures and services being offered by Home Bargains during Tier 4 restrictions.

We will also review their opening hours and how they are responding to customers’ needs in such challenging times. Whether you’re looking to shop online or visit one of their stores, here is all the information on what Home Bargains has planned for those living under Tier 4 regulations.

Key Takeaways

  • Home Bargains remains open during Tier 4, implementing safety measures.
  • Home Bargains’ opening hours vary in Tier 4, including changes to Boxing Day and New Year’s Day openings.
  • Click-and-collect services provide essential shopping options, designating areas with safety protocols.
  • Home Bargains gives back through community support, such as grocery pickups for neighbors and priority access for NHS workers.

Home Bargains Safety Measures in Tier 4

Home Bargains Safety Measures in Tier 4
You’re keeping a safe distance from others as you grab those holiday bargains, thanks to Home Bargains’ Tier 4 precautions like occupancy limits and sanitizing stations.

As an essential retailer, Home Bargains remains open during Tier 4 lockdown, but implements government safety rules. At the entrance, staff limit customer capacity to avoid overcrowding. Inside, you’ll find floor markings and signage reminding customers to maintain space.

Sanitizing stations allow you to clean your hands, while regular cleaning and antimicrobial coating on baskets and trolleys combat germs. At the till, Perspex screens provide a barrier between you and staff handling your purchases.

Throughout the store, hygiene reminders encourage hand washing and mask wearing. With fewer customers allowed inside, queues may still form outside Home Bargains.

Home Bargains’ Tier 4 precautions aim to protect customers and employees alike. So you can still pick up household essentials and holiday deals, without compromising health. The store’s opening times remain unchanged, but may vary by location. Just follow safety guidance, and you can shop secure knowing that Home Bargains is helping you stay COVID-safe this winter.

Changes to Home Bargains’ Opening Hours in Tier 4

Changes to Home Bargains
Given the continuing uncertainty around changes to tier levels and associated restrictions, many Home Bargains shoppers will be wondering how their local store’s opening hours might be impacted if their area moves into tier 4.

As an essential retailer, Home Bargains stores remain open during tier 4 restrictions. However, to support social distancing and staff welfare, the retailer has made selected changes to opening hours in some locations.

Home Bargains advises customers to check the opening times for their specific store before venturing out. Most stores are operating reduced hours, closing earlier than usual. Boxing Day and New Year’s Day openings appear to vary by location as well, with some stores closed on those dates this year.

Home Bargains continues enforcing safety measures like occupancy limits, queue management, and ample sanitizing stations. Home delivery and click & collect options are also available at many stores for those wishing to minimize in-store visits during this time of elevated restrictions.

Monitoring local Home Bargains’ social media and calling ahead can help secure a safe, efficient shopping experience.

Home Bargains’ Response to Tier 4 Restrictions

Home Bargains
Though many retailers closed for the holidays, Home Bargains kept their doors open so you could still grab those last-minute gifts.

  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Reusable masks

Even with Tier 4 restrictions in place, Home Bargains provides essential retail services that allow you to conveniently and safely purchase necessary items. They enforce social distancing, limit occupancy, and use queuing systems to prevent overcrowding.

Perspex screens, sanitizing stations, and hygiene reminders create a safer shopping environment. Home Bargains also offers contactless payment, click-and-collect, and delivery options to accommodate changing needs.

As an essential retailer providing critical supplies during COVID-19, Home Bargains remains open for Tier 4 shoppers who must stay local and limit reasons for leaving home. Their comprehensive safety measures give you added peace of mind while checking off your gift list.

With Home Bargains’ diligent precautions, you can still get last-minute holiday deals without compromising health and well-being.

Home Bargains’ Click-and-Collect Services in Tier 4

Home Bargains
Even as turmoil swirls, your safe harbor remains click-and-collect at Home Bargains in tier 4. With non-essential shops closed, you can still get everything from cleaning supplies to Christmas decorations through Home Bargains’ click-and-collect service.

Simply order online for delivery to your local store. Home Bargains has implemented safety measures for contactless collection. Look for designated areas in the car park with social distancing reminders. An employee will bring your order and load it into your car boot.

Wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, and maintain distance. Home Bargains offers click-and-collect during all store hours.

Most stores offer next day collection if you order before 4pm. With a few clicks, you’ll get household essentials without leaving home.

Home Bargains continues serving communities in tier 4 through convenient, protected click-and-collect.

Home Bargains’ Delivery Options in Tier 4

Home Bargains
You can arrange delivery of essentials from Home Bargains during Tier 4 restrictions.

  1. Home Delivery. You can order items online for home delivery from Home Bargains. This allows you to get everyday essentials without leaving your home.
  2. Click & Collect. Home Bargains offers Click & Collect at many stores. You can place an order online and pick it up in-store contact-free.
  3. Third Party Services. Consider using delivery apps like Deliveroo or Uber Eats if they partner with your local store.
  4. Shopping for Others. Offer to pick up groceries for vulnerable neighbors when you visit Home Bargains.

Home delivery and click-and-collect give you safe shopping choices during Tier 4. Third party apps could provide delivery too. And helping neighbors access essentials shows community spirit. With planning, you can get what you need from Home Bargains while minimizing COVID-19 risks.

Priority Access for NHS Workers at Home Bargains

Priority Access for NHS Workers at Home Bargains
Home Bargains has always prioritized the health and well-being of their customers. As a tier 4 essential retailer, they’ve implemented additional safety measures to protect us all during this difficult time.

While managing high demand, Home Bargains hasn’t forgotten their commitment to the NHS. Frontline healthcare workers have been granted priority access to skip queues and shop during designated times. This allows them to get in and out efficiently so they can continue their critical work saving lives.

We understand the anxiety surrounding shopping in tier 4. However, Home Bargains has our back. Their extensive safety protocols minimize COVID-19 risks so we can shop with confidence. Efforts include sanitizing stations, social distancing reminders, hygiene guidance and more.


Monday7 – 8amNHS/Care WorkersAll Stores

Tuesday6 – 7pmNHS/Care WorkersSelect Stores

Thursday6 – 7amNHS/Care WorkersAll Stores

Saturday7 – 8pmPriority elderly/disabledSelect Stores

Rest assured, Home Bargains cares for us while providing essentials. By supporting each other and following safety measures, we will stay healthy.

Home Bargains’ Queuing Systems in Tier 4

Home Bargains
Home Bargains’ queuing systems in tier 4 offer safety through adherence to social distancing and occupancy limits, though longer wait times are required. Their diligent monitoring provides reassurance during uncertain times. At each location, staff are trained to efficiently manage queues while maintaining protocols.

Customers can trust these systems are designed with wellbeing in mind. Staff monitor limits and aim to smoothly serve customers despite challenges. Regular sanitization and clear markers help people maintain distance, reducing anxiety in queues.

Though lines symbolize pandemic sacrifices, Home Bargains’ safety commitment brings normalcy. Well-orchestrated systems minimize risks without compromising service. Unity and resilience show in neighbors awaiting goods for families.

Through patience and compliance, shoppers safeguard community health. Home Bargains serves customers through thoughtful precautions that build trust.

Home Bargains’ Social Distancing Measures in Tier 4

Home Bargains
Let’s take this step-by-step in navigating Home Bargains’ operations during Tier 4 restrictions:

You’ll notice they’re strictly enforcing social distancing and occupancy limits while inside.

Home Bargains limits the number of customers allowed in stores at one time to prevent overcrowding. They also provide visual floor markings as a reminder to maintain distance from others.

Sanitizing stations are readily available, so you can clean your hands before and after touching any products. Staff frequently clean high-contact surfaces like counters, trolleys, and self-checkout machines.

Home Bargains posts hygiene reminders about hand washing, face coverings, and respiratory hygiene. Their employees are required to sanitize their hands regularly when serving customers or handling products.

By following these comprehensive safety protocols, Home Bargains maintains a lower-risk shopping environment. We can feel confident they’re taking every precaution to stop the spread of COVID-19, even during Tier 4.


Like a beacon of light in the darkness of the pandemic, Home Bargains is still open in Tier 4. With safety measures in place like queuing systems, social distancing, and sanitizers, the store is doing its utmost to ensure safety for customers.

Although opening times may vary depending on location, Home Bargains has various click-and-collect and delivery services available to make shopping easier while still complying with the Tier 4 restrictions.

NHS workers also have priority access to the store, making it easier for them to get the items they need.

All in all, Home Bargains is a reliable and safe option for those looking to do their shopping in Tier 4.

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