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Will YouTube TV Stream Chicago Cubs’ Marquee Sports Network in 2023? (Answered 2024)

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Will youtube tv carry marquee sports networkChomping at the bit for Chicago Cubs games on Marquee Sports Network? You’re not alone. Plenty of fans are eager to watch the North Siders without pricey cable. But MLB’s blackout rules make streaming tricky.

DIRECTV STREAM is still your best bet to catch Marquee Sports Network live. The streaming service includes the regional network in its $100 Choice package. You’ll get Marquee Sports Network and over 100 channels to watch live Cubs action.

No other major streaming service carries Marquee yet. The network’s still negotiating with YouTube TV and Hulu.

Stay tuned to see if Marquee launches a direct-to-consumer app. It could give cord-cutters more flexibility. For now, DIRECTV STREAM’s the sole streaming source for Marquee Sports Network.

Key Takeaways

  • Marquee Sports Network is not currently available on YouTube TV due to rights issues with Sinclair Broadcast Group.
  • Marquee broadcasts around 150 Chicago Cubs games per season that are not nationally televised.
  • Fans are still awaiting the launch of a direct-to-consumer streaming app from Marquee Sports Network.
  • MLB is exploring possibilities to do away with blackout restrictions and make regional sports networks more easily accessible through streaming.

What is Marquee Sports Network?

What is Marquee Sports Network
Have you wondered how you can watch the Chicago Cubs without cable? With streaming services like DIRECTV STREAM and fuboTV, you don’t need a cable subscription to enjoy Marquee Sports Network’s Cubs coverage.

Marquee Sports Network is the exclusive TV home of the Chicago Cubs. It launched in February 2020 through a partnership between the Cubs and Sinclair Broadcast Group. Marquee broadcasts around 150 Cubs games per season that aren’t nationally televised.

Marquee is available on cable and satellite TV providers like DIRECTV, as well as live TV streaming services DIRECTV STREAM and fuboTV in the Cubs’ home market. However, YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and other streaming services don’t currently offer Marquee due to rights issues.

MLB is exploring options to make regional sports networks like Marquee more widely available through an out-of-market streaming package.

For now, Cubs fans who’ve cut the cord can access Marquee through DIRECTV STREAM or fuboTV.

Streaming Services With Marquee Sports Network

Streaming Services With Marquee Sports Network
Streaming the Marquee Sports Network without cable requires DIRECTV STREAM or fuboTV. The former offers Marquee in its Choice package for $99.99 per month; the latter includes Marquee in its Pro plan, which costs $74n99.


You’ll enjoy unlimited DVR and live streaming of Cubs games with DIRECTV STREAM, even without cable.

  1. Over 200 channels are available.
  2. There is unlimited Cloud DVR storage.
  3. You can stream on 20 devices at once.
  4. It is available in and out of the home market.

With their Choice package at $99.99 per month, DIRECTV STREAM grants you access to Marquee Sports Network and its 150+ annual Cubs games. You can experience every pitch and hit no matter where you are with a compatible device.


Watch FuboTV’s Pro plan, which includes Marquee Sports Network for $74.99 per month, granting Chicago-area subscribers home game access and a free week trial. The sports-focused FuboTV streaming service delivers Marquee and over 150 channels in its Pro bundle for Cubs fans.

Experience excellent streaming quality and regional sports coverage with your 7-day free preview. FuboTV also provides on-demand playback, lookback, and cloud DVR features to catch every Cubs moment.

Streaming Services Without Marquee Sports Network

Streaming Services Without Marquee Sports Network
You won’t find Marquee Sports Network on YouTube TV yet as they haven’t reached a deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group. While YouTube TV provides over 85 channels for $65 a month, they don’t carry the Chicago Cubs’ Marquee Sports Network.

As a streaming service without local channels, YouTube TV relies on agreements with regional sports networks like Marquee to offer access to local games. Unfortunately, contract negotiations between YouTube TV and Marquee’s parent company, Sinclair Broadcast Group, have been unsuccessful so far.

As a Chicago Cubs fan looking to cut the cord, you’ll need to explore alternatives to get access to Marquee Sports Network. Options like DIRECTV STREAM and fuboTV have secured rights to carry Marquee in their channel lineups.

You can also consider signing up for the MLB.TV package, using a VPN, or finding a friend willing to share their cable login. With some creativity and flexibility, you can find cord cutting solutions to watch the Cubs without Marquee on YouTube TV.

The streaming landscape continues to evolve, so hopefully a deal can be struck eventually.

MLB Blackout Restrictions

MLB Blackout Restrictions
Heartbroken, you pine to watch your beloved Cubs defeat fierce foes, yet sinister blackout restrictions block the way like an impassable wall. MLB’s outdated blackout rules stop streaming services like YouTube TV from airing hometown teams, even if you pay for a subscription.

This drives fans to find other options. Smart streaming devices provide access to DIRECTV STREAM or fuboTV to catch live Cubs games.

Until MLB modernizes blackout policies, Chicago faithful must get creative, using phones or tablets to cast games the old-fashioned way. The future promises greater flexibility, but for now, workarounds let dedicated fans support their Cubbies.

Take comfort in community and find solace in small victories. Our undying loyalty endures despite challenges.

Watching Marquee Sports Network Without Cable

Watching Marquee Sports Network Without Cable
Cord-cutters wanting access to Marquee Sports Network should check out streaming alternatives since the service remains unavailable on big providers like YouTube TV. Luckier fans in the Chicago broadcast area can watch the Cubs on DIRECTV STREAM or fuboTV.

Both offer large channel bundles and flexible subscription options to meet your sports viewing needs. Devices like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV Stick let you stream games at home or on the go. Diehard fans can add Sports Plus with fuboTV for more baseball around the league.

While providers like Hulu and YouTube TV don’t carry regional sports channels like Marquee yet, their offerings cover other viewing. Keep an eye out as talks continue and MLB considers centralized streaming access.

For now, stream the Cubs live by using sports-focused streaming services made for cord cutters who want hometown coverage.

Marquee Sports Network Streaming Options

Marquee Sports Network Streaming Options
Cubs fans, your heart’s desire for easy access to Marquee is streamed in vivid clarity through DIRECTV and fuboTV.

Marquee Sports Network alternatives like YouTube TV lack availability due to agreements with Sinclair Broadcast Group, but cord cutting options exist. DIRECTV STREAM offers Marquee in its Choice package, with unlimited DVR, while fuboTV provides it in the Pro and Elite bundles.

Both platforms allow streaming on devices like Apple TV and Roku, though regional sports fees apply. Subscribing directly isn’t possible, but a Chicago-market streaming app could come.

For now, get Marquee through DIRECTV’s sports add-on or fuboTV and cut the cable cord without missing your beloved Cubs.

When Will Marquee Launch Streaming App?

When Will Marquee Launch Streaming App
My oh my, left waiting impatiently are you for Marquee’s streaming service like a toddler gazing out the window for the ice cream truck’s jingles, yearning for a cherished frozen treat on a hot summer’s day.

Marquee Sports Network has yet to announce details on the launch of their direct-to-consumer streaming app for access outside the Chicagoland area. Fans feel teased like a puppy having its favorite toy dangled just out of reach.

  • FuboTV
  • Sinclair Broadcast Group is cackling with glee at loyal fans’ agony
  • Atheists desperate to watch their beloved Cubbies are praying for a deal

The Marquee streaming app launch, YouTube TV availability, streaming options update, Marquee Sports Network expansion, and Chicago Cubs streaming app release date remain elusive. Stay strong like ivy clinging to outfield walls through the long winter. Joy comes to those who wait – someday the cherished boys in blue will be viewable from the comfort of the couch nationwide.


As a Chicago Cubs fan, you’ve been waiting to cut the cable cord but still want access to watching your favorite team on Marquee Sports Network. Unfortunately, YouTube TV does not currently carry Marquee, leaving you adrift like a sinking ship on Lake Michigan.

However, with a bit more patience and some creativity using streaming apps or services like DIRECTV Stream and fuboTV that do provide Marquee access, you can still cheer on the Cubbies.

Keep the faith – with MLB exploring options to eliminate blackouts and provide greater accessibility, your day out on Waveland Avenue catching fly balls may still come.

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